Darren Waller & The Rise Of Perrimania

Ozzie Newsome’s affinity for athletically superior wide receivers such as Breshad Perriman and Darren Waller suggests he uses PlayerProfiler extensively.

While Breshad Perriman projects to make an immediate impact for the Ravens, Darren Waller also has the athletic profile of a dominant NFL wide receiver.


School Size Matters (sometimes)

Dominator Rating, Yards Per Reception, and Breakout Age are quality indicators for skill position players, but context matters.

Wide receivers hailing from mid and small-sized schools generally enjoy a higher-than-average College Dominator Rating and a lower-than-average Breakout Age.


LaMarvelous Miller

Lamar Miller is an electrifying young RB at the top of his game, and nobody seems to want him. Miller’s athleticism, on-field productivity, and rare efficiency behind a lackluster offensive line makes him the best-value incumbent running back in dynasty league fantasy football.

Andrew Luck Quarterback Colts

Introducing: Value Over Stream (VOS)

A new metric is now available on PlayerProfiler: Value Over Stream (VOS), a helpful guidepost to be utilized during fantasy football drafts.

At a basic level, the metric is the result of a player valuation schema that calculates each player’s fantasy points per game above the average waiver wire replacement in standard fantasy league formats during either the current or previous season, depending on the time of year. The metric also takes positional bust rates into account.

Now, let’s break down precisely what this means and how it could impact your fantasy football draft strategy.