Time Is a Flat Circle: Brandin Cooks is a Fantasy Football Value

by Matt Vincent, March 31, 2022

Cooks is no stranger to producing in the face of adversity. He’s proved repeatedly no matter who is in charge of getting him the ball, he will produce. He’s posted six 1,000-plus yard seasons in eight pro seasons, doing so with four different teams over that span. Throughout his tenure, he finished the season outside the top 24 wide receivers in Fantasy Points Per Game merely once.

Brandin Cooks provides value in every league format, especially for those who prefer a Hero RB or Robust RB approach. The fact that he can be had after Tyler Lockett (ADP 46.5), Gabriel Davis (ADP 66.3), and Darnell Mooney (ADP 63.3) in Underdog is criminal. To make matters worse he is equally overlooked in dynasty leagues. He is currently being drafted as the 38th wide receiver off the board in dynasty startups, following aging and less opportune players such as Adam Thielen, Tyler Lockett and Odell Beckham.


Top 3 Quarterback Busts Set to Bounce Back in 2022

by Christopher Buonagura, March 7, 2022

Every NFL season, millions of fantasy football players around the globe lose leagues as their “stud” early round selections fall flat on their backs. The phrase “forgive and forget” is widely under-appreciated by the fantasy community. With special thanks to the advanced stats and metrics available on PlayerProfiler (and a bit of logic), we among the underworld strive to overcome our biases and find 2022 quarterback bust bounceback candidates among the sea of disappointment.

Late round quarterback has always been a viable fantasy football strategy and continues into 2022. Having a young stud is always nice, but there are plenty of available starters that will absolutely be on championship rosters. Russell Wilson is the least expensive QB1 this offseason. Other players like Matt Ryan and Jimmy Garoppolo present a strong case as value selections in fantasy drafts.


RotoUnderworld-Approved DFS Picks For Super Bowl LVI

by Chase Vernon, February 12, 2022

The final week of DFS is upon us: The 2022 Super Bowl. Regardless of how you did during the season, everything you’ve done can be thrown out the window. There is a minimal method to the madness outside of a few key stats. Teams have two weeks to prepare, which means if there is a weakness, the other team will find it. 

We have to find a way to get those studs in our DFS lineups for the Super Bowl. So outside of Samaje Perine (tentatively), I’m not playing those flyers—not even if there was a fire. However, not playing a dart throw means you have to get creative with your lineups, especially if you want to get one of the top four options in your lineups. 


MORE RotoUnderworld Super Bowl LVI Prop Picks

by Cornhole God, February 11, 2022

Ride the Evan McPherson hype train to the bank. Mcpherson has hit this line in 12/19 games this season and has nailed 4 field goals in every playoff game this year. Not only has he been kicking hot, but all kickers this postseason have been performing at a high-level. Kickers in the 2021 postseason have averaged 1.92 field goal attempts per game and have a 89.1-percent success rate. Lock in the captain of the Bengals Swag Factory to go Over 1.5 Field Goals Made.

Van Jefferson Longest Reception Over 17.5 is a good bet because he has been a sneaky deep threat this year. Jefferson has a 13.3 (No. 11 among qualified WR) Average Target Distance (ADOT) and 16.0 (No. 7) Yards Per Reception on 5.2 Targets Per Game. As a result, he has hit this line in 16/19 games this season! Borderline lock confidence on this one.


RotoUnderworld Super Bowl LVI Prop Bets and Historical Fun Facts

by Chase Vernon, February 11, 2022

Prop bets are becoming staples of the Super Bowl, and every year we look to have fun with some of the random ones. For example, “Will a player drop the trophy?” or “What color is the Gatorade?” However, I’m interested in the ones I can predict. So I turn to Underdog because I like the odds, and their app is easy to use. 

I firmly believe we will see the first wide receiver since Greg Jennings in 2011 haul in two touchdowns during the Super Bowl. I still like Kendall Blanton, but without Tyler Higbee, Cooper Kupp should have far more red-zone-designed plays. With two touchdowns, you don’t need a massive performance in the air, which is why I will pair combinations of Kupp’s OVER in fantasy points with the other receiving option’s overs in yards. 


The Playoff Pareto Principles: Conference Championship DFS Preview

by Jakob Sanderson, January 28, 2022

The final Pareto Principles of the year is underway. This column focuses primarily on the strategy and game theory elements of DFS. I do not discuss the individual matchups of players. Instead I am basing my stances on what the field is expected to do, and how to capture a similar ceiling with a unique build.

The conference championship is no time to cling to summer romance. Since returning from injury in Week 17, Elijah Mitchell has just six catches in four games for 18 yards. He also has just one score in that time, losing high-leverage carries to Deebo Samuel and all passing downs to Kyle Juzczyk. His high carry total provides a floor but not an insurmountable one if he’s kept from the end zone.


Making a Cocktail From the Conference Championship DFS Slate

by Chase Vernon, January 28, 2022

There are three quarterbacks in this Conference Championship round with three stacks you can feel confident in for DFS. If you want to get spicy, you could even include Jimmy Garoppolo in hopes the 49ers can’t run the ball, George Kittle gets involved, and Deebo Samuel takes a couple of dump-offs to the house. However, in the playoffs thus far, you haven’t won money unless your quarterback put up over 30 points.

The Sazerac has two possible bases to start with, pending on who you ask. Some believe the official cocktail of Louisiana and staple of New Orleans used a cognac due to the area’s connection to French spirits. Others believe it was made with rye whiskey and is currently is the more popular build. It’s the perfect cocktail to discuss the Conference Championship for DFS. Make the base with your liquor preference as long as it’s one of the two, just as this slate will likely have two options to stack.


The Playoff Pareto Principles: Divisional Round DFS Preview

by Jakob Sanderson, January 21, 2022

Prior to the year, our excitement regarding Ryan Tannehill was based in his high-efficiency paired with elite weapons. For the first time since Week 7, all of Derrick Henry, A.J. Brown, and Julio Jones will on the field for the Titans. While I am loath to attack the first game of a playoff slate, my exception may be with Tannehill. Play the former Aggie stacked with A.J. Brown and a bring back of your choice and you ride with a unique construction generating leverage off Joe Burrow and Derrick Henry.

Packers-49ers is a high volatility game with two slow-paced teams. However, the high-level skill players in this game provides a ceiling which will not be efficiently rostered in DFS contests. In their earlier meeting, these teams lit up the scoreboard for 58 combined points. In a similar shootout,  it is plausible Davante Adams and Deebo Samuel are the two highest scoring receivers on the slate. I will also be over-weight vs. the field on Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones, Brandon Aiyuk, and George Kittle in this game which offers asymmetric upside for its projected ownership.


Making a Cocktail From the Divisional Round DFS Slate

by Chase Vernon, January 21, 2022

Joe Burrow creates an interactive situation being the first game on the slate. If he crushes and puts up over 30 points to start the week, you can optimize your lineups to make a run in the bigger tournaments. On the other hand, if he is mediocre, you could pivot to play it safe and end in the green, or ultimately sell out for a volatile option who may or may not hit. If you don’t start him and he puts up 40, you can adjust your other lineups knowing Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen are must-plays because none of the other quarterbacks have it in their range of outcomes.

Finding pieces to compliment the skinny stacks aren’t tricky; I expect all these games to put up at least 48 points. The key to this is maximizing the opportunities each player sees. Players like Tee Higgins and Julio Jones will be utilized in the lineups where I want stronger running backs. Meanwhile, I will maximize the exposure to primary pass catchers. 


Making a Cocktail From the Wild Card DFS Sunday Slate

by Chase Vernon, January 15, 2022

Building the Saturday slate was painful. It reminded me of a bar guest telling me, “I like everything” when asking what spirit they prefer. At first, you feel like you can do anything your heart desires, only to find out they only like vodka when you grab a bottle. Well, the cocktail I’m going to build for the Wild Card DFS Sunday slate will be a little more fun. 

The Wild Card games seem like a week where some of these players who have been on the cusp of breaking out could actually break the mold for DFS on Sunday. Of course, it doesn’t mean you should load up on these players, but if it improves the flavor, a rinse could be ideal. Tyler Johnson and Quez Watkins both have favorable matchups. Both are seeing the snaps but get used differently. Regardless, a touchdown for either one of these players could return on the investment.