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Better Rankings = Better Fantasy Teams

Award-winning fantasy football rankings from the top analysts in the game.

Today's fantasy managers are sophisticated and smart, wielding digital power tools to construct superteams. For teams serious about winning, PlayerProfiler is here with Player Rankings that distill the most predictive football stats and data into one easy-to-use resource

  • Every league format
  • Rankings updated daily
  • Custom-made for mobile
  • One-click spreadsheet downloads
  • Award-winning accuracy

Accurate rankings are the cornerstone of every fantasy game plan, and PlayerProfiler's Player Rankings will make you the most informed owner in your draft room, guaranteed. It's the last rankings tool you'll ever need.

The Ultimate Dynasty Rankings

Back when dynasty was just a fledgling format, Matt Kelley started PlayerProfiler with the belief that fantasy football player stats and metrics like Breakout Age and Dominator Rating could predict future NFL stars. Our dynasty rankings use this same tried-and-true methodology to deliver data-driven rankings and projections so you can:

  • Draft confidently from any slot on the board
  • Author irresistible trade offers
  • Build dynasties that win, repeat, and three-peat!

You'll get access to dynasty rankings using the next evolution in ADP: the Lifetime Value Engine. LVE reveals tier breaks and factors in situational nuances such as real-life player trades, injury impact on long-term production, and other value-changing events. Our 500+ player database builds dynasty teams so deep, you'll be fielding first-round offers for your taxi squad!

League-Winning Bestball Rankings

Bestball is where you go to draft a team (or a dozen) and let the low-and-slow fantasy football season work its flavorful magic. In bestball, the path to perfection lies in a hyper-aware understanding of the boom/bust values that make this format unique. PlayerProfiler’s team of bestball rankers has mastered the algorithm and served it up on a platter in our dedicated Underdog rankings.

PlayerProfiler’s Bestball Points Added metric will boost your confidence and your winnings in fantasy’s fastest-growing format. With rankings that account for every variable–upside, stability, fragility rating–you’ll spend summers doing what you really came to fantasy football to do.

High-Stakes FFPC Rankings

Here for the high-stakes players who are putting it all on the line, PlayerProfiler’s unparalleled analytics deliver an airtight strategy in leagues where risk mitigation is critical and worthy rivals are well-educated. You’ll find staff picks from our award-winning rankings experts and projected scores specifically tuned to TE premium FFPC league settings.

We have staff rankers who have made over $100k in winnings in a single season in high-stakes leagues, and those are the people putting custom FFPC rankings in your hands! Whether you’re preparing for your first plunge into the shark tank, or increasing your impressive winnings portfolio, you can’t afford not to have the ultimate FFPC rankings consultant in your corner.

PlayerProfiler encourages everyone in our incredible fantasy football community to wager responsibly, especially in high-stakes leagues. Even with our unmatched FFPC rankings at your disposal, never bet what you cannot afford to lose!

Groundbreaking Cornerback & Offensive Line Rankings

Ready to play some 4D chess with the industry’s most advanced CB matchup data? PlayerProfiler’s Cornerback Rankings are here to unveil this week’s premier alpha v. alpha showdowns as well as the most vulnerable CB/WR matchups with 3-TD upside for your prop bets.

Because giving you the most innovative cornerback rankings wasn’t enough, PlayerProfiler is here with the next rankings revolution: Offensive Line Rankings. Now you’ve got the inside edition on the most underreported position in the game, elevating your knowledge of QB pocket time, run blocking, and game scripts. Anticipate every angle and cement your reputation as the most dangerous team in your league!

Dynasty Rookie Rankings

Imagine it’s the 2020 rookie draft. You’ve got the 1.08 and the clock is ticking. Jefferson or Reagor? When rookie ADP is as razor-close as these two were, access to the best rookie rankings could mean the difference between multiple championships and a multi-year rebuild.

And guess what? There’s a new 1.08 every year.

PlayerProfiler’s team personally scouts the NFL Combine and Senior Bowl and uses advanced Breakout Finder™ analytics to sweep your rookie draft for landmines and secure a bonafide breakout from any draft position. Get the edge in every league with format filters for Standard, Superflex, and TE-Premium.

The Best Fantasy Football Rankings

Still the most popular format in fantasy football, seasonal leagues offer an incredible advantage for the fantasy savants using the PlayerProfiler’s award-winning rankings as their fantasy football cheatsheet. You’ll find:

  • Filters for PPR, Half-PPR, Superflex
  • Staff picked “my guys” for 2023 season
  • Weekly risers & fallers
  • Cash valuations for auction drafts
  • Scott Fish Bowl rankings

Our staff ranked #1 in the industry in 2021 for accurate fantasy rankings, and they update player values daily to reveal plays that will maximize your mid-season value through trades and waiver adds. Keep your team cruising to a playoff berth with the Player Rankings whose proven process gets results.

Immediate Weekly Rankings & Projections

Put the most advanced weekly rankings in the palm of your hand with PlayerProfiler’s rankings kit driven by our powerful Projection Engine. You’ll have the game covered from every angle with:

  • Projected opportunity
  • Defensive strength/weakness metrics
  • WR/CB weekly matchups
  • Stadium weather forecasts
  • Sportsbook data

Smash weekly props with access to all the advanced projections for QB, RB, WR, TE, K, and D/ST. Whether it’s PPR, Half-PPR, or Standard, you’ll have data-driven ADP and projections that are custom tuned for Underdog, DraftKings, and FanDuel.

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There’s a reason PlayerProfiler’s Player Rankings don’t look like anyone else’s. We follow the analytics, not the crowd. Because of that, we get to serve you with the best fantasy rankings year after year so you can play the game you love without ever second-guessing your process.

Get the rankings you can trust. Rankings that are proven to win.