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ADP Smashers in 2022

by Matty Kiwoom, September 1, 2022

Drafting is paramount in seasonal leagues. Leagues can be lost messing up the early portion of the draft, but they are definitely won finding the players later that outperform their draft prices. Here are players that I would consider ADP Smashers in 2022 according to their Underdog ADP’s.


Using ADP Arbitrage to Identify Targets on FFWC and Underdog

by Dario Offstein, August 29, 2022

In an earlier article, we set out to understand the structural differences between ADP in Underdog best ball drafts and FFWC high stakes drafts. Today, we take the next step and look at players whose ADPs differ from these trends and create opportunities for arbitrage between the two sites.


Player Velocity: More Meta-Trends for One-QB Leagues

by Joel Ybarra, August 27, 2022

What we define as “player velocity” in this study is how much a player’s ADP changed from one season to the next. In 2021, Jonathan Taylor reached high speed. Fantasy gamers were selecting him in round three his rookie season (2020). He then shot up into the late first round in 2021 drafts. Taylor finished RB1 in half-PPR points per game (minimum twelve games played) in 2021.



by Jakob Sanderson, August 26, 2022

However, today we want to increase our odds of that winning combination beyond leaving it to random chance. Just as we know Bob and Sandy are better apart than together, we can increase our odds by avoiding certain combinations and prioritizing others. In the final part of my best ball strategy series, we talk roster constructions. As best ball summer reaches its close, I will discuss introductory elements of construction which also apply to your managed leagues, as well as include notes on how to take advantage of your “late” draft time in best ball.


Regression Candidates for 2022

by Matty Kiwoom, August 23, 2022

Let’s talk about some regression candidates for 2022 from each position in fantasy football. Not all regression is negative. Analytical metrics can call for positive regression aka the regression fantasy managers want to see from their players. Okay, I have mentioned the word ‘regression’ enough (just did it again). Let’s check out some candidates that could be affected for the 2022 season.


WR Targets for the Robust RB Strategy

by Theo Gremminger, August 20, 2022

This article will attempt to identify the WR targets fantasy gamers would need to excel after an RB heavy start. In a format like the FFWC, starting with three straight RBs and a TE or four straight running backs is possible… long as we select the right players.


Fantasy Football Shark Tank: Episode 4

by Matty Kiwoom, August 11, 2022

Welcome to the Fantasy Football Shark Tank: Episode 4 where fantasy football takes thrive or die. A place where fantasy football propositions can gain validity or be thrown by the wayside. The sharks will be hearing some redraft takes. It has been a while, but it feels great to be back.


ADP Comparison: Structural Differences Between Underdog and FFWC

by Dario Offstein, August 1, 2022

When it comes to drafting on sites with differing settings, the ADPs on each site reflect the strategy differences needed to succeed. Additionally, these ADP variations affect values of individual players. In this article, we’ll examine how these differences can be leveraged in order to draft structurally strong teams in high-stakes leagues on FFWC and in best ball leagues on Underdog.


Dario Offstein’s Must Draft List for 2022 Fantasy Football

by Dario Offstein, July 29, 2022

The best part about playing Fantasy Football is drafting your Fantasy Football team in the fall with all of your friends. But after that, a lot of leagues tend to lose their juice because some owners draft bad players. The goal with this must-draft list series is to assure you do NOT draft “Bad Players” or values, but instead draft the “Best Players” or the best values.



by Theo Gremminger, July 28, 2022

July 4th has come and gone, and we are less than a month away from the Hall of Fame Game in Canton. Fantasy drafters are starting to pivot fully to redraft mode, and in high-stakes leagues, the money is already in action. New ADPs are starting to get established. Some players who were best ball values in May are settling into new summer prices.