Best Ball Plays & Strategy

Smash or Pass – The Best and Worst Best Ball Values at Every Position

by Chris O'Brien, March 28, 2024

Best ball drafts are a fantastic way to scratch that way-too-early fantasy football itch that we all get in March and April. The NFL offseason feels like an eternity, fortunately, best ball drafts have skyrocketed in popularity with the emergence of platforms like Underdog. While there is still so much to happen this offseason with […]


10 Ridiculous Bargains in FFPC Best Ball Tournaments

by Dan Williamson, March 23, 2024

The key to advancing teams in the FFPC Never-Too-Early Best Ball Tournaments is to take advantage of mispriced assets, loading the bargains onto your team while sidestepping the landmines. Today we’ll look at some strong bargains with which you can load onto your teams. The ADPs listed here are for the main tournament, but these […]


Air Yards Value Index – An Introduction | Fantasy Football 2023

by Edward DeLauter, September 7, 2023

The Air Yards Value Index will return for its fourth season. While we eagerly await week one data, this article will serve as a bit of an explainer for those that are new to this weekly series. First, we’ll discuss Air Yards and Why They Matter. Next, we’ll discuss how we create the Air Yards Value Score. Finally, we’ll discuss why not all Air Yards should be treated the same way.