More Likely to Rebound in Fantasy Football: Sammy Watkins or Keenan Allen?

Keenan Allen’s best fantasy output was fueled by volume that lacked the high efficiency he had in his rookie season even though, and I can’t stress this enough, he will probably outperform his ADP.

In 2015, Sammy Watkins proved why he was the No. 4 pick in the NFL Draft. Watkins’ 2015 season was one of the most efficient seasons for a wide receiver in recent years with a +39.6 Production Premium (No. 2), +43.8-percent Target Premium (No. 2), and 10.9 yards per target (No. 1).


Kyle Juszczyk: Deep Sleeper Gem of Fantasy Football Leagues

Kyle Juszczyk was exceptionally efficient with the touches he was given, evidenced by his +32.9 Production Premium in 2016. It’s a shame for the Baltimore Ravens never fully utilized his talents. That is about to change in San Francisco.

Kyle Juszczyk is more like a pumped up Rex Burkhead. Burkhead was a top fantasy back in Cincinnati when given a primary back responsibilities. Now imagine Burkhead with a better speed score, strength, and overall athleticism… Intrigued?


Stefon Diggs: Why Is NFL’s Next Superstar Ignored In Fantasy Football Leagues?

Stefon Diggs personifies the value of College Dominator Rating, and especially, Breakout Age. Diggs’ 18.6 (96th-percentile) Breakout Age was second to only Amari Cooper in the 2015 wide receiver class, yet he was drafted more than 150 picks later.

Diggs’ target volume and air yards indicates he is on the precipice of a ascendance to the NFL’s elite receivers. A strong overall advanced stats and metrics profile shows Diggs is a great fantasy value as the Vikings offense continues to improve in Sam Bradford’s second season with the team.


Austin Hooper: “Hunting” The Young Breakout Tight End For Fantasy Football Leagues

Drafted by their respective teams to be the future of the position, they ended up being a part of their present during their successful rookie seasons. While the consensus seems to favor Hunter Henry over Austin Hooper, when digging into the advanced stats and metrics, they don’t seem as far apart as their ADP suggests they should be.

When looking at Hunter Henry’s statistical profile, the first thing that immediately jumps out is the damage he did in the red zone. His 8 total touchdowns were the second most since Rob Gronkowski set the record in 2010.


Keenan Allen: The Elite Fantasy Football Receiver No One Is Talking About

If you were to add his first half production and multiply it to make up a full season he would have finished with 134 catches, 1,450 yards, and 8 TDs. That would have tied Odell Beckham for at No. 5 in the NFL in yards and he’d be behind only Julio Jones and Antonio Brown who both posted only 2 more catches at 136.

Whether you’re an analytics/metrics guy, a film guy, or an on-field performance guy, Keenan Allen checks all of the boxes. He’s just 25 years old and has a lot of football ahead of him. Don’t listen to the smoke about crowded roster. As long as he is on the field he will receive targets because he is one of the most talented WRs in the NFL.


Hunter Henry’s Fantasy Ceiling Is Zach Ertz (In A Good Way)

Zach Ertz and Hunter Henry have strikingly similar profiles. Ertz is essentially a 26-year-old Hunter Henry with less competition for tight end targets. Antonio Gates sits in front of Henry on the depth chart, which has lowered Henry’s 2017 ceiling. Because of this, Ertz looks like a better value heading into 2017 drafts.

Hunter Henry zealots have reason to get excited about Henry, so what you should be doing is putting offers in for Zach Ertz wherever you can. Let them drive Henry’s price up and catfight over him while you acquire Ertz on the low.


4 Players Getting Extreme Training Camp Sunshine: Real or Fake News?

There is no better time of year than OTAs. After months without football, we finally get to see some on field action that we so desperately crave. Of course minicamp wouldn’t be complete without beat writer narratives. These narratives inevitably lead to inflated ADPs.

We look at 4 players in particular who are driving buzz and determine whether it makes sense to draft these players in your fantasy football draft or sell the hype. These four players are: Rico Gathers, Kenny Golladay, Ted Ginn Jr, and Devante Parker.


Tavon Austin: The Best Late Round Wide Receiver in Best Ball Formats

Tavon Austin’s usage and volatility history make him the perfect for best ball formats that reward boom-bust wide receiver production.

If Tavon Austin enjoyed big weeks under one of the least creative NFL coaches, it stands to reason he would enjoy more boom weeks when paired with a more innovative coach? Look for McVay to hone his creativity on Austin by manufacturing touches for Austin in space and deploying him in the run game as he was in 2015.


Kendall Wright’s Unprecedented Disappearing Act (And Possible Reappearance)

Here’s a story all about a wide receiver who was a first round draft pick for the Tennessee Titans. Hampered by poor coaching, underwhelming quarterback play, and a lack of opportunity cfor the majority of his career, this one-time budding star is now struggling to stay afloat in the NFL despite his youth and early production in his career.

No, this isn’t Kenny Britt. It’s the sad story of Kendall Wright.

Rex Burkhead: The Best Value in the Patriots Backfield

Burkhead has been forgotten altogether, despite his impressive profile. At his current ADP, Burkhead is not only the best value in the Patriots backfield, he is also talented enough to win the job outright.

Burkhead won’t be asked to outrun anyone, instead, he can use his exceptional Burst Score (89th-percentile) to explode through holes and punish defenders, or his Agility Score (93rd-percentile) to make them miss at the line of scrimmage.