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Russell Wilson Clickbait Approach: Russell Remains a Seahawk

by Justin Edminster, January 22, 2022

It pays to be provocative — I get it. Deadlines demand stories and content must be created. People love drama. I accept that, and I accept that Russell Wilson stirred the pot; but should we continue the pressure campaign? I say no, Russell remains a Seahawk and plays in Seattle beyond his contract. If Russell says he wants to be in Seattle, and team leadership want Russ in Seattle, media should kill the story.


The Playoff Pareto Principles: Divisional Round DFS Preview

by Jakob Sanderson, January 21, 2022

Prior to the year, our excitement regarding Ryan Tannehill was based in his high-efficiency paired with elite weapons. For the first time since Week 7, all of Derrick Henry, A.J. Brown, and Julio Jones will on the field for the Titans. While I am loath to attack the first game of a playoff slate, my exception may be with Tannehill. Play the former Aggie stacked with A.J. Brown and a bring back of your choice and you ride with a unique construction generating leverage off Joe Burrow and Derrick Henry.

Packers-49ers is a high volatility game with two slow-paced teams. However, the high-level skill players in this game provides a ceiling which will not be efficiently rostered in DFS contests. In their earlier meeting, these teams lit up the scoreboard for 58 combined points. In a similar shootout,  it is plausible Davante Adams and Deebo Samuel are the two highest scoring receivers on the slate. I will also be over-weight vs. the field on Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones, Brandon Aiyuk, and George Kittle in this game which offers asymmetric upside for its projected ownership.


Making a Cocktail From the Divisional Round DFS Slate

by Chase Vernon, January 21, 2022

Joe Burrow creates an interactive situation being the first game on the slate. If he crushes and puts up over 30 points to start the week, you can optimize your lineups to make a run in the bigger tournaments. On the other hand, if he is mediocre, you could pivot to play it safe and end in the green, or ultimately sell out for a volatile option who may or may not hit. If you don’t start him and he puts up 40, you can adjust your other lineups knowing Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen are must-plays because none of the other quarterbacks have it in their range of outcomes.

Finding pieces to compliment the skinny stacks aren’t tricky; I expect all these games to put up at least 48 points. The key to this is maximizing the opportunities each player sees. Players like Tee Higgins and Julio Jones will be utilized in the lineups where I want stronger running backs. Meanwhile, I will maximize the exposure to primary pass catchers. 


Divisional Matchup Preview: Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs

by Jonathan Lange, January 20, 2022

The more I read and research between these two teams, it seems the more in common the are with one another. The gunslinger quarterback, the alpha wide receiver, the efficient tight end, and even the opportunistic defense the schemes many different ways to find advantages on the field.

Both teams are peaking, playing strong, and lest we forget, last year the Chiefs beat the Bills 38-24 in the AFC championship. Do yourself a favor; sit back and enjoy two superior teams scheme against each other in a Divisional tilt that has the potential to be a classic showdown.


Cam Marino’s 2022 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

by Cam Marino, January 16, 2022

Typically, prior to selecting their franchise quarterback, teams have some sort of foundation built – whether it be a loaded group of playmakers, a strong offensive line, or a strong defense. In this case, the Jaguars did not have a formidable foundation built prior to selecting Trevor Lawrence at pick one last year – bringing them right back to the top of the draft in 2022.


Making a Cocktail From the Wild Card DFS Sunday Slate

by Chase Vernon, January 15, 2022

Building the Saturday slate was painful. It reminded me of a bar guest telling me, “I like everything” when asking what spirit they prefer. At first, you feel like you can do anything your heart desires, only to find out they only like vodka when you grab a bottle. Well, the cocktail I’m going to build for the Wild Card DFS Sunday slate will be a little more fun. 

The Wild Card games seem like a week where some of these players who have been on the cusp of breaking out could actually break the mold for DFS on Sunday. Of course, it doesn’t mean you should load up on these players, but if it improves the flavor, a rinse could be ideal. Tyler Johnson and Quez Watkins both have favorable matchups. Both are seeing the snaps but get used differently. Regardless, a touchdown for either one of these players could return on the investment. 


The Playoff Pareto Principles: Wild Card Weekend Preview

by Jakob Sanderson, January 14, 2022

Reduced slates are my favorites to play. With fewer games to analyze, the threshold on playable options increases as you require less ceiling from each play to plausibly wind up in the optimal lineup. With fewer options to construct lineups, popular builds and players are further consolidated by the field. This leads to clear strategic inflection points.

In traditional slates, stacking hits a point of diminishing returns. Even in a shootout, the third or fourth highest scoring position player on a team is unlikely to produce enough raw points to ever hit an optimal lineup. The shorter the slate the more you pick ‘games’ over players.


Wildcard Matchup Preview: San Francisco 49ers at Dallas Cowboys

by Jonathan Lange, January 14, 2022

It’s Wildcard Weekend in the NFL, and this matchup has my nostalgia cranked up all the way with these two storied franchises.  It hasn’t always been pretty for both of these teams since the mid-90’s, but thankfully we have two talent rich squads with incredible athletes performing at the absolute highest level.


Making a Cocktail From the Wild Card DFS Saturday Slate

by Chase Vernon, January 13, 2022

The NFL playoffs are here and I couldn’t be more excited. Outside of Thanksgiving, there isn’t a weekend I like more for DFS than the Wild Card, which is why I’m creating a series based on building the best cocktail for each slate. We have familiar teams, offensive stars, and chalk to leverage on both Saturday and Sunday.

Flyers are like bitters. They are made to bring out the aromatics with some flavor, but if you overdo them, it’ll kill your cocktail. Two dashes is preferred: one Angostura and one orange. Finding the perfect flyer is challenging, which is why you don’t want to add too much. However, if you pick the right one – such as Danny Amendola in Week 18 – it will pay off big.


Cody Carpentier’s 2022 NFL Mock Draft 3.0

by Cody Carpentier, January 13, 2022

The PlayerProfiler and RotoUnderworld maestro of opportunities, head game analyst, and NFL draft analyst Cody Carpentier is back with the 3.0 version of his 2022 NFL Mock Draft to update movement from College Football Bowl Season.

Do I “like” Willis in New Orleans? No. Do I “love” Willis in New Orleans.. YES!! Malik Willis, Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas… in 2023, let’s hope he can progress nicely!