NFL Draft Big Board

Matty Kiwoom‘s Rookie Prospect Big Board is a must-see for NFL draft enthusiasts. It’s a comprehensive ranking of the top prospects in the highly-anticipated 2024 NFL Draft class. Matty’s list is highly sortable by position and college and also features projected draft capital for each prospect.

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Looking for a comprehensive resource to gain an edge on the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft? Look no further than Matty Kiwoom’s 2024 NFL Draft Big Board. With Matty’s expert grading system, this Big Board offers a valuable tool for draft enthusiasts seeking to identify the top-performing prospects and track their progress throughout the draft process.

Prospect Grades are a key feature of Matty’s 2024 Big Board, which can be found in the PlayerProfiler Rookie Guide in Dynasty Deluxe. With Matty’s grading system, you can easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of each prospect, as well as their potential impact on the NFL. Plus, Matty’s color-coded system makes it easy to track the risers and fallers in the rankings, with green arrows indicating the players on the rise and red indicators highlighting those on the decline.

For those seeking an edge on draft day, Matty Kiwoom’s 2024 Big Board is a must-see. With its comprehensive coverage of the 2024 NFL Draft Class, this Big Board offers a valuable resource for any draft enthusiast. Don’t miss out on this tool for success – check out Matty’s 2024 Draft Big Board today.

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Player Grades

Description Grade
The Perfect Prospect: #1 Overall Talent 9.50+
All-Pro Level: Top 3 Talent 9.0-9.49
Year 1 Stud: Top 10 Talent 8.51-8.99
Year 1 Starter: 1st Round Talent 8.00-8.50
Midseason Starter: Late 1st - 2nd 7.50-7.99
Year 2 Upside: 2nd Round Talent 7.30-7.49
Boom/Bust : 1st-3rd Round Talent 6.75-7.29
Developmental -> Projection : 4th Round Talent 6.20-6.74
Developmental -> Dart : 5th Round Talent 5.70-6.19
End of Roster/Limited: 6th Talent 5.36-5.69
Practice Squad/Depth: 7th Talent 4.81-5.35
Priority Free Agent: Undrafted Talent 4.00-4.80
Undrafted: Unlikely to make Roster 0.00-3.99