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Championship Showdown: 49ers vs Eagles

by Matt Babich, January 28, 2023

This is the Championship Showdown: 49ers vs Eagles! What edges should we be aware of before the game kicks off on Sunday? Who will emerge victorious and advance to the Super Bowl?


Championship Showdown: Chiefs vs Bengals

by Jason Allwine, January 28, 2023

We’ve finally made it to Conference Championship Week! We’re down to four teams- the Eagles, 49ers, Chiefs, & Bengals. Any one of these teams can make a strong case for winning the Super Bowl, but unfortunately, only two teams are going forward after Sunday. Will Joe Burrow officially turn Arrowhead into Burrowhead? Or will Patrick Mahomes lead the Chiefs to another Super Bowl appearance?


Divisional Round Showdown: Bengals vs. Bills

by Ahaan Rungta, January 22, 2023

This is a Divisional Round Showdown: Bengals vs. Bills! In this most anticipated matchup, who will emerge victorious? What bets provide the most value? Which player props will prove to be the most profitable?


Divisional Round Showdown: Chiefs vs Jaguars

by Jason Allwine, January 20, 2023

The Playoffs are finally here! We here at PlayerProfiler are going to preview EVERY game this post-season. This is the preview for the Divisional Round Showdown: Chiefs vs Jaguars! These teams met in Week 10, where the Chiefs won 27-17. This time around, there should be a bit more points and hopefully some more fireworks. Will the Chiefs roll the Jaguars at Arrowhead? Or will the Jaguars’ playoff magic continue?


Wild Card Showdown: Giants vs. Vikings

by Ahaan Rungta, January 15, 2023

This is the NFL Playoffs: Wild Card Weekend! In this Wild Card matchup, what will the Giants and Vikings have in store for us Sunday afternoon? What prop plays provide the most value for fantasy gamers? And most importantly, which side should we bet on?


Wild Card Showdown: Dolphins vs. Bills

by Edward DeLauter, January 14, 2023

The point spread is heavily impacted by Skylar Thompson making the start. The Dolphins have scored 16, and 11, points in Thompson’s prior two starts and have scored only 21 points in games in which he has thrown more than five times. Will it be different this time around? Or will the Bills advance to the next round of the NFL Playoffs?


The Pace of Play Report: Week 16

by Neil Dutton, December 29, 2022

The pace at which NFL offenses operate is important. The more plays that are run, the more opportunity there is for fantasy points. Which offenses are operating at the fastest pace? Which offenses need to crank it up a notch?