NFC North Post-Offseason Review

by Jack Cavanagh, August 7, 2022

In 2022, the Vikings are looking more competent than ever, and the curse on the Lions looks to be waning. It may take some time to adjust to this new-look NFC North, but don’t worry too much. Despite all the changes – the Bears are who we thought they were, and the division will not let them off the hook.


AFC South Post-Offseason Review

by Jason Allwine, August 5, 2022

Welcome to the first edition of a monthly series where we take a deep dive into the AFC South. This time, we will take a look at each team’s moves this offseason as we near the pre-season. I will be going over every move made and provide some outlook for the 2022 season.


Intro to the 2023 NFL Draft Class: Wide Receivers

by Cody Carpentier, August 4, 2022

Over the next 3 weeks, I will be breaking down prospects you need to know heading into the 2022 College Football Season and 2023 NFL Draft. From Bryce Young at Quarterback for Alabama to Bryan Breese on the Defensive Line for Clemson, you will leave this series fully equipped and prepared to talk your friend’s ear off at the local pub this College Football season.


AFC West Post-Offseason Review

by Seth Diewold, August 3, 2022

It is my honor to cover the best division in all the land. The AFC West is a land where shootouts flow like wine, and wins and losses will be as fleeting as a ship fading into the night. It’s going to be a bumpy ride with a lot of turbulence, and I’ll be your captain throughout the 2022 NFL season. Firstly, let’s take a look at what these teams managed to do in the offseason in an AFC West post-offseason review of all four teams.


Six Future Bets To Make Right Now

by Brandon Clarke, July 31, 2022

What advantages do season long bets have? Let’s use a linear regression model to find out. My last article I wrote regarding win totals. Today, I will give everyone great insight into my model’s best values for picking future bets such as “Division Winners” and “To Make Playoffs.”


NFC South Post-Offseason Review

by Jonathan Lange, July 30, 2022

This edition will be an offseason review where we can rewind and get a snapshot of player acquisitions and players lost. Also, for fun, I have added a section of one or two UDFA players that we should keep an eye on to see if they can stick to the roster after the preseason. Without further ado, here is your Monthly NFC South Rundown!


NFL Salary Re-Cap: Arizona Cardinals

by Aaron Stewart, July 26, 2022

It’s time we voyage into the world of the NFL salary cap in order to make us better understand the business side of football. Why are we doing this? Well, we analyze college players in order to predict who will succeed and fail at the NFL level. We decipher advanced stats to determine which players are good and bad at our favorite pastime, fantasy football.


The Houston Texans Season Preview

by Seth Diewold, July 23, 2022

This is a series of articles which goes through my process of making bets on season win totals. In this article, I’m taking an in depth look at the Houston Texans. Sometimes, there is a bet to be made and other times there isn’t. The key is not to force anything. Let’s see if there is a bet to be made on the Houston Texans win total for 2022.


Meet the Metric; Formation Adjusted Yards per Route Run

by Neil Dutton, July 20, 2022

Eagle-eyed regular visitors to PlayerProfiler would have noticed over the last few weeks that our player pages have begun to display a brand new metric. You can’t miss it because it’s in the first efficiency section. It’s called “Formation Adjusted Yards per Route Run.” Sounds exotic, and quite a mouthful, doesn’t it? But what exactly is it? It’s time to Meet the Metric.


It’s Time to Fade Amari Cooper

by Shervon Fakhimi, July 19, 2022

Has there been a player, heading into a fantasy football draft, where summoning the will to hit the draft button takes everything out of you? Any time he’s there for you to draft, you shrug and ignore him because you don’t really want him? I’ve felt that way about a myriad of players but especially so regarding Amari Cooper.