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Blue Chips

Blue Chips - where Devy meets Dynasty and College Football. Learn about Saturday's stars before they play on Sundays. Host Matty Kiwoom will bring you everything you need to dominate your Devy Leagues, while becoming a better Dynasty Manager and a more knowledgeable College Football fan. Dive deep with PlayerProfiler’s Blue Chips.

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Dear Ms. Fantasy

Dear Ms. Fantasy is PlayerProfiler’s signature mailbag show. Tera “Ms. Fantasy” Roberts answers questions from the listening audience about fantasy football lineup building, roster construction, dynasty trades, and draft strategy.

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Dynasty Life

When it comes to Dynasty Fantasy, are you just participating in leagues, or are you about that Life? Theo Gremminger brings you PlayerProfiler's newest Dynasty Podcast: Dynasty Life. Theo is joined by some of the most well known and sharpest Dynasty Fantasy Analysts around. Dynasty Life will bring you everything you need to become a better Dynasty player and manager and help you win Dynasty championships. Roster Construction, Trade Targets, Dynasty Strategy, Identifying Edges and setting yourself up for long-term success.

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Fantasy Empire

Fantasy Empire delivers sharp takes and even sharper jabs between our two hosts, Chris Vaccaro and Nando Di Fino. They bring their unique perspectives on high stakes NFFC and FFPC leagues while raising each other's blood pressure

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First Class Fantasy

The First Class Fantasy podcast delivers league-winning fantasy football analysis and expert advice to help listeners take their fantasy teams to the next level. Hosts Billy Muzio and Theo Gremminger delve into position theory and player selection while offering key insights on team building and player selection. First Class Fantasy listeners join Billy and Theo live in FFPC draft rooms to gain an edge and dominate leagues of all types and formats. Tune in for guest appearances from expert analysts and proven high-stakes winners who will share their insights and strategies. Buckle up; we're about to win some trophies.

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Kiss The Ring

Host Randell "Memphis" Young joins PlayerProfiler to bring you Kiss The Ring, a podcast about fantasy football league management, team harmony and advice from the eyes of a veteran commissioner. Expect hard hitting and often times hilarious content as Memphis helps navigate all of the jobs and responsibilities of running a fantasy leagues.

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Man vs Machine

Join hosts Theo Gremminger, Ryan Reynolds and Dario Offstein as they go head-to-head in intense debates and battles over the most challenging player ranking questions in the fantasy football world. In each episode, the guys will analyze the stats, weigh the pros and cons, and make their case for why their rankings are the most accurate. But who will come out on top - man or machine? Theo brings his extensive experience and expertise to the table, while Dario's advanced AI algorithms provide a unique perspective on the game. Ryan Reynolds joins the team this year with his extensive football knowledge expertise and insight. Man Vs. Machine is a must-listen for anyone who wants to gain an edge in their league.

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Mind of Mansion

The colossal force in fantasy football podcasting. Matt Kelley, aka The Podfather, hosts PlayerProfiler's flagship program delivering in-depth fantasy analysis supported by advanced metrics, insider real talk, and the cheeky shenanigans. The Podfather invites top experts to discuss the impact of blockbuster NFL trades, injuries to superstars, and insights into the best fantasy draft strategy and waiver wire moves to optimize your fantasy football roster.

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PlayerProfiler En Espanol

PlayerProfiler en Español... ¡el podcast que te ayudará a dominar tus ligas de Fantasy Football! De la mano de Mauricio Gutiérrez y de las métricas avanzadas de Player Profiler, te vas a convertir en un mejor jugador, competirás para ganar campeonatos. Tener información y estadísticas que tienen impacto directo en el Fantasy es una ventaja muy valiosa. Mauricio es pionero en generar contenido de Fantasy Football en español. Es jefe de contenidos y analista de NFL Fantasy en Español (para NFL México). Debido a su pasión por el juego, fundó Estadio Fantasy en 2013 (el primer sitio y podcast de Fantasy Football en español). Es miembro de la Fantasy Sports Writers Association y de la Fantasy Sports Gaming Association.

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PlayerProfiler Primetime

Join Mike Lindberg (@FFCanuck99) and Jeremiah Retzlaff (@coachretzlaff1) on PlayerProfiler Primetime, as they break down the latest and greatest developments of NFL news and transactions throughout the league.

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PlayerProfiler Today

PlayerProfiler Today runs 7 days a week at 7:00 PM Eastern on PlayerProfiler's YouTube Channel. Weekly appearances from Matt Babich, Bradley Stalder, Olubenga Oredein, Tyler Knaeble, Brendon Booth and Ahaan Rungta - who will break down Daily NFL News, Injury Reports, cutting-edge tools from PlayerProfiler, and everything you need to know about the NFL and Fantasy Football every damn day.

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Press Coverage

The hottest takes, the best analysis, and all the information you need to crush your fantasy season: Press Coverage has you covered. Tune in weekly as host Theo Gremminger brings in unique guests to talk all things fantasy football—sharp takes, actionable information, and identifying edges to help your fantasy team win. Take your fantasy game to the next level with PlayerProfiler's Press Coverage.

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Sonic Truth

Alan Seslowsky from RotoWire guides Theo Gremminger and The Podfather through fantasy football dynasty trades and dynasty league advice and player rankings into the eyes and ears of fantasy gamers every week on Apple, YouTube, Spotify, Stitcher, Google, Audible, and every podcast platform in-between. The Sonic Truth boys are the real fantasy pros and break down the fantasy impact of NFL Free Agency, the NFL Draft, and Training Camp with every advanced metric on at their disposal.

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Stack Hunters

Join your host Bradley Stalder, acclaimed fantasy football analyst from PlayerProfiler and RotoUnderworld, as he dives deep into the world of Best Ball, Best Ball tournaments, and drafting strategies for optimal results. Bradley is now joined by Dan Williamson, one of the best High Stakes Fantasy Players around and a renowned Best Ball Expert. With expert analysis, insightful discussions, and a focus on fantasy football success, Stack Hunters is your go-to resource for winning strategies and staying ahead of the competition.

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The Decision Point

NFL salary cap guru Anand Nanduri hosts the Underworld's signature front-office insider show. Should New York move on from Daniel Jones? How bad was that Deshaun Watson contract? Anand sits down with The Podfather to break down the short-term and long-term salary cap and roster construction ramifications of NFL Draft picks, trades, and free agent signings for win-now and rebuilding franchises.

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The Deep End

Welcome to The Deep End, where hosts Mike Schopp and Adam Krautwurst dig into high level strategies and game theory. This fantasy football podcast isn't for casual players, They dive deep into the strategy for all types of high-stakes leagues - best ball, dynasty, and redraft formats. You'll also learn how to play and think like the most experienced and successful fantasy players in the world. Tune in now or continue to miss out on the best high stakes content in the game.

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The Dominator

Josh Larky dives into best ball, dynasty, redraft, and betting, weaving together analytics, logic, football intuition, and outside the box ways to think about players and situations. The show is designed to be actionable first and foremost, with a unique mix of guests to make sure no similar podcast exists. The Dominator is a weekly must listen for any fantasy manager.

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The Draft Rankings Podcast

Cody Carpentier and Matty Kiwoom bring you a fresh look at the NFL Draft and prospects in the current and future classes. While digging deep into the tendencies and history of the NFL Draft. Matty is the NFL Draft Analyst at and Cody is the NFL Draft Analyst at, together they bring different views from different processes and companies to breakdown about all of your favorite prospects. If you play Fantasy Football OR are a fan of The NFL Draft, then The Draft Rankings Podcast is must listen!

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The Dynasty War Zone

Welcome to The Dynasty Warzone, a DWZ Football Network show with hosts Randy “Memphis” Young alongside The Man of the Hour and The Man with the Power, Jerry Sinclair. They bring their unique perspectives on game theory, trades, player value and so much more. Tune in now to bring your game to the next level on the path to becoming a better dynasty football player.

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The FF Dynasty

From Charleston, SC it’s THE Dynasty Fantasy Football Podcast putting the Fun back in Fantasy For. Your. Pleasurrrre. We bring an even keeled and well educated point of view to dynasty trades, roster construction, and overall player value. Be sure to check us out on the YouTubes for more content and head over to for our Rookie Draft Kit, ADP, Extra Shows, full discord channel access, and more!

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The Futurecast

No need to spend your day scouring through hundreds of college football games, box scores, and spreadsheets. Theo Gremminger and Ian Miller take you two and three steps ahead with everything you need to know about the NFL stars of tomorrow, today. The Futurecast focuses on everything college football and the undercover prospects you need to know well ahead of the NFL Draft to give dynasty league football enthusiasts and hardcore fantasy gamers a clear edge in fantasy football today.

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The Game Plan

Matty Kiwoom helps fantasy managers optimize their rosters to be successful in fantasy football, by exploring streaming options, discussing potential trade targets & sharing tactics to get a leg on the competition!

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Top 10 Takeaways

The Podfather gives fantasy footballers the early NFL injury reports they need in a fantasy football podcast. Recapping the most noteworthy games from the previous week, Top-10 Takeaways provides an early glimpse into the key waiver wire additions, changes to fantasy football players rankings for the following week, and top NFL DFS plays given the upcoming matchups.

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Trade Gods

Matty Kiwoom(@MattyKiwoom)and Jason Allwine (@J_footballwine) helps fantasy managers optimize their rosters by navigating the trade market in fantasy football. From dynasty to best ball and everything in between the Trade Gods covers it.

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Waiver Wired

Are you ready for key waiver wire advice and some killer air guitar? Referencing NFL injury reports and the juiciest upcoming matchups, The Podfather is your fantasy football counselor focused on weekly roster improvement. The Waiver Wired fantasy football podcast delivers free agent priorities, FAAB bidding suggestions and deep stashes before league waiver wires run.

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Wake and Take

Start your day with steaming hot sports takes. Jason Allwine scours advanced box scores and social media channels to deliver in-depth football analysis before other sports media talkers comb their hair and brush their teeth.

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