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DFS Dominator Live

The Podfather and Dario Offstein, PlayerProfiler’s Director of Analytics, walk through the best GPP stacks on the DFS main slate and build lineups with PlayerProfiler’s DFS domination tools. Witness the power of our Lineup Genius to create hundreds of uniquely correlated tournament lineups.

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Dear Mr. Fantasy

Dear Mr. Fantasy is PlayerProfiler’s signature mailbag show. Nate “Mr. Fantasy” Polvogt answers questions from the listening audience about fantasy football lineup building, roster construction, dynasty trades, and draft strategy.

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Early Risers

PlayerProfiler's signature best ball stream welcomes an industry guest each week to draft an Underdog Fantasy team in real-time. Live drafts provide a window into real-life player demand and uncover new team-building techniques to attack best ball drafts. Watch host Cody Carpentier pull lottery balls to make every round a unique challenge, demanding help from the audience.

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First Class Fantasy

The First Class Fantasy podcast offers expert advice to help listeners win their fantasy football leagues. Hosts Billy Muzio and Theo Gremminger explore position theory, team building, and player selection. Gain an edge and dominate your league with live FFPC draft room analysis, guest appearances from expert analysts, and proven high-stakes winners.

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First Mover

On Monday afternoons in-season, PlayerProfiler’s Director of Analytics, Dario Offstein, familiarizes listeners with the upcoming main slate less than 24 hours after DFS salaries are posted. With a close inspection of usage trends, upcoming matchups, Dario provides the earliest possible look at the top DFS values six days before lineups lock.

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Mind of Mansion

The colossal force in fantasy football podcasting. Matt Kelley, aka The Podfather, hosts PlayerProfiler's flagship program delivering in-depth fantasy analysis supported by advanced metrics, insider real talk, and the cheeky shenanigans. The Podfather invites top experts to discuss the impact of blockbuster NFL trades, injuries to superstars, and insights into the best fantasy draft strategy and waiver wire moves to optimize your fantasy football roster.

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PlayerProfiler Today

PlayerProfiler Today runs 7 days a week at 7:00 PM Eastern on PlayerProfiler's YouTube Channel. Host Jack Cavanagh breaks down Daily NFL News, Injury Reports, cutting-edge tools from PlayerProfiler, and everything you need to know about the NFL and Fantasy Football every damn day.

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Propcast Happy Hour

Cody Carpentier and Dario Offstein get loose every Friday afternoon with a cold beverage and the key matchups heading into a fun weekend of NFL action. No one has as much fun podcasting as Cody and Dario breaking down a delicious mixed-drink recipe before pivoting to a game-by-game recap of the best DFS and fantasy football prop plays each week.

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Sonic Truth

The Podfather and Theo Gremminger are joined by Alan Seslowsky of RotoWire to stream fantasy football dynasty league advice and player rankings into the eyes and ears of fantasy gamers every week on Apple, YouTube, Spotify, Stitcher, Google, Amazon, and every podcast platform in-between. The Sonic Truth boys are the real fantasy pros and break down the dynasty impact of NFL Free Agency, the NFL Draft, and Training Camp with every advanced metric on at their disposal.

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Start vs Stream

Lock in those surefire primary back touches or chase upside with a super-fast wide receiver? Top PlayerProfiler analysts go live every Sunday morning during the NFL season to provide answers to some of the most difficult to solve start, sit, or stream dilemmas from members of the audience.

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The Big Tilt

Jakob Sanderson and Chase Vernon bring great chemistry behind the mic. The Big Tilt boys break down the best DFS plays and strategies each week of the NFL season. Jakob and Chase help you build tournament-winning lineups on the main slate and pinpoint the top values for weekly cash games.

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The Decision Point

How bad was that Kenny Golladay contract? NFL salary cap guru Anand Nanduri leads PlayerProfiler's signature front office insider show. Anand sits down with The Podfather to break down the short-term and long-term salary cap and roster construction ramifications of draft picks, blockbuster trades, and free agent signings for win-now and rebuilding franchises.

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The Dominator

The Dominator takes you inside the mind of Billy Muzio, a true High-Stakes fantasy grinder. Billy and The Podfather discuss draft and team-building strategy in some of the most sophisticated high-stakes draft scenarios, all while researching player storylines, football history, and chatting about all things football. Billy and The Podfather leverage NFL schedules, stacking tactics, Late Round QB, and undervalued sleepers to build big money tournament-winning rosters.

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The Game Plan

You know Sunday kickoff is upon you when Matty Kiwoom fires up the mic. He helps fantasy managers optimize their rosters to be successful by focusing on football streaming options and potential trade targets to get a necessary edge on the competition!

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The Juice

PlayerProfiler's official Sports Betting show is broadcasted every week with multiple in-house guests, including (NBA & NFL Betting Analysts) Shervon Fakhimi and Ahaan Rungta. Hosted by The Podfather, this group dives deep into the NBA games of the night and the early lines in the NFL.

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The Writer's Roundtable

Advanced metrics-fueled debates inevitably ensue every time PlayerProfiler’s deep thinkers meet up and turn on the mics. Listen to our top fantasy writers defend their hottest hot takes in the face of the cold scrutiny of their peers.

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Top-10 Takeaways

The Podfather gives fantasy footballers the early NFL injury reports they need in a fantasy football podcast. Recapping the most noteworthy games from the previous week, Top-10 Takeaways provides an early glimpse into the key waiver wire additions, changes to fantasy football players rankings for the following week, and top NFL DFS plays given the upcoming matchups.

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Trade Gods

Matty Kiwoom and Jason Allwine have more than 10 years of experience in dynasty fantasy football leagues. Kiwoom and Allwine listen to trade dilemmas emailed in by listeners and often discuss dynasty trades they personally proposed or accepted. Tune in on YouTube to watch the Trade Gods leverage PlayerProfiler's Trade Finder tool and answer questions live.

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Undercovered Opps

Cody Carpentier, PlayerProfiler's Head of Football, identifies under-covered rookie prospects prior to the NFL Draft and fantasy football sleepers heading into key weekly matchups through the NFL season. Cody breaks down film, advanced stats, and background information to bring hardcore fantasy pros and casual fantasy footballers closer to the truth about players.

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Waiver Wired

Are you ready for key waiver wire advice and some killer air guitar? Referencing NFL injury reports and the juiciest upcoming matchups, The Podfather is your fantasy football counselor focused on weekly roster improvement. The Waiver Wired fantasy football podcast delivers free agent priorities, FAAB bidding suggestions and deep stashes before league waiver wires run.

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Wake & Take

Start your day with steaming hot sports takes. Jason Allwine scours advanced box scores and social media channels to deliver in-depth football analysis before other sports media talkers comb their hair and brush their teeth.

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