Data Analysis

Welcome to the ultimate data machine.

Many of today's leading fantasy football analysts started out as enthusiasts whose love of analytics led them straight to a dream career in sports.

PlayerProfiler has built the ultimate Data Analysis machine to bring professional fantasy analysis capabilities right to your living room laptop. The self-taught revolution is here to give rise to the next generation of fantasy analysts, and it costs less than a textbook.

Access a massive stat database

PlayerProfiler showcases a massive array of player stats, metrics, and measurables on our player pages. With Data Analysis, you can manipulate and rank those same stats from the palm of your hand! Build and compare datasets from one of the largest football stat indexes on the planet with:

Fantasy Scoring

Historic points, targets, & touches index

Player Performance

Athletic testing and measurables

Player Opportunity

On-field deployment data

Dynasty Projections

Career arc estimation

Point and click

The Internet is now overflowing with fantasy football data. From Air Yards to Yards Per Route Run, finding the data you want, and then organizing it the way you want, and then exporting it the way you want is a major challenge. Data Analysis solves these problems by making it easier to access data and see the key points that other fantasy gamers are downloading every week.

Create thorough, custom reports with the Report Builder

300+ metric categories at your fingertips to build reports that tell the statistical story at every position: QB, RB, WR, TE, OL, as well as EDGE, DT, LB, CB. Everything is here to apply high-level analysis to player performances for Standard, Superflex, and IDP leagues.

Grab instant information using our Quick Results

We've made it easy for every user to analyze the most high-value stats in seconds for receiving, rushing, passing, defense, and fantasy scoring.

Pre-built popular reports for quick reporting

Popular Reports show data that sharp minds are consistently pulling to gain an edge in fantasy football leagues. Just point and click to access everything from NFL RB Usage to Scouting Combine performances.

Save your most used reports

Any report you've created can become a one-click template that you can access easily to track player progression as the NFL season unfolds.

Create smarter content

Every serious fantasy content creator needs Data Analysis in their arsenal. With Data Analysis, your podcast or Twitter account has a zero-lag stat engine to provide high-value content that will set you apart and add credibility to your brand. Quickly search hundreds of unique datasets and drop live, accurate analysis in your listeners' laps, and be first in line to debut valuable new metrics as they're discovered.

Ready to break through the 100-viewer ceiling on your fantasy football YouTube channel?

Data Analysis will provide the stat-driven content to revolutionize your brand perception. Wow your viewers the quality content they deserve, and upgrade your channel from a hobbyist gathering place to a must-watch football authority.

Exporting made easy

Data Analysis is streamlined with intuitively organized datasets so that you never get lost in the vast data library. We’ve even made it simple to export your results to Excel, Python, R, and more with a single click. Making data accessible and easy to use is our priority. Turning it into a refined brand with a loyal following is up to you and your creativity!

Exporting your report

It's all possible with Data Analysis

Data Analysis provides everything you need for complete, data-driven player analysis. Distinguish rising stars from one-season wonders with advanced metrics. Win your leagues using your own custom player reports as cheatsheets. Make a splash in your draft, make your mark on fantasy analytics, or make a career playing the game you love.
"Hi, this is Matt Kelley, founder of PlayerProfiler."
"When I look around this unbelievable staff at PlayerProfiler and see data analysts, article writers, football directors…I think about where they started. None of these people had experience in any of these areas. They loved football, loved stats, loved fantasy. They got here by being self-taught.
That's why we created Data Analysis. It's the comprehensive compendium for the brilliant, untapped minds who will become the next analysts, experts, and content creators leading the fantasy football industry. I believe in you because I've seen it done time and time again.
Everyone started somewhere. Start today."
- The Podfather