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RotoUnderworld's "World Famous" Fantasy Football Draft Kit has changed fantasy football draft prep forever by completely reimagined the Draft Kit concept. We combine the readability of a magazine with PlayerProfiler’s technical horsepower, providing fantasy footballers with the following features and expertise:

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

Our fantasy football cheat sheet ranks 300 players including quarterback rankings, running back rankings, wide receiver rankings, and tight end rankings for standard, ½ PPR, and full PPR league formats to dominate even the deepest, sicko diehard fantasy sports drafts. Your fantasy football draft strategy will lock into place as top sleepers and breakout candidates rise to the surface and probable busts are red-flagged round by round.

Real-time Projections

Our fantasy football draft kit includes NFL football season stat projections (including forecasted touches, targets, and fantasy points) from Peter Howard’s revolutionary player forecasting model are updated daily as impactful player news surfaces. Fantasy point projections are calibrated based on fantasy league settings from PPR leagues to standard fantasy leagues.

2QB/Superflex Rankings

Late round quarterback is the default fantasy draft mode, but what if your league adds a quarterback position this season? Switch into 2QB/Superflex mode to recalibrate the fantasy football cheat sheet rankings and tiers to account for increased QB demand and navigate bye week dilemmas.

Auction Values

The "World Famous" fantasy football draft kit's interactive player valuation tool provides recommended auction value bid amounts for fantasy owners joining increasingly popular auction drafts. Test it in a mock draft to see how a studs and duds strategy pays huge dividends for the upcoming fantasy football season.

Player Previews

Player Previews are fully integrated into the draft kit's fantasy football cheatsheet. Advanced player breakdowns leverage PlayerProfiler's proprietary opportunity and efficiency metrics, including Value Over Stream (VOS) and Usable Weeks player labels and stats, to predict performance.

Video Analysis

More fantasy footballers prefer to stream their player analysis. Our fantasy football draft kit delivers in-depth, streaming video analysis from the best-of-the-best fantasy football analysts from all corners of the industry.

Team Insights

Situation often trumps talent in fantasy football. The RotoUnderworld Team offers unparalleled insights about each NFL team. Our fantasy football draft kit's comprehensive Team Previews leverage predictive data to uncover the truth about all 32 franchises.

Team Vitals

Understanding a player's team environment is just as valuable as understanding a player's ability. Proprietary strength of schedule grades, game scripts, pace of play, scoring rates, offensive line changes, and vacated touches and targets determine each team’s run game and pass game trajectory.

Signature Trends

What fundamental tenets drive player usage and effectiveness? From coaching philosophy to offensive line play, The Podfather helps to identify the most compelling forces affecting team running and passing games heading into the 2020 NFL season.

Interactive Drafting

See available quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends vs. your fantasy team needs. Our draft kit allows fantasy footballers to track player selections in-real time to ensure you always know the best player available to pick on the league's fantasy football draft board.

Custom Leagues

League settings and formats can stretch to the outer bounds of the fantasy drafter's imagination. Download the fantasy football draft kit full stats projections to Excel or Google Sheets to create custom projections and a fantasy football cheat sheet for any league roster configuration and scoring format as well as fantasy football mock drafts, slow drafts, and live drafts.

Offline Mode

Nothing beats an in-person draft with friends. Take the fantasy football cheat sheet and full stat projections to your next live draft party with our printable PDF guide.

Congratulations on finding the World Famous Cheat Sheet. Prepare to be fully woke for the 2020 NFL season. How you use its fantasy football wisdom is up to you.

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