Dynasty Buys and Sells Week 3 | Fantasy Football 2023

by Jason Allwine and Matty Kiwoom · Dynasty Leagues

These are Dynasty Buys and Sells – Week 3 from the Trade Gods – Matty Kiwoom and Jason Allwine! You can catch Trade Gods every other week on the PlayerProfiler YouTube channel on Wednesdays at 7 PM CT. Additionally, check out the Trade Gods podcast – https://pod.link/1671876585.

Jason Allwine

Buy- Justin Fields

The most divisive player in fantasy football right now has to be Justin Fields. We’ve all seen the lowlights from this season so far. However, to me he is still a valuable fantasy football asset. After being a widely regarded top 5 Dynasty QB, he’s now fallen to QB10 and looks poised to continue dropping in the public’s mindset. This is the perfect BUY window for a potential ELITE asset.

It’s important to put things into perspective, and last season Justin Fields finished as the QB6. Despite that, he started the year with only 24 fantasy points across the first two weeks. This year he has started off with 32 fantasy points and has already doubled his passing yard total compared to this point last season. He has also ran for more yards than this point last year. The point is, if he overcame that last year, he can do it this year. 

Justin Fields still has an incredibly high ceiling with a fairly high floor as well. He may never be unlocked to the level Jalen Hurts was, but he will still get your fantasy football team tons of points. Right now, is the best time to get your Justin Fields shares.

Sell- Christian McCaffrey

This is a tough one as it is virtually impossible to predict a world-class athlete’s cliff. And honestly, that isn’t really what this is. Selling Christian McCaffrey is for the bold- and you MUST get an amazing return. We just saw Nick Chubb‘s value completely plummet due to injury and with a 27-year-old RB who is still near the top of his market- it is VITAL to explore selling. After all, he is still widely viewed as the Dynasty RB2.

So far this year, CMC is No. 1 in snap share and carries while also being No. 2 in route participation. Basically, he is being used too much, and I don’t see it being sustainable. Luckily, they got Elijah Mitchell more involved in Week 3 than he had been the previous two weeks, but McCaffrey was still heavily utilized. He is leading the league in rush yards, breakaway runs, and yards created as a result.

McCaffrey is still an elite asset. However, if you can get an elite return, you have to. The bottom could fall out at any point. Therefore, it’s important to at least explore trading him. Use him to get another foundational piece + a cherry on top. See what the Travis Etienne, Derrick Henry, Devonta Smith, Tyreek Hill, Stefon Diggs, Davante Adams, & Cooper Kupp owners would add to get McCaffrey- you might be surprised.

Matty Kiwoom

The fantasy world is turning to Week 3. However, it is not too early to start talking about the players worth buying into. Additionally, there are guys who need to be moved. Trading early in the year certainly comes with some risks. With so much time left in the season, role changes or the “I” word (after recent events will not be spoken) can occur. But time can be the reason why championships are won. Acquiring or trading a player away with this much time can lead to a ton of fantasy production. Here is a running back worth buying into and a tight end it is time to say goodbye to.

BUY Miles Sanders

Anytime fantasy gamers can acquire a top 70 pick for any kind of discount it is a sharp move. Miles Sanders hasn’t had a wow game two weeks in, and the team builder who rosters the running back is ready to start fielding offers. Over the first two weeks of the season, Sanders hasn’t performed better than RB 22. Why would anyone want to trade for a fringe RB 1 who has underperformed? One word…usage.

Sanders’ volume so far in 2023 suggests that he is the clear top dog in the Panthers’ backfield. He has outsnapped Chuba Hubbard in both contests and in Week 2 he out-carried his teammate 14 to two. Sanders has also seen at least four targets in each game this year. The usage just two weeks in is encouraging enough for fantasy managers to want to stick with him. However, the fantasy production isn’t there which creates a window to buy. Better games are ahead for Sanders, and we could see things start to swing as soon as this weekend. Buy now and reap the benefits of a running back that you can rely on as long as he suits up for the Panthers.

SELL Kyle Pitts

There are a few players in fantasy that cause fantasy team builders to lose their minds. Players that are so polarizing that no matter what side of the fence you stand the other side vehemently disagrees. The player at the pinnacle of this insanity has to be third year tight end from Atlanta, Kyle Pitts. Given his draft capital and his athletic profile it is easy to see why he is held on such a high pedestal. Where do I stand on Mr. Pitts? Now is the time to SELL the third year tight end.

In 2022, Kyle Pitts posted a WoRP (wins over replacement player) comparable to tight ends that were never even thought about in fantasy football. WoRP stands for ‘wins over replacement player.’ In Year 2, and to start Year 3, Pitts has been a very replaceable player in fantasy football. It is not a question whether Pitts is good, or if he has potential. The real question is will the Arthur Smith led Falcons ever allow their stud tight end to flourish in a way that makes him a reliable starter each and every week.

I believe the answer is a hard NO. That is why he is worth trading away. Will he have spike weeks? More than likely he will, but so will most of the tight ends in the muck. At this stage in his career, Kyle Pitts has proven to be replacement level at best. Therefore, Dynasty managers should move him for an upgrade at a different position and fantasy gamers will realize he leaves a hole that is easy to fill.

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