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A fully integrated ranking of all fantasy-relevant Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Wide Receivers, and Tight Ends assuming the most standard 12-team league with the following roster structure: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex.

Dynasty Cutdown

As the preseason ends and NFL teams shave their rosters down to size, we dynasty folk will need to make cuts of our own. This article is a self-indulgent goodbye to all of the guys I couldn’t roster.

These NFL skill position players should be released in even the deepest dynasty league formats.

Keenan Allen and the Anquan Boldin Corollary

Keenan Allen is being considered an easy bust pick by some as a top 20 WR for 2015. There is, however, ample reason to believe he will be quite successful.

The reasons to like Allen are his success at a young age, role in the offense, lack of a real threat for targets, and how similar he is to another stud WR. These reasons make Allen an excellent 2015 fantasy selection.

!Don’t Draft DeAndre Hopkins!

Fantasy pundits are pushing DeAndre Hopkins as the next elite wide receiver in fantasy football, but his lackluster athleticism and awful quarterback play will be nearly impossible to overcome.

Instead of the next Josh Gordon, at best, we are looking at the next Anquan Boldin and an unlikely outlier in 2015.

Is Jarius Wright an Insanely Cheap Mike Wallace?

Mike Wallace benefited in 2014 from a flukey number of red zone targets and has had low catch rates and yards per target in each of the last two seasons.

Jarius Wright is a much more efficient receiver than Wallace who costs far less in fantasy.

keenan allen, wr, san diego chargers

Is Keenan Allen Overrated?

Keenan Allen had a fantastically unexpected rookie season and followed it up with a disappointment.

What should you expect from him this season? Ascension redux or continued regression?

jeff janis, WR, green bay packers

Jeff Janis vs. Davante Adams: The New Leader of the Pack

Even before Jordy Nelson finished limping off Heinz Field, the battle lines had been drawn. Davante Adams is the household name but his lack of production in his rookie year is a red flag.

On the other hand, Jeff Janis has been provided with an unexpected opportunity. He has the athletic profile to take advantage and make people say, “Davante who?”


Devin Funchess and the Kelvin Benjamin Corollary

A polarizing pre-draft prospect, Devin Funchess is set to see a massive spike in opportunity following Kelvin Benjamin’s season-ending ACL tear.

Even if his ADP hits the single digit rounds of drafts as Benjamin’s did last year, Funchess has the intrinsic ability to be able to thrive in Benjamin’s “X” receiver role and return value for your fantasy teams.


Kevin White Turned 23 and No One Cares

Kevin White is the NFL’s Benjamin Button. Seemingly every year that goes by, he gets a year younger, and no one seems to care.

Was Kevin White’s age falsification the result of an elaborate hoax intentionally perpetrated to enhance White’s reputation as “phenom” prospect or was it simply an innocent data error by an oblivious fan inaccurately updating White’s Wikipedia page?

David Johnson is the Johnson to Grab

Andre Ellington is a small, unathletic running back who has proven to out of his depth as a primary ball carrier at the NFL level.

Meanwhile, David Johnson and Kerwynn Williams each have proven workhorse RB track records. Johnson and Williams are the future of the Arizona Cardinals backfield.