The Infirmary Report: Post Week 6

by Jason Allwine · Fantasy Football

The worst part of our beloved game is the frequency of injuries. It’s an unfortunate byproduct of such a fast-paced, contact-heavy sport. It’s something that is important to remember as we approach the first full week of the preseason. Luckily for the NFL players, they have access to some of the best doctors in the world and can usually return to form at least by the next season. Unfortunately for us fantasy players, it’s not always easy to know when a player will get hurt. To another degree, sometimes your roster isn’t big enough to plan ahead for an injury. This series, the Infirmary Report, will give you advice on the injuries that have happened every week during the season. Without further ado, here is the Infirmary Report: Post Week 6 of regular season action.

Marquise Brown, WR, Cardinals

Injury: The exact injury is still unknown, but Marquise Brown injured his foot on Sunday.

Expected Return: The exact severity and timeline is still unknown. However, he is currently Doubtful for Week 7 with a possibility that this is season ending.

Key Takeaway: 

If there’s ever a “good” time for your WR1 to get injured, it’s when your original WR1 is returning from suspension. The Cardinals will be losing Marquise Brown for this week, and possibly more, but they will be celebrating the return of DeAndre Hopkins. Look for Hopkins and Rondale Moore to make up for Brown’s absence. Yes, I am writing about Rondale Moore AGAIN. I love that guy- go get him. The Cardinals also brought in Robby Anderson who could do something although I wouldn’t put much stock in that.

J.K. Dobbins, RB, Ravens

Injury: J.K. Dobbins knee injury from last year tightened up during Sunday’s contest.

Expected Return: He is Questionable for Week 7.

Key Takeaway: 

This is the exact reason I put J.K. Dobbins in my top 5 RBs to Avoid list this offseason. Not only does he present reinjury risk, but he has a limited upside AND backfield competition. Gus Edwards isn’t even back yet, and the Ravens’ backfield is still a committee. Kenyan Drake (yes, Kenyan Drake) ran for 119 yards and a TD on only 10 carries. Luckily, this injury isn’t necessarily bad, but it shows that Dobbins isn’t 100-percent. Go get Edwards before he returns. Also, try to sell Dobbins while you can as well.

P.J. Walker, QB, Panthers

Injury: P.J. Walker took a big hit to the head on Sunday and was forced to leave the game. It is a neck injury, not a concussion.

Expected Return: He is currently Questionable for Week 7.

Key Takeaway: 

The Carolina Injured Quarterbacks just can’t catch a break. Matt Corral, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, and now P.J. Walker are all hurt. The Panthers will now rely on Jacob Eason. Eason had three completions for 51 yards in Walker’s absence. Eason was a former top prospect, but his career derailed after transferring out of the University of Georgia. He was drafted in the 2020 NFL Draft in the fourth round.

Justin Fields, QB, Bears

Injury: Justin Fields reinjured his shoulder on Thursday.

Expected Return: He is Questionable for Week 7.

Key Takeaway: 

When you get sacked 100 times a game, at some point you’ll get banged up. Fields reinjured his shoulder that he dislocated before. Generally, NFL quarterbacks play through injuries like this- especially ones with that DAWG in ’em like Justin Fields. I fully expect him to be out there next Sunday. This is also an injury to his non-throwing shoulder.

Randall Cobb, WR, Packers

Injury: Randall Cobb injured his ankle on Sunday.

Expected Return: The severity and timeline are still unknown, but it isn’t season-ending. Short-term IR seems likely.

Key Takeaway: 

This was one of the sadder injuries of the day as Cobb is a long-time veteran, and he was visibly upset as he was leaving the field. Fortunately, it isn’t season-ending- which at this point would probably be career-ending. He was thriving in the barely covered slot which will now be up to Amari Rodgers. Rodgers was drafted in the third round last year but lacks athleticism. None of his workout metrics are above average.

Skylar Thompson, QB, Dolphins

Injury: Skylar Thompson injured his thumb in Sunday’s loss.

Expected Return: He is Questionable for Week 7.

Key Takeaway: 

This injury sucks more for Skylar Thompson than it does for the Dolphins. Tua Tagovailoa has cleared concussion protocol and so has Teddy Bridgewater. We have likely seen the last of Thompson. The rookie didn’t do much with his opportunity, and it will now be Tua time again.

Kendrick Bourne, WR, Patriots

Injury: Kendrick Bourne is battling a Turf Toe injury.

Expected Return: Turf Toe can go a few different ways. It’s likely he will be sidelined for at least one week.

Key Takeaway: 

By God, that’s Tyquan Thornton‘s music! With Jakobi Meyers clearly the WR1, it’s time for Thornton to take on the WR2 role. DeVante Parker and Nelson Agholor are just simply not that guy. Thornton is. The Patriots drafted him early for a reason, and he is a straight burner. He scored twice on Sunday so look for his role to continue to grow as he recovers from his injury.

Adam Trautman, TE, Saints

Injury: Adam Trautman suffered a non-contact foot injury on Sunday.

Expected Return: The timeline and severity are still unknown. He is Questionable for Week 7.

Key Takeaway: 

Trautman’s role was small but has grown over the past couple of weeks with Andy Dalton. Now with an injury, and the likelihood of Jameis Winston returning, his value is basically faded now. It’s time for Juwan Johnson again. Johnson had 41 yards on Sunday off of four catches. This is a stat-line that should be familiar from here on out.

Kenny Pickett, QB, Steelers

Injury: Kenny Pickett suffered a concussion on Sunday.

Expected Return: He now enters concussion protocol and is Questionable for Week 7.

Key Takeaway: 

Concussion protocol these days is a bit more difficult. In years past, he would definitely be back out there in Week 7. But for now, we have to watch his progress through concussion protocol. He is clearly better for the team than Mitch Trubisky, so hopefully, he can clear concussion protocol before Sunday. If not, fade Steelers players for Week 7.

Cameron Brate, TE, Buccaneers

Injury: Cameron Brate suffered a head and neck injury on Sunday.

Expected Return: The x-rays were negative, and he enters concussion protocol which mkaes him Questionable for Week 7.

Key Takeaway: 

Rookie TE Cade Otton has 11 catches over the last three weeks. His role will be similar to how it was in Week 5 when he had six catches against the Falcons. He also has TD upside obviously as he’s a Buccaneers tight end. Otton had a 92-percent college dominator rating during his time at Washington and was drafted in the fourth round of this year’s draft.

Carson Wentz, QB, Commanders

Injury: Carson Wentz is battling all sorts of injuries.

Expected Return: He is currently Doubtful for Week 7.

Key Takeaway:

It’s looking like we will be seeing the Taylor Heinicke show next week! Heinicke had five 20+ fantasy point games last season and averaged 14.7 fantasy points per game across 16 games. He has rushing ability as well. Last season, he ran for 95 yards in Week 7 against the Packers. He is a serviceable option for the Commanders and superflex managers.