Malcolm Mitchell: Age vs. Athleticism

Why is Malcolm Mitchell being overlooked and just how good can he be as a professional football player?

Malcolm Mitchell’s senior season production and workout metrics from the Scouting Combine indicate that Mitchell is destined for NFL and fantasy football success.


Paul Perkins: More than Just a Guy?

Paul Perkins is is powerful, patient, good balance and is a competent receiver.

Perkins is currently the RB7 and 20th overall player in dynasty rookie drafts. I’ll be looking to get him at discount in the third.


In Defense of Laquon Treadwell

Laquon Treadwell underwhelmed across athletic measurables from Height-adjusted Speed Score to Burst Score to Agility Score.

While many positive other on-field abilities separate Laquon Treadwell from others in the 2016 WR class, Treadwell should be selected with confidence with the second overall pick in dynasty rookie drafts.


Will Fuller: First Round Pick, Fantasy Dud

Which NFL wide receiver role does Will Fuller fit best? Fuller looks like the typical stretch X receiver.

If you somehow convinced yourself that Will Fuller ceiling is outer space, his floor appears to be bottomless.


Good Michael Thomas vs. Bad Michael Thomas

Two wide receivers named Michael Thomas entered the NFL Draft, and you may be surprised which player has more potential at the NFL level.

The Good Michael Thomas was more productive at an earlier age, has demonstrated more all-around football capabilities throughout his college career, and equally athletic to the Bad Michael Thomas. Counterintuitively, the bigger, badder Michael Thomas projects to be an NFL slot receiver. Meanwhile, the forgotten Michael Thomas projects to be a versatile all-field NFL playmaker.


Best-value Rookie Running Backs: Tyler Ervin, Marshaun Coprich, and Daniel Lasco

After Ezekiel Elliott and Derrick Henry, it’s anybody’s guess as to which rookie RBs deserve to be ranked where before the NFL Draft takes place. That each runner brings such a unique skill-set to the field makes this class of backs both exciting and difficult to rank for fantasy purposes.

Tyler Ervin, Marshaun Coprich and Daniel Lasco are RBs who dynasty owners shouldn’t overlook in rookie drafts despite the relative lack of hype surrounding them. Depending on when they get drafted and by which teams, these three players could make for potentially game-changing late round rookie picks.


Rashard Higgins: When Production and Athleticism Clash

The metrics you value most will determine whether you draft Rashard Higgins or expect him to do little in the NFL.

Rashard Higgins’ history of production at the college level points to a future fantasy WR3 in all league formats.


Don’t Ever, Ever, Ever Buy Clive Walford, Ever

Somewhere between the beginning of the off-season and the time I’m typing this, Clive Walford has seen a dynasty ADP jump of nearly two rounds. There’s a good chance by the time you’re reading this, Walford will have been nominated Vice President under Donald Trump and, oh my God, there’s a glitch in the matrix! Walford is everywhere!

Clive Walford must overcome more obstacles to become fantasy viable, which is why Walford is currently prices above his ceiling in dynasty leagues.


Running Backs and the Power of Reception

Passing is more efficient than rushing in the NFL. In 2015, teams averaged 4.1 yards per rush attempt vs. 6.8 yards per pass — an incredible 2.7 yards per play difference.

Draft target magnet running backs. They are often in situations that maximize efficiency and their all-field skill sets makes them less dependent on game situation or touches in high leverage situations.


Kevin White and Breshad Perriman and the Value of Mystique

Kevin White and Breshad Perriman were hot prospects in the 2015 NFL Draft. Their dynasty values are now propped up by the mystique of the unknown.

White and Perriman compare more closely to Robert Meachem and Darrius Heyward-Bey than Sammy Watkins and Julio Jones.