How Jordan Reed Triggered the Great Tight End Fantasy Value Collapse of 2016

With only a marginal difference separating top tight ends from weekly streaming options, fantasy owners struggled to find success at the tight end position in 2016. Here we explain the apparent collapse of Value Over Stream (VOS) for tight ends in 2016.

Did Jordan Reed’s disappointing 2016 season significantly contribute to the tight end position’s depressed overall fantasy football value?


NFL Free Agency: The Perfect Fit Free Agent Signing For Every NFL Team

NFL Free Agency opens on Thursday, March 9th at 4:00 PM. Outlining optimal signings for each of the 32 NFL teams based on advanced stats & metrics profiles.

The ball will be in Jameis Winston hands, so it is imperative for the Buccaneers to find a compliment Mike Evans. Best fit? Slot man Robert Woods who is only 25-years old.


16 Cheap Players to Acquire Now in Fantasy Football Dynasty Leagues

Now is the time to open those trade talks or scour your waiver wire. While everyone has their eyes on the incoming rookie class, look to buy these current NFL players while their values are reduced. You can thank me later.

Kenny Britt’s +36.5-percent (No. 2) Target Premium on the Rams should be all you need to know to acquire Britt in all leagues before he eventually finds himself on a better offense. If you need another reason to buy look at Jared Cook’s playoff performance.


32 Fantasy Football Sleeper Breakout Candidates

Unable to match the Mike Clay’s article writing speed and efficiency (and proficiency), I remain committed to rage against the machine. I will rise up with deeper, edgier alternatives while staying even truer to the original premise identifying 32 alternative breakout sleepers from each team.

Wendall Williams looks like a more athletic Emmanuel Sanders in a vacuum. A college basketball player that was deemed too small to make the NBA and boasting superhero measurables, Williams went to Cumberlands College where he posted the highest yards per reception in the PlayerProfiler database.


Upside Down: Buy A.J. Green and his Air Yards in Fantasy Football

Our brains are extremely complex and can do some truly amazing things. Knowing this makes it all the more intriguing how easily our minds can be tricked into believing something that’s not necessarily rooted in the soundest of logic. There is perhaps no better example of this than the recency effect.

AJ Green finished tied for No. 17 in total Air Yards (700) on the season while only playing in 10 games. Such a mind boggling statistic makes AJ Green’s early ADP look upside down.


The Crow Rises: Isaiah Cowell’s Forgotten Fantasy Ascendance

While Duke Johnson is the Browns running back that everyone loves to talk about, fantasy gamers are ignoring how productive Isaiah Crowell was in 2016 with a full starter’s workload.

Isaiah Crowell’s talent profile and past usage indicates he is a better fantasy football value than Duke Johnson based on advanced stats & metrics profiles.

Best Draft Day Destinations for the Top 2017 Rookies in the NFL Draft

In 2015, it was DeVante Parker trying to overcome Ryan Tannehill’s ineptitude and in 2014 the Bills drafted Sammy Watkins, only to start Kyle Orton and E.J. Manuel in Watkins’ rookie campaign. Some of these players can still make their way into your weekly lineup, but wouldn’t it be nice if they wound up in situations where their skills were amplified?

Calvin Johnson’s retirement was even more detrimental than predicted. Detroit has made it clear that Stafford is their guy, but Stafford needs improved play on the outside in order for the Lions to do some damage in the playoffs. Enter: Mike Williams. A 6-3, 225 pound monster with a massive catch radius and elite ball skills.


Free Agent Terrelle Pryor Signing with the Tennessee Titans Needs to Happen

Terrelle Pryor may or may not sign with the Titans this offense but if he does he would no doubt see an exponential increase in efficiency due to Marcus Mariota and he would be in a prime position to replicate his target opportunity and become a top-5 wide receiver in fantasy football.

The only downside to a Marcus Mariota-Terrelle Pryor pairing is volume. The Titans threw only 533 times (No. 29) last season compared to the Browns’ 634 pass attempts (No. 7).


NFL Scouting Combine Measurables Testing: Does Hand Size Matter?

While a single skeleton key metric predicting future WR success does not exist, we can use the vast data in the PlayerProfiler database to create a a composite player profile, a fuller picture for fantasy gamers to better identify rookie sleepers and busts.

Hand size gets a lot of attention during the NFL Combine. How much does it actually affect performance on the field?


WR Prospect Regression Tree Analysis Identifies Underrated NFL Draft Prospects

Kevin Cole’s Wide Receiver Prospect Regression Tree uses advanced college stats and metrics-based production profiles to project NFL WR success rate.

Pay close attention to the top-12 prospects listed during the Combine and circle back to to see how their athleticism stacks up against their peers at the position as part of a full composite prospect profile.