DFS NFL Money Makers Week 14 | Break the Slate

by Jared Michelizzi · Strategy
DFS Week 14

Welcome to the DFS Week 14 Cash Game breakdown and picks article! If you’re new to this article or DFS cash games, please check out my 10 Rules To Live By article.

Last week really got things back on track. I’ve had an up and down few weeks in DFS Cash Games. Prior to last week, I went through a little stretch of breaking even on the two sites, winning on one while losing on the other. In Week 13, I was able to win on both sites and get a bit of a bankroll boost. I will take it as a sign of things to come. As the byes begin to wrap up, the edge will go up in Cash Games, as there will be more diversity again in lineups. We have a few byes left to deal with this week and then we are done with them for the rest of the year. This week has a nice diverse player pool to choose from. Let’s get into the Week 14 DFS Cash Game picks! 

Week 14 DFS Cash Game Picks:


Quarterback on FanDuel

The two sites are quite different this week at Quarterback. On FanDuel, with the increased salary cap and looser pricing, we can pay up without losing as much at the other positions. On FanDuel, our first pick is a familiar face:

Jalen Hurts $8800

Last week marked the first time all year Jalen Hurts wasn’t written up in this article. It proved to be the correct decision, as cheaper quarterbacks got the job done. That being said, Hurts is right back where he belongs this week. The other pay-up options clumped in the same salary range are Dak Prescott, Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes. All are viable options, but we have to make tough calls here.

With the added bonus of the Tush Push, Hurts gets an edge. Anytime the Eagles get the ball within two yards of the goal line, it is a guaranteed rushing touchdown for Hurts. Mahomes is a close second and if I have a lineup I love that is just $400 short, I will pivot to Mahomes. I don’t see a reason to pay down on FanDuel this week, but if you want to save some salary, the best option is Justin Fields at $7900. 

Quarterback on DraftKings

Over on DraftKings the options really open up. There are really three ways to go. Take one of the cheap options in Jake Browning or Baker Mayfield who both project well for their price. Take the best of the mid range with Fields or Prescott. Or pay all the way up for Hurts. I would actually be fine with any of these options and believe you can make a good lineup with any of them. To narrow things down let’s make some picks. 

Jake Browning $5200

When Joe Burrow went down, I never thought Jake Browning would make it into these picks. He has produced well, though, going for 29.66 DraftKings points last week. His weapons are also impressive. The ability to get the ball to Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd and let them do the rest is a luxury for Browning. If you don’t trust him, the next best options are Fields and then Dak Prescott.

Running Back

Zack Moss

FanDuel: $6800

DraftKings: $5900

Our first two running back slots are going to be identical to last week. Zack Moss was massive chalk last week and although he didn’t totally bust, he didn’t have a great game. Good. Let’s hope that keeps his ownership down for this week. His price has gone up, but not to where it would be if he wasn’t a replacement. His opportunity was outstanding last week.

Zack Moss Week 13 Game Log

I will let you look at the game log here for yourself but will point out the 8 Red Zone Carries and 94.3-percent Snap Share. That is elite usage and at his still depressed price, count me in. 

Christian McCaffrey

FanDuel: $10500

DraftKings: $9200

It has been a joy to watch Christian McCaffrey this year. Thank goodness he got out of Carolina last year. I shudder to think of him stuck in that disaster. On Draftkings, he is a must play. Over on FanDuel, he will be a bit harder to fit in, but you will surely want to try. His usage and efficiency metrics are common knowledge. He went for over 20 fantasy points last week. It simply comes down to finding the salary to put him in. Do your best to do so. 

Clyde Edwards-Helaire

FanDuel: $5500

DraftKings: $4200

I feel sick writing this. Clyde Edwards-Helaire has been a massive NFL bust. This week, though, Isiah Pacheco has already been announced out. With that news, CEH should get some work along with the aging Jerick McKinnon. The one thing CEH has going for him is he plays for the Chiefs in a game against the Bills that could easily turn into a shootout. Look into CEH on DraftKings where his price is so low you can plug him in and hope he gets you a few points. You hope the salary you save opens up enough points elsewhere to compensate if he does his usual nothing. If he does actually produce a semi-decent game, however, he would essentially be must have at his price point.


Rashee Rice

FanDuel: $6400

DraftKings: $5900

I was surprised but happy to see Rashee Rice wasn’t at the top of industry projections at wide receiver this week. He is at the top of my board, though. Rice has come on as the top wide receiver for the Chiefs. 

Rashee Rice Advanced Stats & Metrics 2023

Rice has had eight receptions per game the last two weeks and nine and 10 targets, respectively. As a rookie, I can only see his role growing. With Pacheco also being out, the Chiefs may throw more than normal this week. Everything comes up with Rice being a good play this week. The other option in this salary bucket is Garrett Wilson.

Keenan Allen

FanDuel: $8600

DraftKings: $8300

It’s a toss up this week as to the top wide receiver on the slate. If you take price out of the equation, I slightly lean CeeDee Lamb. The Dak to Lamb combo has been explosive over the last several weeks.

Keenan Allen, though, has been a monster in his own right. He had a down week last week with only nine Targets. The previous three weeks, he had 16, 16 and 14 targets. He has 138 targets (No. 1) on the season. If you don’t have enough salary cap to get up to Allen or Lamb, the next best option would be Chase at $7900 on FanDuel and $7600 on DraftKings. 


Isaiah Likely DraftKings ONLY $3500

Brevin Jordan got it done for us last week at the stone cold minimum. This week, we look to Isaiah Likely as the pay-down option on DraftKings. With Mark Andrews OUT, Likely has stepped into the lead tight end role for the Ravens. We are yet to see him have a big game; however, we know the potential is there. The biggest argument for Likely this week is that the position itself is weak. The other options considered in point-per-dollar context are just not very exciting. Fire up Likely and hope for a touchdown on DraftKings.

George Kittle FanDuel ONLY $6600

For FanDuel, the savings you get with Likely is just not significant enough to warrant the risk. Queue up George Kittle. Kittle has been enjoying a career resurgence this year. He is the beneficiary of a 5.9 Target Quality Rating (No. 2) along with nine Deep Targets (No. 1).

George Kittle Workout Metrics

Let us not forget about Kittle’s talent and athleticism. He scored above the 90th-percentile in key workout metrics (over 95-percent in 40-time, Speed Score, Agility Score and Catch Radius). As long as he continues to stay healthy, he should be at the top of the tight end rankings for years to come. If you need to save some salary at tight end on FanDuel, I would look to Jake Ferguson at $5700. He is having an outstanding second-year campaign and can easily pay off his price tag.


Cleveland Browns

FanDuel: $3800

DraftKings: $3000

Finally we get a decent price-point defense on FanDuel this week. If Trevor Lawrence is indeed out, this will be a lock button play. The Browns have been one of the best defenses in the league this year. Put them up against a backup quarterback and you have a recipe for success.

Even if Lawrence plays, he will be at least slowed by the ankle injury. Look no further than the Browns defense on both sites this weekend. 


For GPPs this week, I like firing up Josh Dobbs and some of the Vikings receivers. He is priced down after his struggles the last few weeks and has already shown a nice ceiling. The matchup with the Raiders is a good one and he will get to play with Justin Jefferson for the first time. I don’t think a run back is necessary, but adding Davante Adams into the mix is never a bad idea. 

My other tournament lineups are going to be littered with Bills/Chiefs stacks. Typically, I build through my cash builds and swap in lower owned plays. This week, I will be diverting quite a bit from the cash lineup and build around stacks. Good luck this week!