• Height
    5' 10"
  • Weight
    216 lbs
  • BMI
    31.0 (71st)
Isiah Pacheco headshot
  • Draft Pick
    7.30 2022
  • College
  • Age
  • College Dominator
    26.5% (58th)
  • College YPC
    4.1 (6th)
  • College Target Share
    6.7% (47th)
  • SPARQ-x
    133.9 (96th)

Isiah Pacheco Bio

Isiah Pacheco was a 3-star prospect from Vineland South high school in Vineland, NJ where he played running back, quarterback, and defensive back. Being a native of New Jersey he committed to Rutgers over offers from other programs. He cemented that decision in order to support his family after the sudden unexpected passing of his brother and sister. Pacheco would go on to be one of Rutgers most prolific rushers. Read More

Isiah Pacheco College Stats

Year Games Rush Atts Rush Yrds TDs Rec Rec Yrds Tgt Share Age School
2018 11 (RB) 111 551 (3 tds) 3 2 (4 tgts) 11 1.1% - Rutgers
2019 2 (RB) 35 137 (1 tds) 2 6 (7 tgts) 16 6.8% - Florida State
2020 9 (RB) 116 515 (3 tds) 4 19 (26 tgts) 130 8.2% - Rutgers
2021 - (RB) 167 647 (5 tds) 5 13 (19 tgts) 25 4.8% - Rutgers

Isiah Pacheco ADP

Average Draft Position (2022)
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18.12 Pick
RB85 Rank

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Who is Isiah Pacheco

On a terrible Rutgers team, he had over 550 yards as a freshman. He took the starting job as a sophomore and continued to start over the next three years. Isiah was continuously used as both a rusher and a pass catcher, which demonstrated his all-purpose back skillset. Totaling only 2,449 career rushing yards and 249 receiving yards, Pacheco's stats do not tell the whole story. His game film illustrated that he was a decent receiver and an efficient rusher given how awful the offensive line was.

At the Combine, he came in at 5-10 216 lbs and put up a 4.37 40 time which equated to a 98th percentile Speed Score. Isiah Pacheco was selected in the 7th round of the 2022 NFL Draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. He’s a grinder back with elite speed and almost no draft capital. It’s an upward battle against CEH and Ronald Jones, who’s also a grinder.

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