Break The Slate | DFS Money Makers Week 4

by Jared Michelizzi · Strategy

Welcome to the Week 4 DFS Cash Game breakdown and picks article! If you’re new to this article or DFS cash games, please check out my ’10 Rules to Live By’ article.

Week 3 was another smashing success for the PlayerProfiler DFS cash game content. One thing I would like to highlight is the ability to use the cash game content for tournaments. Even if you don’t play cash games, this content will benefit you. First, when you analyze the projection, price, and matchup, cash game plays should be the best plays on the slate. From there, what you have to decide is whether you think the player’s upside outweighs their ownership. Ask yourself, will the player succeed in this spot more often than the percentage that they are owned.

Also, make sure to pay attention to the bonus GPP content. Last week, I called for the Chargers/Vikings stack. My thought was that even though it had the highest O/U on the slate by a wide margin, it would still come in under-owned relative to its success rate. The idea was that people sometimes outsmart themselves and don’t play a game that gets a lot of hype. If enough people think that way, it lowers ownership enough to make it a good play. I used a stack from the Chargers/Vikings game along with cash game plays around it to take down a GPP.

On to the Week 4 Cash Game Picks.

Week 4 DFS Cash Game Picks:


Anthony Richardson

FanDuel: $7600

DraftKings $6700

Anthony Richardson missed last week due to a concussion. Prior to him going down early in the game two weeks ago, he had two rushing touchdowns and was well on his way to putting up his first elite fantasy performance of his career. I love rushing quarterbacks in cash games as it provides an excellent floor with the elite upside we need. Since Richardson is still a rookie and hasn’t proven it yet, we are getting him at a significant discount.

Anthony Richardson Advanced Rushing Stats & Metrics

Richardson leads quarterbacks in points per drop back .78 (No. 1), Red Zone Carries 6 (No. 1), and rushing touchdowns 3 (No. 1). The game this week against the Rams has shootout potential and is jam packed with upside. Fire up Richardson confidently.

Russel Wilson

FanDuel: $7500

DraftKings: $5800

For the first time this season, I won’t have a pay-up option in this article. It’s not that I don’t like Jalen Hurts or Josh Allen. I, of course, do, but I am going to want my salary this week for wide receiver. Between Russell Wilson and Richardson, I am going Richardson on FanDuel where their salaries are about equal.

On DraftKings, where Wilson is significantly cheaper than any other viable signal caller, it is a much closer call.

Running Back

Miles Sanders

FanDuel: $6600

DraftKings: $5800

There aren’t nearly as many consensus plays this week between the two websites. Running back, though, does have some players that appear to be optimal on both sites. Enter Miles Sanders. The Vikings defense is leaky, and their games have all been high-scoring. There is no reason to expect anything different this week. With a good price and a role as a feature back, fire up Sanders this Sunday.

Kyren Williams

FanDuel: $7600

DraftKings: $6000

Kyren Williams‘ price on DraftKings was the first salary that caught my eye this week. He is just way too cheap for his production and role. With Cam Akers being shipped out to Minnesota, there is no doubt that this is Williams’ backfield.

Williams has a Snap Share of 90.1% (No. 1), 19 Targets (No. 2), and 89 Routes Run (No. 1). He also is getting the goal line work. As the week has gone on, his price on FanDuel has become more palatable to me as well.


Davante Adams

FanDuel: $8100

DraftKings: $8000

Davante Adams is making another appearance here in the cash game article. He had an absolute monster day last week, checking in with 20 Targets and a 13-172-2 stat line. He played in the Sunday Night game, so his price went up a whopping $100. The one issue with Adams is if Jimmy Garoppolo ends up being out. With Garoppolo in, he is a stone-cold lock. If Garoppolo ends up not playing, I would bump Chase and Allen above him.

Keenan Allen DK ONLY $7900

Not sure what the pricing guys at DraftKings were thinking on this one. FanDuel, on the other hand, priced Keenan Allen up to a well-deserved salary of $9500. If I said Adams had a monster day, I don’t know how to even come up with a word for Allen’s day.

He also had 20 targets and a 18-215-0 stat line. With Mike Williams now out for the season, even more target share in this offense is up for grabs. Don’t get caught without Allen on DraftKings

Ja’Marr Chase

FanDuel: $8200

DraftKings: $7800

Ja’Marr Chase finally got things going last week and looked like the elite wide receiver season-long players drafted. There are still very serious concerns about Joe Burrow, but Chase’s price remaining depressed should alleviate those to a degree. Just like the previous two receivers, he had a massive 15 targets. Also like Allen, he didn’t get in the end zone. Add a touchdown to his 12-141 numbers, and he would have eclipsed 35 Fantasy Points on DraftKings.


This is another ugly week at tight end. Slates are always drastically different at the tight end position with or without Kelce. With no Kelce on the main slate, T.J. Hockenson is the most expensive tight end on the board. I love Hockenson as a player and might give him a shot in tournaments, but he is too expensive for cash games.

The projections are popping George Kittle as the top tight end this week. I don’t trust Kittle in cash games. The projections on Kittle are also going to come down once/if Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk are confirmed in. Mark Andrews is another option if you want to bet on this being the week he re-emerges as an elite tight end.

Gerald Everett Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

It looks to me like the best range, particularly on DraftKings, is the low 3k range. I didn’t pick one specific player because I really don’t feel strongly about any of them. The best options are Gerald Everett, Zach Ertz, and Dalton Kincaid. If you have a few hundred more to spend after you plug in everything else, consider going up to Pat Freiermuth.


Cleveland Browns

FanDuel: $4300

DraftKings: $2900

Believeland! The Cleveland Browns have quietly been stellar on defense so far this year.

They have held two of their three opponents to 3 points. On DraftKings, at $2900, they are clearly the best play for cash this week. On FanDuel, they aren’t a lock but still a very solid play.

Denver Broncos

FanDuel: $3900

DraftKings: $3700

I strongly prefer to hang out at the bottom in cash games when I can. However, there are no suitable options this week at the bottom of the defensive salary pool. If you can’t find the salary to get up the Browns, you can save a few bucks by using the Denver Broncos. They go up against the hapless Chicago Bears. The Broncos are on the road, but the Bears have been bad enough that I am not overly concerned with giving up the home field advantage we normally target.


Apologies for the late release of the article this week. The upside is the plays are a little more fleshed out, and there will be less movement between now and Sunday. For the bonus GPP, I will mention the Dolphins-Bills game. I don’t feel the same way about this one as I did about the Vikings-Chargers last week. Although in a similar spot with an O/U 5 points higher than any other game on the slate, I don’t see the same upside in the traditional stacks as that game had. Instead, if you are going to play this game, do it through ONE of the Dolphin’s running backs or James Cook to differentiate your stacks.

Make sure to check out Kelly Singh’s video here for more DFS Content as she has been crushing early on as well. Lastly, remember to join us in the DFS Channel on Discord for the latest information.