BetOpenly Week 1 NFL Picks

by Billy Muzio, TREVOR TIPTON and Ahaan Rungta · Betting & Props

This is the first in a weekly series that will feature betting picks from BetOpenly. This article features an explanation of what the platform is and how to use it. There will also be some BetOpenly Week 1 NFL Picks as well!

An Introduction to BetOpenly

BetOpenly is a peer-to-peer sports betting platform that allows users to bet against each other rather than against the house. This means that users can get better odds and lower fees than they would at a traditional sportsbook. It allows you to win more and lose less. 

Here are some of the advantages of BetOpenly over traditional sportsbooks:

  • Better odds: BetOpenly users can get better odds because they are betting against each other rather than against the house. This is because the house always has an edge in traditional sportsbooks, which means that they need to take a cut of every bet to make a profit.
  • Lower fees: BetOpenly charges a flat fee of 1% of the total bet, which is much lower than the fees charged by traditional sportsbooks. At BetOpenly, our technology-driven approach and low overhead costs allow us to offer odds that indeed favor the player.
  • More transparency: BetOpenly is a fully transparent platform, meaning users can see the odds and fees for every bet before they place it. This is only sometimes the case with traditional sportsbooks, making it difficult for users to compare odds and fees.
  • More control: BetOpenly gives users more control over their betting experience. Users can choose the odds they want to bet on, the amount they wish to bet, and the other users they want to bet against. This is not always the case with traditional sportsbooks, which may limit the number of odds and betting options available.
  • Dynamic Social Features: BetOpenly understands that sports betting is not just a transaction but a social experience. Hence, we have embedded social features that allow you to compete with friends, join betting communities, and even share your victories on social media. Traditional sports books may isolate you, but BetOpenly brings the joy of collective engagement to the forefront.

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More Transparency

BetOpenly is a more transparent and fair way to bet on sports. If you are looking for the best odds and lowest fees, then BetOpenly is the best option for you.

Here are some additional advantages of BetOpenly:

  • No withdrawal fees: BetOpenly does not charge any fees for withdrawing money.
  • 24/7 customer support: BetOpenly offers 24/7 customer support if you have any questions or problems.
  • Secure and regulated: BetOpenly is a secure and regulated platform, so you can be confident that your money is safe.

If you want a new way to bet on sports, check out BetOpenly. It is a great way to get better odds, lower fees with only 1% Juice, and more control over your betting experience.

Trevor’s Picks

Tyler Lockett Sea Over 56.5 Receiving Yards 

Tyler Lockett is a two-time Pro Bowl receiver who has averaged 72.1 receiving yards per game over the past three seasons. He is a dangerous deep threat who can also make plays after the catch. In his last game against the Rams, Lockett caught nine passes for 128 yards and a touchdown. The Rams no longer have a good defense, which we will break down below. 

Here are some specific reasons why I think Lockett will have a big game:

  • The Seahawks have said publicly they are committed to throwing the ball more this season. 
  • Lockett is a matchup nightmare for the Rams’ cornerbacks. He is too fast for the slower corners and too big for the smaller corners.
  • The Los Angeles Rams team is currently starting eight new members on this defense, which projects one of the worst secondaries this season. They have eight un-tested rookies/UDFA’s and late-round picks. 
  • The Rams have a good pass rush but are also susceptible to giving up big plays down the field. Lockett is a big-play threat and will have a chance to make some big plays against the Rams.

Rachaad White Over 46 Rushing Yards 

Rachaad White is the starting running back for the Buccaneers in Week 1, and he is a talented player who has the potential to break off big plays. He is a patient runner who can find the holes in the defense and has good speed and elusiveness. The Vikings have a decent rushing defense, but they could be better. This could give White some opportunities to get extra yards after contact.

Here are some additional reasons why White could rush for over 46 yards this week:

  • He is their bell cow back, and we project him for 14 carries for 65 yards.
  • The Vikings allowed 123.1 yards per game last season and were also one of the most penalized defenses in the league.
  • The Vikings have a new defensive coordinator in Ed Donatell, known for his aggressive style. This could lead to more opportunities for White to break off big runs.

Ahaan’s Picks

Seahawks -5.5

The Rams will be without their No. 1 wide receiver, Cooper Kupp, and have been one of the most inefficient offenses in the NFL in the Matthew Stafford era on snaps where Kupp is off the field. Their defense also took a massive hit this offseason, losing safeties Taylor Rapp and Nick Scott, interior defenders A’Shawn Robinson and Greg Gaines, and cornerback Troy Hill.

On the other hand, the Seahawks took a major step forward this offseason after a solid season from Geno Smith, where he ranked No. 8 in the NFL in adjusted yards per attempt and No. 4 in true completion percentage. Seattle added depth at every defensive position as well and counter the Rams’ one strength (Aaron Donald) with a top-ten offensive line. The Seahawks should expose the Rams’ declining roster early and use their strong rushing duo of Kenneth Walker III and Zach Charbonnet to control the tempo of the game and hold a big lead.

David Njoku over 35.5 receiving yards

In Deshaun Watson’s six games last year, he was one of the least efficient quarterbacks in the NFL. Still, in the five games that David Njoku played as well, the athletic tight end averaged 32.8 receiving yards per game. Now, he gets a game script and matchup to maximize his volume. Vegas has this game projected at 48.5 total points and a 2.5-point spread in favor of the Cincinnati Bengals, suggesting the Browns will need to pass the ball to keep pace with their division rivals. Additionally, the Bengals allowed the seventh-most receiving yards per game to tight ends last year and the most significant changes they made to their defense core were drafting edge rusher Myles Murphy and cornerback DJ Turner. That should force Watson to have to look to Njoku as a safety valve instead of force the ball to his top wideouts like Amari Cooper.

Billy’s Picks

Philidelphia Eagles

According to sports book odds, the Eagles are favored to beat the Patriots. Even though the Patriots boast a strong defense, the Eagles’ offense, led by Jalen Hurts, has showcased the ability to score against any team. The Patriots’ offense, which hasn’t been at its peak, may face challenges against the Eagles.

Note: The images above compare a parlay made on DraftKings vs a similar parlay that was made on BetOpenly. 

With New England relying heavily on their defense this season, the dynamic Eagles offense will likely pose a significant challenge for them as they kick off the season.

Los Andeles Chargers -2.5

Oddsmakers give the Los Angeles Chargers a -3 edge against the Miami Dolphins. Last season saw the Dolphins slowed by injuries to their quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa. Now, with Tua fit and firepower from Hill and Waddle, they’re set for a robust onset. The Chargers, shaking off a wild card upset, have backed Justin Herbert with a hefty salary and kept Austin Ekeler onboard. A key figure is Kellen Moore, previously the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator from 2019-22. Under Moore, the Cowboys topped the NFL in offense in 2021, boasting stellar numbers in total and scoring offense. Across his four-year tenure as coordinator, Dallas averaged second in total offense and points, showcasing both strong passing and rushing ranks. As the Chargers face the Dolphins, Moore’s strategic prowess could be game-changing.