SFB11 RotoUnderworld Leaderboard – Week 1

by Ray Marzarella · Fantasy Football

We have a DREAM and a VISION here at UNDERWORLD ENTERPRISES. That’s to help YOU win at fantasy football, while also teaching ourselves to properly analyze and fully understand this wacky, wonderful game of American football.

That said, while only ONE of us can win THE SCOTT FISH BOWL (#SFB11), we hope that it’s somebody with a deep connection to the Underworld.

Join me this season for a weekly in-depth look at how we at the Enterprise are faring in this, the largest fantasy football tournament in the history of existence. And by in-depth, I mean as in-depth as I feel/am able to. Given my responsibilities as EDITOR IN CHIEF of both PlayerProfiler and The Breakout Finder, you get what you get.

Who Will Take Down #SFB11?

Will it be one of our core members?

“THE E(ditor) I(n) C(hief)” Ray Ray Marz (@rayraymarz)

“THE PODFATHER” Matt Kelley (@fantasy_mansion)

“THE ROOSTER” Cody Carpentier (@CarpentierNFL)

“THE D(irector) O(f) A(nalytics)” Josh Larky (@jlarkytweets)

Will it be one of our talented summer interns?

Jessie Dombrowski (@ffb_jessie)

Neel Gupta (@neel2112)

Michael O’Connor (@moconnor_0713)

Will it be one of our many FRIENDS OF THE UNDERWORLD (at least those with us affiliated in their team name)?

Nick Coder (@NickCoder)

Hilal Chami (@hjchami)

Eric McClung (@ericmcclung)

Jay Felicio (@gmenjay)

Dan Turner (@eagledanff)

Alex Johnson (@a_johnsonff)

Will it be one of our many talented writers?

Jakob Sanderson (@FF_RTDB)

“THE MAD CHATTER” Ryan MK (@RMKmadness)

“THE SALARY CAP-TAIN” Aaron Stewart (@aaronstew09)

“THE EARLY DOWN GRINDER” Chris Buonagura (@valuedraftpicks)

Al Scherer (@al_scherer)

Sean McClure (@spmcclure89)

Corbin Young (@corbinyoung_21)

Chase Vernon (@FF_Intervention)

Joshua Kellem (@joshuakellem)

Matt Dunleavy (@mrkong90)

Steve “no not that one” Smith (@stevenr_smith)

Taylor Williams (@tjwillz31)

Tyler Strong (@tylerstrong95)

Ikey Azar (@IkeyAzar)

Nick Tabs (@ntabs33)

Theo Gremminger (@TheOGfantasy)

Or will the winner come from the Breakout Finder side of the fence?

Nate Liss (@AnOutragedJew)

Ryan Lopes (@StillRyanFive)

Lane Mitchell (@lanemitchell96)

Casey Gruarin (@casey_g14)

Ryan Cummings (@FFDizzle)

Sam Bijou (@SamDarrelBFF)

Corey Pereira (@FF_Guitarist)

Britt Sanders (@TheFFSandman)

JM Viator (@thedraftgenius)

Adam Lewis (@admlewis)

Erik Davey (@erik_davey)

Week 1

Once Week 1 is over and the leaderboards begin to show up, it will be a lot easier to generate actual and actionable content for this series. But for now, a few general and team-specific thoughts.

I hope you listened to all of our stacking advice this summer, because it certainly helped a number of teams come out swinging. For some context, two teams in my conference are already at or near 100 total points after game stacking the opener. One had a Dak Prescott/Amari Cooper/Antonio Brown combination going (with Blake Jarwin also starting and Michael Gallup on the bench). The other had a Cooper/Tom Brady/Rob Gronkowski pairing.

In a number of home leagues, I still contend with many people telling me that they don’t want too much exposure to one team in a given season, or one game in a given week. These people shall not classified as woke. My wife and I have been team stacking since before it was even considered cool here at the Underworld.

Granted we would be singing a different tune had that game gone sideways and failed to deliver. But if we thought that would happen, we wouldn’t have been shouting from the rooftops to start all your Bucs and Cowboys this week.

And granted, there are likely more than a few teams who had some combination of Ezekiel Elliott/Michael Gallup/Ronald Jones/Mike Evans in their starting lineups, ESPECIALLY in a field as large as #SFB11. To them I say the process is obviously still correct. Every sign imaginable pointed to this being a poor matchup for Zeke, especially once he lost most of his offensive line, and Jarwin’s awful blocking 1,000-percent cost him what would’ve been one of the easiest touchdowns of his life.

What I’m trying to say is, I have Zeke in WAY too many leagues to be worried yet. I simply have no time for it.

I DID start Gallup and his 7.10 points in my #SFB11 lineup though, and I did just lose Curtis Samuel to short-term (hopefully) IR. So it’s not all roses and gelato on my end (editors note: I don’t think that’s a real phrase. Fuck it, I’m rolling with it anyway). It does, however, allow me to put my money (and Larky’s money) where my (our) mouth(s) is (are) and start Ty Johnson in my final Flex spot.

Since I’m fairly certain Johnson is the most-rostered player among this Underworld and Friends grouping (at least that’s what I’d put my money on), it will make the victory lap that much sweeter once everyone discovers that he is, in fact, the truth.