Fantasy League Winners at Every Position

by Dean Wilkins · Draft Strategy
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“You’re My Boy Blue”

When it comes to fantasy football, finding those gems that can turn your season around is an art. As we gear up for another exhilarating fantasy football season, it’s time to unveil my top picks for each position that will shine brightly and secure their spots in the top-5 of their respective positions. These are the players I’m locking in as the core of my teams, regardless of format. Get ready to elevate your draft strategy with my Fantasy Truthers.

Tyreek Hill, WR – MIA: Speed, Skill, and Destiny

Starting off at the wide receiver position, the spotlight falls on the electrifying Tyreek Hill, now making waves in Miami. In the dynamic passing attack of Mike McDaniel’s offense, Hill is poised to achieve a legendary 2,000-yard season. I’m standing strong in my belief that Hill will defy odds and expectations. With 170 targets already under his belt in his first year within this offense, he’s on a trajectory that simply can’t be ignored. Look for him to get 200 targets this season.

Offensive Environment

Tua Tagovailoa, Miami’s determined quarterback, displayed his potential by amassing 3,500 yards in just 13 games last season. Even in Tua’s absence, Hill’s performance remained impressive, showcasing his adaptability with different quarterbacks. Now, he has a potential ace up his sleeve in backup QB Mike White, a Florida native who has shown promise in his starts in the past.

With Miami adding some diverse skillsets in the backfield and passing game, Hill will face less defensive attention.  Plus, Waddle’s abdominal injury could be a lingering issue throughout the season. Hill’s audacious claim of 2,000 yards on the season resonates as a bucket-list goal of his that I’m eagerly anticipating him to fulfill. While he’s a worthy first-round pick, his true value emerges for dynasty contenders, demanding no less than two 2024 first-round picks in exchange.

Trade Bait Recommendations:

  • R. Bateman + ’24 1st
  • Kupp + ’24 3rd
  • Any Rookie 3rd Round Receiver + 1st

Darren Waller, TE – NYG: Tight End Phenomenon

Shifting gears to the tight end position, the spotlight now falls on the remarkable Darren Waller of the New York Giants. Waller not only earns a top spot at tight end but is also my favorite fantasy player. This season, he’s poised to redefine the game, particularly in tight end premium leagues. He is an undisputed must-draft across all formats. Show some respect for the guy who takes it one day at a time.

A tight end’s value is often derived from being a pivotal target for their team’s offense. Waller’s position as a prime target, coupled with an anticipated 200-target season, holds promise for fantasy gold. The Giants’ heavy reliance on two-tight-end sets only solidifies Waller’s place in the limelight.

Offensive Environment

With a revamped receiving corps and the presence of the electrifying Saquon Barkley, Waller’s opportunities will multiply. Noteworthy here is Waller’s youthfulness, having played no more than 6 games per season in his initial years, indicating he can sustained performance across the full season.

An unfortunate stint under a different coaching scheme is now water under the bridge as Waller steps into a setting that acknowledges his prowess. A fourth-round pick for Waller might just be the league-winning move that propels you to victory.

Trade Bait Recommendations:

  • G. Everett + ’24 1st
  • L. Musgrave + J. Ferguson + ’24 3rd
  • G. Dulcich + J. Mingo

Cam Akers, RB – LAR: Emerging As A Fantasy Workhorse

In the realm of fantasy football, a crucial strategy often involves unearthing running backs who are poised for heavy usage despite playing on less competitive teams. It’s just a bonus that Cam Akers is entering a contract year. Akers is set to be a standout performer this season, and here’s why he’s capturing the attention of astute fantasy managers.

In a league where injuries are a constant concern, securing a running back who’s positioned for extensive usage can be a game-changer. Akers embodies this concept. With minimal competition behind him, the door is wide open for him to dominate snaps and touches. Week 18 of the previous year showcased Akers’ ability to take on a monumental 100 percent snap percentage, solidifying his role as a true workhorse.

Offensive Environment

In the event of unforeseen setbacks like Stafford and Kupp encountering injury issues, Akers is more than equipped to shoulder a heavier load. A capable backup, Stetson Bennett, combined with McVay’s offense, ensures that the Rams’ offensive play percentage won’t plummet significantly. This steadiness provides fantasy managers with an added layer of security when investing in Akers.

Akers enters this season with the added incentive of playing for a contract, a motivating factor that often propels running backs to exceptional performances. Regardless of his team affiliation next season, history shows that running backs tend to showcase their most determined and impactful play when vying for a contract. This heightened motivation is a compelling factor in Akers’ potential breakout.

Recognizing Akers as a true three-down back with the potential to amass over 1,500 yards positions him as a valuable addition to your roster. The beauty lies in his draft availability, often found in the later rounds (around 6th to 8th). This makes him an enticing zero-hero running back target, especially considering the Rams’ improved offensive outlook.

Trade Bait Recommendations:

  • A. Pierce + ’24 1st
  • D. Harris + R. Doubs + ’24 2nd
  • ’24 1st

Trevor Lawrence QB – JAX: The “Golden Boy”

What do I seek in a quarterback? Staying aligned with the overarching theme of this article, I’m firmly inclined towards Trevor Lawrence. In both redraft and best-ball formats, I’m eagerly securing Lawrence during rounds 7 to 9. The driving force behind this preference lies in his dual-threat capabilities.

In his third season with the Jaguars, Lawrence finds himself seamlessly adapting to Coach Pederson’s modern run motion offense. What’s more, his arsenal receives an exhilarating upgrade with the addition of potent assets. The inclusion of a between-the-tackles powerhouse in Tank Bigsby and the game-changing signing of the alpha receiver Calvin Ridley significantly amplify Lawrence’s potential.

Offensive Environment

The Jaguars, now fortified with an underappreciated receiving corps and robust tight-end options, emerge as strong contenders within their division. Anticipate crucial matchups that promise high stakes and intense competition deep into the season.

For those contemplating a Lawrence-focused strategy, I propose an intriguing addition—stacking him with his secondary or tertiary targets. Christian Kirk is a formidable option, while my personal favorite, Zay Jones, carries immense potential to complement Lawrence’s output.

Trade Bait Recommendations

Time For Drafts

It’s time for all kinds of fantasy drafts. Go acquire these league-winners. If you are in a dynasty league, you should go acquire them ahead of their monster seasons. Each is an elite talent in an offense that is going to set them up for success, and each is sure to land at the top of the scoring leaders at their respective position by season’s end.