Break The Slate | DFS Money Makers Week 7

by Jared Michelizzi · Strategy

Welcome to the Week 7 DFS Cash Game breakdown and picks article! If you’re new to this article or DFS cash games, please check out my ’10 Rules to Live By’ article.

We are back on track! After a bit of a down week in Week 6 things really came together last week. I again want to call people’s attention to discord. Prior to Sunday, I posted both my projections optimal lineup as well as the lineup I was considering playing at the time. Luckily, I ended up sticking with that lineup, and it had a great score sweeping cash games as well as placing in the GPP I entered it into. 

Winning FanDuel Lineup from week 6 on left Discord Post on right.

As you can see on the left side is my FanDuel Cash game lineup I entered on the site. On the right is my Discord post from Sunday at 12:50AM. I am hoping to get a few more of you in discord asking questions and sharing your thoughts. One of our PlayerProfiler community members, miked, has been there all year and has great thoughts to share with people. We are stronger as a community, so let’s build this thing up! 

On to the week 7 DFS cash game picks! 

Week 7 DFS Cash Game Picks:


Geno Smith

FanDuel: $7000

DraftKings $6000

I believe this is Geno Smith‘s first time in the article this year. I give him credit. He is doing it in style. Smith pops as the highest rated quarterback this week in my model. He also is currently the quarterback that comes up on both sites when I run the optimal lineup with my projections. Seattle is going up against the pathetic Arizona Cardinals pass defense currently rated No. 31 in DVOA. He has some impressive weapons at wide receiver in D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, and I am still expecting a breakout from Jaxon Smith-Njigba. I know Geno isn’t the sexiest name, but the analytics are undeniable for him here.  

Lamar Jackson

FanDuel: $7000

DraftKings $7600

If you don’t feel comfortable with Smith (which I do understand), I would look to Lamar Jackson. He grades out particularly well on FanDuel as the second rated quarterback in my model. It is not a slam dunk though as Detroit’s defense has been better than advertised, only allowing 3.3 Yard Per Carry (No. 2) and 5.7 Yards Per Pass Attempt (No. 6).

The game has a 43 total, but I could see this turning into a shootout. Regardless, with Jackson’s rushing floor, he won’t be the reason you lose and definitely has the upside you need to win. 

Running Back

Josh Jacobs

FanDuel: $8000

DraftKings: $7400

It was about this time last year that Josh Jacobs really turned it on. He is the only running back that I can fully endorse for both sites this week. It would make sense for there to be a lot of rushing attempts in this game as the passing game could be really ugly with both teams starting unproven rookie backup quarterbacks. 

Jahmyr Gibbs

FanDuel: $6200

DraftKings: $6300

This is one we will need to monitor the news on. David Montgomery is likely to miss this game. Jahmyr Gibbs himself has been dealing with a hamstring injury which is always scary. It appears Gibbs is set to return this week, but again we will need to monitor the news and make sure that is the case.

The other concern would be he is not going to get a full workload coming back from the injury. Keep an ear out for information as it comes out, and if he appears to be a full go then fire him up. We are yet to truly see his explosiveness and a big game from Gibbs, but anyone who has tracked his career knows it is coming. 


Zay Flowers

FanDuel: $6300

DraftKings: $5700

This is my preferred pass catcher to go with Jackson this week. Zay Flowers has been very steady this year averaging 13.2 fantasy points per game (No. 25). There are not any advanced stats that pop off the page, but he is projecting above his average in my projections at 14.02 fantasy points. He only has one touchdown on the year so far, but as a rookie I expect his production to only trend up from here. I was happy to see he is also popping up on every build I ran on our cash game optimizer

Other Wide Receiver Options

I do not have another sure-fire play at wide receiver this week. The players I have interest in though are as follows. Josh Palmer on DraftKings at $4800. This game has the highest game total at 48. You need to find a way to get a piece of this game one way or another. Ideally, at least one player from each team. 

I would love to play Cooper Kupp this week, but his salary of $9500 on DraftKings and $9700 on FanDuel make that very difficult. The value of Wan’Dale Robinson at $3800 on DK sticks out. The only thing that prevented me from locking him in is he really hasn’t shown any ceiling with his 5.6 Yards Per Target (No. 78).

As I like Geno Smith, I’m looking at trying to get to one of his receivers. On FanDuel, Smith-Njigba is intriguing at $4900.

Jaxon Smith-Njigba Advanced Stats & Metrics 2023

I also am interested in Tyler Lockett at $6800 on FanDuel and $6000 on DraftKings. Out of the Seattle receivers I, of course, like DK Metcalf the most, but his price is a little steep on both sites. 


Travis Kelce

FanDuel: $8500

DraftKings: $8000

There is no doubt Travis Kelce is the best tight end in the game. The question always revolves around his salary. As I mentioned earlier, I want to get a piece of this game. This is the best way to do it on both sites. Fire up Kelce this week. 


New York Giants

FanDuel: $3400

DraftKings: $3000

The Giants are the best bargain defense this week. I don’t love it, and it is strictly a salary relief play. In order to pay up at other positions, you need to find some salary savings somewhere and this is a good spot. The hope here is the Commanders make some mistakes and maybe you catch lightning in a bottle and somehow get a defensive touchdown. 


This is a tough week. It may make sense to slightly scale back your play this week and save your bankroll for a week where things are a little more settled. With that being said, if you are here reading this article, you likely love fantasy football and DFS. Shoot your best shot! 

For GPPs, I like a few different games this week. I like the Detroit/Baltimore game, but I wouldn’t double stack with a run back. I would probably stick with a quarterback, one receiver, and the running backs on the Detroit side. On the flip side I would double stack the Chiefs/Chargers game. Another way I would get unique in that game is to pair the quarterback with his running back.

Good luck this week!