Dynasty Buys and Sells Week 7 with the Trade Gods

by Jason Allwine · Dynasty Leagues

This is Dynasty Buys and Sells Week 7! Which players should you be looking to buy and sell this week?

Buy Kenny Pickett

It is never easy talking yourself into buying a player that hasn’t even scored 20 points yet this season. Additionally, he is on an offense that doesn’t look great. However, I am calling this the floor for Kenny Pickett.

There are only a few metrics that he has popped in so far this year, but keep in mind that he has the No. 5 most Pressured Throws with the No. 2 worst Protection Rate. So, to see that he is still No. 3 in Play Action Completion percentage, No. 8 in Under Pressure Accuracy Rating, No. 5 in Pressured Catchable Pass Rate, and No. 6 in Production Premium is extremely encouraging. He’s also averaging one less carry per game than he did in 2022. I think that the rushing ability will begin to be showcased a bit more as the season goes on.

Draft Capital

Also, while it is never the prettiest season, the Steelers always find themselves within playoff contention and with mid to late round draft capital. Therefore, it is likely that either Kenny Pickett will lead the Steelers to the playoffs and establish himself as the franchise QB, or the Steelers will barely miss the playoffs but won’t have the draft capital to truly replace Kenny Pickett. Either way, he is going to be the starter for at least 2024 with a real argument that he should at least finish out his rookie contract. Let’s face it, he’s not playing that bad.

Pickett finds himself in the realm of Derek Carr, Russell Wilson, and Baker Mayfield – a world he should not be a part of. If you can offload any of those QBs for him in dynasty, you absolutely should. His price is low for a QB even in Superflex. You may not get the most points out of him. However, he’s certainly an excellent QB3 with upside that should stick for around for at least a couple more seasons at worst. Buy him NOW because his weapons are starting to get healthy. Additionally, if the Steelers find themselves in playoff contention, like they should, then the hype will surely start to build around him.

Sell Justin Herbert

Ladies and gentlemen, I am doing it again. I am calling the top of the market for a player that probably shouldn’t be sold. In the first Trade Gods article series, I recommended selling Christian McCaffrey. This time around, I am going to recommend selling current QB1 in PPG- Justin Herbert. As much as I hate to do it, I think this is about as high of a return anyone will ever be able to get for him. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to sell him for a haul- you should.

This season, Justin Herbert has been incredible. He doesn’t have a single game under 20 fantasy points and is top 10 in basically every meaningful passing metric. This isn’t about him. This is purely a market play…and a Chargers play.

How Are They This Bad?

How in the midst of Justin Herbert playing this well is the team off to a 2-4 start staring down the Chiefs who will likely push them to 2-5? The Chargers are inept. And while we don’t necessarily care about franchises in fantasy football, it is important to note that it can fall like a House of Cards at any moment. If you look closely enough, this Chargers team is incredibly fragile.

Mike Williams is already hurt. Keenan Allen is 31. Austin Ekeler has already missed games with an injury and is 28 on the last year of his contract. Quentin Johnston looks more and more like a bust. Josh Palmer is purely average. Gerald Everett can’t tap into his ceiling. The offensive line hangs in the balance of one player. The head coach Brandon Staley will get fired any day now.

Change is coming for the Chargers. Fantasy gamers would be wise not to weather the storm. Sell him now at his ceiling. If you really want him on your team (like I do), then trade for him again when the Chargers ultimately collapse, and Justin Herbert can’t carry the weight.