The 2023 PlayerProfiler Awards

by Seth Diewold · Fantasy Football

Introducing the inaugural PlayerProfiler Awards! As we reflect on the past year, we’re filled with gratitude for the dedication and hard work exhibited by our passionate team. From meticulously researched player profiles to engaging podcast episodes and insightful articles, our team has tirelessly strived to provide you, our valued listeners and fans, with the highest quality content in the world of fantasy football. To our award winners, your exceptional contributions have set a new standard of excellence in the fantasy football community.

We applaud your achievements and celebrate your well-deserved success. None of this would be possible without the unwavering support and enthusiasm of our listeners and fans. Your encouragement fuels our drive to deliver top-notch content day in and day out. Here’s to honoring our nominees and award winners with the 2023 PlayerProfiler Awards honors!

Best Episode Award

For the first award, we are thrilled to recognize the standout episodes that have captured our listeners’ attention and fueled their passion for the game. From insightful analysis to captivating discussions, these episodes have left a lasting impact on our community.

The Winner:

Mind of Mansion w/ Josh Larky

Acceptance Speech:

Runner Up Nominees:

NFL Draft Extravaganza DAY 1

JJ Zachariason Joins First Class Fantasy

Cody Returns to the Futurecast – 2024 Rookie Mock

RC Ficsher – Mind of Mansion

Best Hot Take of the 2023 season

Up next, the prestigious Award for Best Hot Take of the season. In the electrifying arena of fantasy sports, where strategies collide and predictions run rampant, this award stands as a beacon of recognition for the most daring, insightful, and often controversial perspectives that reshaped the landscape of virtual gridiron glory.

The Winner:

RC Ficsher – Rachaad White > Bijan Robinson

Acceptance Speech:

Runner Up Nominees:

Ray Was On Puka Early

Billy Believed in Achane

Matt Babich Knew the James Cook Breakout Was Coming

ARSB = The Next Cooper Kupp

Best New Content Creator

Introducing the esteemed Award for Best New Content Creator! As the fantasy football landscape continues to evolve, this accolade celebrates the vibrant voices and fresh perspectives that help to redefine fantasy football entertainment for the modern player.

The Winner:

Tera Roberts – Fantasy Football Analyst | Dear Ms. Fantasy – @ItsTeraTime

Acceptance Speech:

Runner Up Nominees:

Bradley Stalder – Fantasy Football Analyst | News Desk Director – @DjiboutiPuns

Tumi Oredein – Social Media Influencer & Strategic Specialist – @ffstrategist1

Tyler “Football” Knaeble – Fantasy Football Analyst | Dynasty Round Table – @PPRTyler

Matt Babich – Fantasy Football Analyst | Dynasty Round Table – @babich_matt10

Best New Programming Partner

As the digital airwaves swell with fantasy football insights, banter, and expert analysis, this prestigious award for Best New Programming Partner celebrates the emergence of groundbreaking collaborations that have elevated the PlayerProfiler Network.

The Winner:

The Undroppables – @TheUndroppables

Acceptance Speech:

Runner Up Nominees:

Dynasty Warzone – @DynastyWarZone

The Deep End – @DeepEndFF1

The 33rd Team – @The33rdTeamFB

Fantasy Empire – @ChrisVaccaroGST & @nandodifino

PlayerProfiler MVP

The legendary… MVP award. This award honors the individual whose dedication, innovation, and exceptional contributions have propelled PlayerProfiler to new heights of success and acclaim.

The Winner:

Theo Gremminger – Director of Content – @TheOGfantasy

Acceptance Speech:

Runner Up Nominees:

Jason Allwine – Director of Social Media – @JFootballwine

Seth Diewold – Director of Video & Streaming | Head Editor – @seth_diewold

Billy Muzio – Director of Operations – @FFMuzio

Dario Offstein – Director of Analytics – @dariooffstein

Best Article of the Year

Introducing the pinnacle of fantasy football journalism: The Best Article of the Year Award. Within the realm of virtual gridiron conquest, this prestigious accolade celebrates the article that has revolutionized the industry, providing fantasy gamers with unparalleled insight, detailed analysis, and a fresh perspective that transcends conventional wisdom.

The Winner:

Dan Fornek – Offensive Line Rankings

Acceptance Speech:

Runner Up Nominees:

Emerson Beery – Essential Dynasty Trades

Theo Gremminger – Zero & Hero RB Targets

Emerson Beery – Dynasty Start Up Strategies

Theo Gremminger – Defensive Streamers to Win In the Playoffs

Best New Tool

The Best New Tool award celebrates innovation and ingenuity, honoring the tool that has revolutionized the way enthusiasts engage with PlayerProfiler data & tech capabilities, ultimately helping them dominate their fantasy leagues.

The Winner:

Data Analysis Enhancements – The Most Advanced Player Data On the Planet

Acceptance Speech:

Runner Up Nominees:

ADP Tool – Compare Player ADP and Monitor Market Trends

Win Now vs Rebuild – Adjust Your Dynasty Rankings & Trade Values to Match Your Championship Urgency or Productive Struggle Strategy

TE Premium Rankings – Enhanced Rankings to Reflect TE Adjusted Scoring Settings

PlayerProfiler News/Fantasy – Your One Stop Shop for ALL Things Fantasy Football

Best Social Media Post

Up next, the award for Best Social Media Post. This award celebrates the power of engagement, community, and impact in the digital sphere, honoring the post that has captured the hearts and minds of PlayerProfiler fans worldwide.

The Winner:

PlayerProfiler en Español Announcement!

Acceptance Speech:

Runner Up Nominees:

Dead on Bijan Draft Position

The Podfather Isn’t Proud of What He Just Did

Quentin Johnston’s Bumpy Season Outlook

@playerprofiler Quentin Johnston is not going to be as good fo fantasy football as you want! 😭🏈 #nfl #fantasyfootball ♬ original sound – PlayerProfiler Fantasy Stats

We Tried to Warn You About Alexander Mattison

Worst Take of the Year

Finally, we introduce the tongue-in-cheek yet esteemed Worst Take of the Year Award, a celebration of bold claims that fell flat in the realm of fantasy football. This lighthearted accolade honors the bravery and conviction of those who dared to make bold predictions that, despite their best intentions, never quite materialized on the gridiron.

The Winner:

That Time The Podfather Doubled Down on His Record Setting Rookie Fade

Acceptance Speech:

Runner Up Nominees:

Skyy Moore Colored Glasses

Passing on Puka

Doubting a First Round RB

Holding Out Hope for Treylon

Thank You & Congratulations

Thank you to all our award winners and nominees for their remarkable contributions throughout the season, your dedication and talent have truly elevated the PlayerProfiler experience. To our fans, thank you for your unwavering support and passion which fuels the excitement of each season. As we close this chapter, we look forward to another incredible year ahead in 2024. Stay tuned for more thrilling moments and unforgettable memories in the seasons to come.

– PlayerProfiler Team