Olugbenga Oredein

Social Media Influencer and Strategic Specialist

Hi, my name is Tumi Oredein. I’m the new Senior Analyst on TikTok and Social Media Specialist for the PlayerProfiler team. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. Eventually, I came to the US with my family after only a few months, settling in Hampton Roads, Virginia. My dad (RIP) got me hooked on football as a child. I became a massive Colts fan because I grew up hating the Tom Brady Patriots. Therefore, I started following the team they always faced in the AFC Championship Game, the Colts (often better than the Super Bowl). 

Like many people, I started playing fantasy football in 2006 as a way to keep in touch with my college buddies. However, it has evolved into a huge passion. Prior to joining the PlayerProfiler team, I would obsess over the daily football news and even started creating my own waiver wire and weekly rankings to get ahead of my friends. They would always encourage me to go work in football because of all of the knowledge I had gathered and how I expressed my “overly” detailed opinions and takes. Last year, when he was sick, my father encouraged me to try my hand at social media to express these views. I hopped on TikTok (@ffstrategist) and over 14K followers later, haven’t looked back. Eventually, I started gaining some traction for my daily live streams, cheat sheets, stats-laden videos, and filter challenges.

I started managing the PlayerProfiler Tiktok page. It’s been a blast. I’m obsessed with knowing what fantasy football managers need to win their leagues. Additionally, it’s been my pleasure posting content that helps them with even the most mundane tasks. If you have any content ideas, let me know.