Week Two NFL DFS Picks: Will Mark Andrews Play?

by Kelly Singh · Strategy
DFS week 2

Welcome back! So glad you’re along for the ride with me. This week, we’re talking about Week 2 NFL DFS Picks for Sunday’s main slate. Whether you play cash games or GPP tournaments, you’ll find a little bit of advice on each to help give you an edge over the competition. The same applies to the platform where you prefer to play. I’ll use both DraftKings and Fanduel pricing, but most savvy players can apply this advice to other platforms as well. Are you ready? Let’s get into it.

Week 2 NFL DFS Picks

QB Picks

Mac Jones ($5.2K DraftKings / $6.9K FanDuel)

Love or hate him, Mac Jones is my favorite as a Week 2 NFL DFS pick this week for QBs. He scored the second most FPPG (Fantasy Points Per Game) among QBs last week. Only Tua Tagovailoa scored more. New England faces a Miami Defense that ranks No. 30 in allowing QB fantasy points. Not only that, but Jones’ salary is affordable in most builds.

Trevor Lawrence ($6.7K DraftKings / $7.8K FanDuel)

If you’ve got a bit more coin to spend on your Week 2 NFL DFS picks…take a look at Trevor Lawrence. He played a fantastic game last week, bringing in a respectable 18.7 FPPG on both DraftKings and FanDuel. The Jaguars are facing a Chiefs Defense that ranks No. 31 in the league for giving up QB points. It looks as if his projected rostership will land around 7-percent.

CJ Stroud ($5.2K DraftKings / $6.4K FanDuel)

I know, I know. CJ Stroud doesn’t sound appealing at all, but if you’re in need of a value pick at the QB position because you want to pay up somewhere else, he’s your guy. Houston is playing a struggling Indianapolis defense that gives up some of the most fantasy points to the QB position. Stroud is projected to bring at least 16 FPPG this week and rostership is super low at just 1- to 2-percent.

WR Picks

Brandon Aiyuk ($5.8K DraftKings / $7.5K FanDuel)

You might think this feels predictable and maybe it is, but at this salary, I can’t pass up starting Brandon Aiyuk this week as one of my Week 2 NFL DFS picks. He caught eight out of eight targets last week and he’ll absolutely be targeted like that again this week. The main difference will be that the Rams have a stronger defense and won’t allow as many FPPG. Rostership is among the highest at a 16-percent projection. Despite that, I’m still in.

Mike Williams ($5.7K DraftKings / $6.7K FanDuel)

Keenan Allen ($7.1K DraftKings / $7.8K FanDuel)

Mike Williams is listed at a killer salary this week. He’s projected to land around 9-10 percent rostership, and for some perspective, the highest will be around 16-percent on guys like Aiyuk and Amon-Ra St. Brown. The Chargers are facing a Tennessee defense that ranks last in the league in giving up fantasy points to wide receivers.

For these very same reasons, I’ll also call out Keenan Allen this week. Here’s the thing: for another $1K more in salary, you’re only projected to pick up one more FPPG on FanDuel. Allen is projected for 12.18, while William is projected for 11. On DraftKings however… Allen is far more of a value for that extra $1K in salary, bringing a projected 15.28 FPPG to Williams’ 13.3 FPPG.

RB Picks

Christian McCaffrey ($8.9K DraftKings / $9.5K FanDuel)

I’m sharing this pick because while it might seem chalky, it’s not too bad if you’re playing it on DraftKings. The pricey salary is likely keeping most managers from rostering McCaffrey. He’s currently projected to be rostered by roughly 12-percent of managers on DraftKings (versus 16-percent on FanDuel). I’d take advantage of this with the highest RBs rostered at roughly 14-percent on DraftKings. Let’s talk points – he’s projected to bring us 20.21 FPPG on DraftKings and 17.91 on FanDuel. You can afford this pick if you’ve made cuts in salary elsewhere.

Dameon Pierce ($5.6K DraftKings / $6.0K FanDuel)

We’ve already discussed the struggle bus that the Indianapolis defense is on, which brings me to playing Dameon Pierce as your Week 2 NFL pick for RB. The salary is great, the rostership is low (7- to 8-percent) across both platforms and he’s projected to bring us 11-12 FPPG on both platforms.

Gus Edwards ($5.3K DraftKings / $5.9K FanDuel)

Justice Hill ($4.9K DraftKings / $6.1K FanDuel)

Depending on what platform you’re playing, you’ll want to choose one of these running backs to fill out your lineup. They’ll play by committee with lead back JK Dobbins out for the season. They both took eight targets last week and I don’t anticipate that split to change just yet – at least in the running back room. Gus the Bus is the more sensible pick, projected to bring at least 8.0 FPPG on both platforms, while Hill’s projections vary a bit (7.0 on DK and 6.3 on FD).

TE Picks

Mark Andrews ($6.3K DraftKings / $8.0K FanDuel)

While he’s still marked as “questionable” this week, Mark Andrews has been at practice and I can’t see him sitting out against a division rival such as the Bengals. This $6.3K salary on DraftKings is so appealing, and the $8K on FanDuel isn’t terrible. The upside is high because it’s Mark Andrews and he’s a versatile weapon. I will say that with the additional weapons available to Lamar Jackson, especially Zay Flowers, we’ll likely see Andrew’s target share cut from previous seasons.

Sam LaPorta ($3.9K DraftKings / $5.1K FanDuel)

Let’s run it back as long as the other managers let us! With the Lions up against a Seattle defense that’s the worst in the league in giving up FPPG to opposing tight ends, I’m in. He had an amazing first showing last week, so why would they give him the ball less this week? He was five-for-five and played 83-percent of the snaps, not to mention this crazy low salary and low rostership at 6- to 7-percent, with the highest being Kelce at 12-percent rostership for comparison.


Washington Commanders ($3.1K DraftKings / $3.9K FanDuel)

I really like the way the Commanders defense projections look for DFS this week! They’re projected to bring in the 4th highest amount of FPPG, they’re priced far lower than you’d think, and rostership is at just 3- to 4-percent. The Commanders could be played on either platform, as they’re presenting similar data.

Prefer to listen to my picks? We’ll post a quick recap on YouTube on Friday, plus my Power Prop and favorite Survivor League pick of the week!

Let me know what you think about my Week 2 NFL DFS picks. You can find me on Twitter (or X) @KellyInPhoenix. See you around!