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by Ian Miller · Featured

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I’m sure this isn’t the first instance where you’ve heard the term “my guys.” Nearly every analyst covering fantasy football has a certain subset of players that they define as such. But without discussing what the term “my guys” should mean to us, this article lacks actionability, which should be the goal of all fantasy content produced. To be actionable and helpful for those that consume it. 

Firstly, you’re allowed to like every player in football if you want to. For the most part I do. But in terms of playing fantasy football, the term “liking” a player shouldn’t be thrown around without the context of said player’s price. 

For example, I can like “Five Guys” more than “In-N-Out” in general. But when you account for the cost of the meal, I end up liking “In-N-Out” more because the price point is much more efficient for still very quality food. 

The same is true in fantasy football. Of course, I like C.J. Stroud the asset more than Dak Prescott the asset (spoiler) in general. But when you account for the price, it costs to acquire each of them, Prescott becomes a much more efficient use of value. 

So, when I highlight three of “my guys” below, it’s not that I believe they are the best assets in all of fantasy football, but rather the most efficient investments given their projected value cost. 

(Value estimations courtesy of FantasyTradeCalc.com) 

Dak Prescott – Valued as QB15 

It’s already been spoiled. Dak Prescott is one of my guys. In the past three years, just three quarterbacks have posted multiple 24 point per game (PPG) seasons: Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, and Prescott. 

From a production standpoint, Prescott is clearly one of the best players in all of fantasy football. It’s his age that plays a part in him being valued outside of the top 12 quarterbacks. 

The issue with his age being a major factor in why Prescott is valued below what his production suggests is due to that fact that he’s not even 31 years old yet. That may sound old. However, quarterbacks have already proven to produce high-end fantasy point seasons beyond their thirties. This is especially true for someone in Prescott. He has a production style that should age well as he gets even further into his career. 

Prescott is one of the league’s best passers. In the past five seasons, Prescott has averaged a whopping 21.7 PPG strictly from passing. This accounts for 92.2 percent of his total production over that span. Quarterbacks who have been less reliant on rushing production are more likely to have high-ranking seasons deeper into their career. 

For someone who has routinely finished as a top five producer at his position, combined with a style that doesn’t project to decline in the near future, getting Prescott as the 15th highest valued quarterback is a bargain. 

De’Von Achane – Valued as RB7 

The seventh highest valued running back may not sound like it could be such an efficient cost. However, when you factor in that running back value as a whole is cheaper than it’s been in multiple years, the perspective shifts. 

What’s surprising when it comes to De’Von Achane‘s value is that he just put up the 12th highest PPG season by a rookie running back since 2006. Doing so on just 34.9 percent of Miami’s carries. Achane joins Alvin Kamara as the only ones to post at least 17 points per game in a rookie season on less than 50 percent of the team’s carries. 

Yet, despite such an impressive rookie season, he’s not even being selected within the top five at his position. A rookie that played his rookie season at just 21 years old on top of that. 

Injury Concerns

One reason for that could be caused by the fear of consensus that he can’t be a high workload player. Which, before even getting into why we should actually expect Achane to progress beyond his rookie rushing workload, the sheer fact that he produced 17.3 PPG on less than 40 percent of his team’s carries should point to league winning upside. 

It’s not that Achane has been a low workload rusher either. Just a year prior as a junior, he posted a 64.3 percent carry percentage while leading his entire team in rushing efficiency. This is something that Achane accomplished every season of his collegiate career. 

Another reason for his value not being what you’d expect from such a highly productive rookie running back are the injury concerns. 

He did miss some games this past year. However, this is someone who played 88.2 percent of his career games in college. This isn’t someone who’s coming into the league labeled as a fragile running back. 

League winning upside from just a second-year player is available outside of the top 40 highest valued players in dynasty. 

Tank Dell – Valued as WR17 

Prior to Tank Dell‘s injury, he was being valued as a top 12 wide receiver. Now, he’s being valued all the way as the wide receiver seventeen.  

It’s not even that it’s an injury we should be worried about lingering around. Jeff Muller, PT, DPT (via X) said that Tank Dell‘s fibula fracture is an injury that shouldn’t be a problem in his second season. He relates it to Jaylen Waddle‘s prior fibula fracture. 

As it goes for Dell, prior to going down with an injury, he was posting the seventh highest PPG by a rookie wide receiver. The only other rookies to post higher were Ja’Marr Chase, Odell Beckham Jr, Justin Jefferson, Mike Evans, Michael Thomas, and Puka Nacua. All of which, aside from Nacua, went on to post at least a top five season at the position. 

Not to mention, Dell is heading into his second season. Wide receivers have a good chance to take post-rookie year bump in production as part of a C.J. Stroud offense. This same quarterback supported two 17 PPG wide receivers. Now, he holds the record for the highest adjusted yards per attempt by a rookie quarterback at 8.7. 

I’m typically an advocate for buying injured players that are good. However, the difference with Dell is that by the next time fantasy points are being scored he won’t be injured. So, is it really an injury discount? 

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