Josh Allen

  • Height
    6' 5"
  • Weight
  • Hand Size
    10 1/8" (88th)
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  • Draft Pick
    1.07 2018
  • College
  • Age

Josh Allen Bio & Season Stats

Year Games Atts Pass Yds Comp % YPA Rush Yds Pass TD Fantasy Pts/Game
2021 17 645 4407 63.4% 6.8 763 36 24.6 (#1)
2020 16 572 4544 69.2% 7.9 421 37 25.4 (#1)
2019 16 461 3089 58.8% 6.7 510 20 18.2 (#11)
2018 12 320 2074 52.8% 6.5 631 10 18.2 (#14)
  • College QBR
    63.2 (20th)
  • College YPA
    7.7 (34th)
  • Breakout Age
    20.3 (61st)
  • SPARQ-x
    96.7 (74th)

Josh Allen Advanced Stats & Metrics

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Josh Allen ADP

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3.06 Pick
QB1 Rank

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Josh Allen Injury History

Games Missed
Injury Reports
Shoulder sprain
Week 17 (2019)
Week 13 (2019)
Week 4 (2019)
Knee contusion
Preseason (2019)
Elbow sprain
Week 6 (2018)

Josh Allen College Stats

Year Games Pass Atts Pass Yds YPA Comp % Pass TDs Rush Yds Age School
2015 2 (QB) 6 51 8.5 66.7% 0 40 19 Wyoming
2016 14 (QB) 373 3,203 8.6 56.0% 28 (15 ints) 523 20 Wyoming
2017 11 (QB) 270 1,812 6.7 56.30% 16 (6 ints) 204 21 Wyoming

Who is Josh Allen

Like Newton, the concerns with Josh Allen were not his physical skills, but a sub-optimal Completion Percentage that never exceeded 57-percent in his two seasons as a starter at the University of Wyoming. Was accuracy an issue of Allen? Or was it because his most notable collegiate teammates were Tanner Gentry and Jacob Hollister, neither making much of an impact in the NFL?

Allen experienced growing pains during his rookie season in 2018. Naysayers were proven right about his throw accuracy issues. His Completion Percentage was 52.8-percent, and his True Completion Percentage and True Passer Rating finished outside the top 35. However, he flashed potential in fantasy football by leading QBs with 52.6 rushing yards per game and eight rushing touchdowns.

The 2019 season saw Allen improve in his second season as a starter under head coach Sean McDermott and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. The Bills entered the offseason with the understanding that Zay Jones, Kelvin Benjamin, and Robert Foster were an underwhelming receiver core. They brought in speedster John Brown and slot specialist Cole Beasley. In the Draft, they added athletic Dawson Knox at tight end and Devin Singletary in the backfield.

With weapon upgrades, Allen doubled his passing touchdowns from 10 to 20 and produced a 1,000-yard season out of John Brown, despite barely topping 3,000 total passing yards. Fellow class of 2018 quarterback Lamar Jackson broke rushing quarterback records, but Allen still finished with 510 (No. 3) rushing yards and 9 (No. 1) rushing touchdowns. Would Allen take the leap to superstar quarterback? Doubters would point to his horrendous passing efficiency numbers as reasons why he wouldn’t take the next step. While believers would point to the same metrics and say that he has nowhere to go but up. The believers were correct.

The Bills would properly equip Allen with a No. 1 wide receiver by trading for disgruntled Stefon Diggs. The QB-WR pairing was a match made in heaven. Allen would nearly double his passing touchdowns again, going from 20 to 37, and his Completion Percentage would soar to 69.2-percent. Diggs would put up a career-high 1,535 yards along with eight touchdowns. And who needs a running back when you have a QB who can score eight rushing touchdowns for a second straight season?

Allen entered fantasy football superstar territory in 2020 by averaging 25.4 (No. 1) Fantasy Points Per Game. The question then became: was he here to stay? With a cast he had developed chemistry with, including Diggs, Beasley, Knox, and Davis, he once again silenced the doubters. He put up over 4,400 passing yards and totaled 42 touchdowns en route to 24.6 (No. 1) Fantasy Points Per Game.