Dynasty Buys and Sells: Wide Receivers Past the Age Apex

by Emerson Beery · Dynasty Leagues

Welcome to our latest edition of this Dynasty Fantasy Football Age Apex series where we provide insights on players who may be at a crossroads in their careers. In this article, we turn our attention to the intriguing topic of aging dynasty wide receivers in fantasy football. As the seasons pass, these veterans face the inevitable challenge of time and changing circumstances. Are they still worth investing in, or is it time to part ways? Join us as we delve into the performances, trends, and potential outcomes for these premier pass catchers.

Dynasty Wide Receivers Past the Age Apex: Buy or Sell

Tyreek Hill – Miami Dolphins
Age: 29

Tyreek Hill is poised to enter his second season with the Miami Dolphins. In 2022, despite the absence of quarterback Tua Tagovailoa for four games due to injury, Hill demonstrated no signs of slowing down in 2022. In fact, he recorded the highest fantasy points of his career. Notably, when Tagovailoa was the starter, Hill averaged over 10 passing targets per game as well.

However, recent off-season storylines have led to a decline in Hill’s dynasty fantasy football value. First, he announced his intention to retire prematurely at the end of his contract, which is three years from now. Additionally, there was an accusation of assault against him in Florida, although the charges were ultimately dropped. These negative narratives, combined with his age, have resulted in him slipping in fantasy rankings.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that Hill’s off-season issues would need to be very serious to impact his playing time. While concerns exist, players with less likable reputations often present value on the trade market. For contending teams, approaching a Tyreek Hill owner with an offer involving a future first-round pick or a player like Tee Higgins could be a shrewd maneuver.

It is crucial to consider the potential risks and rewards when evaluating trades involving players who face off-field controversies. While Hill’s off-season issues raise concerns, his on-field performance and consistent production make him a valuable asset for fantasy football teams.

Dynasty Wide Receivers Age Apex Verdict: Buy

Davante Adams – Las Vegas Raiders
Age: 30

Davante Adams in his first season with the Raiders amassed 1,500 yards and 14 touchdowns on his way to a WR3 finish. What made his performance even more impressive was the shift in his playing style. With the Packers, Adams primarily ran shorter routes and had an Average Depth of Target that ranked outside the top 45 wide receivers the final five seasons he played there.

In 2022 he ranked No. 2 in the league in deep targets suggesting he can adapt to any kind of offense. Despite the uncertainty surrounding his new quarterback, Adams is expected to remain the focal point of the Raiders’ passing game. He isn’t a bigger-bodied receiver either. This is good considering bigger-bodied players typically decline faster. Combined with his skillset, Adams has multiple top 12 fantasy seasons left in him.

Davante Adams Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

Nevertheless, Adams’ current age and changing circumstances have resulted in a decline in his trade value. Unless a fantasy team is undergoing a significant rebuild, it is advisable to hold on to Adams. Trading him now may not yield fair value unfortunately though. For non-contending teams though, exploring potential trades for a 2024 first-round pick or a player like Jaxon Smith-Njigba could be a strategic move. It’s important to note that aging dynasty wide receivers have limited market appeal, which further complicates their trade prospects.

Dynasty Wide Receivers Age Apex Verdict: Hold

Cooper Kupp – Los Angeles Rams
Age: 30

Cooper Kupp was having another terrific 2022 season before a high ankle sprain abruptly ended his campaign, causing him to miss the final eight games. Prior to his injury, he ranked No. 1 in fantasy points per game for the second consecutive year too. Despite retirement rumors swirling around the Rams organization, the team decided to retain their core players and coaches for at least one more season.

Considering the state of the Rams’ offense, Kupp is expected to play a significant role once again given the lack of pass-catching options. However, potential challenges lie ahead. The Rams didn’t do much to improve their offensive line, which gave Stafford a Protection Rate that ranked No. 33 in the NFL. Additionally, changes loom with a possible new quarterback and head coach in the near future, which will negatively affect Kupp’s dynasty ranking. For those looking to make a strategic move in dynasty fantasy football leagues, selling Kupp while he still maintains a top 12 ranking among dynasty wide receivers would be wise.

Exploring trade options for younger and less proven wide receivers like Devonta Smith or Tee Higgins are potential maneuvers. Particularly because of Kupp’s ability to be a game-wrecker in fantasy football for at least one more year. While Kupp has that ability, there are obstacles he must overcome, making it an opportune time to consider trading him for future value.

Dynasty Wide Receivers Age Apex Verdict: Sell

Keenan Allen – Los Angelas Chargers
Age: 31

After a strong stretch of health, Keenan Allen unfortunately missed six games due to a hamstring issue in 2022. At 31 years old coming off a WR42 finish, Allen has seemingly slipped under the radar in dynasty leagues. However, this presents a tremendous buying opportunity at his current price tag. It’s true that his prime years are likely behind him as he enters his 11th NFL season. Regardless, it’s important to note that when he was on the field in 2022 Allen ranked No. 13 in yards per route run and No. 16 in Production Premium.

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Keenan Allen Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

The presence of Mike Williams and Quentin Johnston in the Chargers’ receiving corps won’t affect Allen either. Despite the team’s offensive struggles in the previous season, the Chargers are expected to rebound in 2022. They faced a barrage of injuries that affected key players such as Mike Williams, Rashawn Slater, and Allen himself. Additionally, quarterback Justin Herbert, who faced his own injury challenges, is poised for a bounce back. The addition of new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore suggests a more aggressive downfield play style as well.

Despite currently being ranked as a WR4 by many fantasy websites, Allen possesses the potential to be a top 12 fantasy wide receiver in 2022. Contending fantasy teams should strongly consider acquiring Allen’s services by offering a future second-round rookie pick. A young upside player such as Rashee Rice thrown on top would likely be enough to get a deal done. While acknowledging that Allen’s best days may be behind him, he’s a bargain in dynasty leagues. Even if the value he provides will only be for one more season, he will be well worth the cost for a contending team.

Dynasty Wide Receivers Age Apex Verdict: Buy