Predicting and Striking: Prediction Strike Targets- Week 6

by Aaron Stewart · Trades Buy/Sell

It’s a brand new article series on PlayerProfiler called Predicting and Striking! For those unaware, PlayerProfiler has a PUBLIC Discord Server. Join the server to talk to your favorite Underworld members, view show sheets, and ask questions about redraft, dynasty, and start/sits. Use this link to join our Discord serverĀ

Since the start of our public Discord server, I’ve been posting ALL of the transactions that I’ve made on Prediction Strike, the world’s first sports stock market. I’ve also started a show that is ONLY on Thursdays at 8 pm ET on Discord where I identify players that interest me for the week and that my audience should take note of.

Brief recap of Week 5. I recommended BUYING Alvin Kamara, Jalen Hurts, and Raheem Mostert. All three saw their share price INCREASE. Kamara went up 11.8-percent, Hurts went up 4.6-percent, and Mostert went up 18.4-percent. That’s two straight weeks of perfect predictions! Let’s dive into Week 6.


Lamar Jackson Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

Elite quarterbacks are the jackpot of Prediction Strike. Their projections are less volatile on a week-to-week basis on the site and are more likely to bounce back from dips in their price. I don’t have to sell you on Lamar Jackson. He’s No. 1 in Fantasy Points Per Dropback and averaging 74.8 rushing yards per game.

Lamar Jackson Prediction Strike

The reason he’s a buy is the same reason I recommended buying Jalen Hurts last week. Any time an elite QB’s price dips, you MUST consider buying him. In the case of Jackson, he’s had back-to-back consecutive dips in his price. This caused his share price to fall 18-percent from two weeks ago. His projection on Prediction Strike is 22.47 points which is his second-cheapest price this season.

In my model, Jackson is THE top quarterback in terms of projected point differential. Any player with a point differential of at least 2.0 immediately catches my attention and Jackson’s is 2.53. The fact that his price has dipped is the cherry on top.


Devin Singletary Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

Is Devin Singletary *gulp* good? Maybe. The one certainty is that he has a solid floor thanks to his production in the passing game. He’s top-8 in targets, receptions, yards, and Routes Run among running backs and has a 12.6-percent (No. 12) Target Share and 53.9-percent (No. 10) Route Participation. He’s also No. 10 in Snap Share and No. 20 in Weighted Opportunities. All this while playing on the BEST offense in the NFL.

Devin Singletary Prediction Strike

There are TWO running backs with a projected point differential of over 2.0 points. One is Raheem Mostert, who continues to break my model with a 4.9-point differential, and the other is Singletary. Singletary is coming off a 13-percent dip that puts his price BELOW his price to start the season. But that was because the Bills didn’t need Singletary and the starters to finish off the Steelers. Singletary has one of his lowest projections in the past 10 months and is arguably playing the best football of his career.


Kyle Pitts Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

I have no emotional attachment to Kyle Pitts. I didn’t draft him in any of my numerous fantasy football leagues and have minimal exposure to him on Underdog. Yes, Pitts has been a monumental disaster in fantasy football (thanks Arthur Smith), but here are the facts. He’s No. 3 in Target Share, No. 2 in Air Yards and Air Yards Share, and leads TEs in Yards Per Reception with 15.0.

Kyle Pitts Prediction Strike

This is the absolute bottom for Pitts on Prediction Strike. His price is the LOWEST it’s been in a full year. His peak was LAST Halloween at $6.61. Because he has continuously failed to hit projections, his projections have dropped to…8.63 points. That’s PPR by the way. And for context, Pitts has NEVER been projected for less than 10 points on Prediction Strike. Pending his injury status, Pitts ALSO finished with the highest point differential among tight ends. Remember, Prediction Strike is solely a game of beating projections.

The model points to an overcorrection on Pitts, and he’s continuously dipped for almost a full year. However, he’s a talented player! That’s all I need to point to Pitts as being a great bet to hit on Prediction Strike.


These are three of my targets on Prediction Strike this week, but they won’t be ALL of my targets. For more of my analysis on Prediction Strike, make sure to join the PlayerProfiler Discord server. I will answer any and all questions about Prediction Strike! Also, check out my weekly LIVE show on Discord every Thursday at 8 pm ET as I go through Prediction Strike to identify my targets for the week.