Predicting and Striking: Prediction Strike Targets- Week 5

by Aaron Stewart · Betting & Props

It’s a brand new article series on PlayerProfiler called Predicting and Striking! For those unaware, PlayerProfiler has a PUBLIC Discord Server. Join the server to talk to your favorite Underworld members, view show sheets, and ask questions about redraft, dynasty, and start/sits. Use this link to join our Discord server

Since the start of our public Discord server, I’ve been posting ALL of the transactions that I’ve made on Prediction Strike, the world’s first sports stock market. I’ve also started a show that is ONLY on Discord where I identify players that interest me for the week and that my audience should take note of. Here is a recap of last week’s buys:

That’s Week 4’s RB1, WR1, AND TE1 that I bought before their games

If you’re interested in building your own portfolio on Prediction Strike, this article series will feature THREE players that I am personally targeting on Prediction Strike. Make sure to use promo code: UNDERWORLD when you make a first deposit of at least $20 in order to get one random share of an athlete.

Understanding The Rules

Before diving into Prediction Strike, it’s important to understand the rules. This is NOT dynasty. The name of the game with Prediction Strike is identifying players that can beat their weekly projections. Always be ready to sell after a player’s big performance, such as T.J. Hockenson and Josh Jacobs, even if you bought them recently.

Do NOT buy the peak on players. Hockenson is $1.18 per share as of this writing. Last week he was $0.79. You missed the boat on Hockenson. Instead, look for the next guy that can break out.

Players projected to score less than 5.0 points on Prediction Strike can NOT see their share price increase or decrease. Avoid buying these players.

One Last Thing

I utilize a program to identify buy candidates. I’m not blindly targeting players or going with my gut. Like anything PlayerProfiler-related, I have a sound, logical process that guides me with the ability to analyze the game to add context when necessary.


Alvin Kamara Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

When cross-referencing projections with Prediction Strike, Alvin Kamara is one of THREE running backs projected to outscore his Prediction Strike projection by OVER three fantasy points. He’s projected to have 4.3 more touches and 16 more yards.

Alvin Kamara Prediction Strike

Prediction Strike has overcorrected on Kamara. He’s still a GOOD running back that only turned 27 years old two months ago. He’s underperformed projections in Weeks 1 and 3. He didn’t play at all in Weeks 2 and 4. This is buying the dip on Kamara.

Kamara only has 19 receiving yards, but his 15.5-percent Target Share is No. 5 among RBs. He’s top-10 in Snap Share and Opportunity Share and No. 13 in Expected Fantasy Points Per Game.


Jalen Hurts Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

Getting started on Prediction Strike? Then Jalen Hurts will become your best friend. An elite fantasy quarterback is priced under $3 per share, and Prediction Strike consistently is too low on his projections. A bad weather game last week against the Jaguars caused him to miss his projection for the first time, and his share price dropped. Pounce on his price drop.

Jalen Hurts Prediction Strike

We’re projecting over 20 passing yards and 5 more rushing yards for Hurts (along with 0.7 more touchdowns). A point differential is HUGE in my program. He’s only one of two quarterbacks to have a point differential of at least 2.0 points and the other quarterback is nowhere near the caliber of Hurts.


Raheem Mostert Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

At this point of the article, you’re probably saying, “Duh. Buy the top guys. That’s easy.” Let me introduce you to Raheem Mostert. Remember, Prediction Strike is about exploiting player projections from their site.

Raheem Mostert Prediction Strike

Mostert has the HIGHEST point differential in my program versus Prediction Strike. As much as it pains me to say it, Mostert is the RB to own in Miami, not Chase Edmonds. Mostert is No. 20 in Snap Share and No. 25 in Opportunity Share. And yet, he’s projected for two more touches and 20 more yards compared to Prediction Strike and is given noticeably better chances of scoring a touchdown.


These are three of my targets on Prediction Strike this week, but they won’t be ALL of my targets. For more of my analysis on Prediction Strike, make sure to join the PlayerProfiler Discord server. I will answer any and all questions about Prediction Strike! Also, check out my weekly LIVE show on Discord every Thursday at 8 pm ET as I go through Prediction Strike to identify my targets for the week.