Is Garrett Wilson a Fantasy Buy or Sell? | Week Winning Stats – NFL Week 11

by Bradley Stalder · Analytics & Advanced Metrics

Is Garrett Wilson a fantasy buy or sell? These week winning stats will tell you that answer and much, much more!

Dance with the Girl That Brought You

Loyalty in fantasy football transcends mere allegiance; it hinges on a profound understanding of each player’s strengths and consistency. The adage “Dance with the girl that brought you” is not just a courteous sentiment; it serves as a valuable lesson for our fantasy lineups. While the allure of starting the next “hot” player may be strong, astute fantasy players recognize the perils of chasing fleeting streaks, fully aware of how swiftly they can turn frigid.

True success lies in identifying players who not only soar to great heights but also maintain a reliable and productive baseline. As we approach Week 11, let’s delve into crucial statistics that illuminate the path to victory in fantasy football.

Garrett Wilson trails only CeeDee Lamb with 38 targets over the last three weeks

Despite the setback of an Achilles injury to Aaron Rodgers, Wilson has proven himself a reliable fantasy producer, maintaining an average of 14.4 fantasy points across nine games, securing him the WR18 spot. With a remarkable streak of 12 or more targets in four straight contests, and five of the last six, Wilson stands out as a high-floor contributor, boasting the highest target share and second-highest air yards share among wide receivers.

Positioned as a strategic buy-low opportunity, Wilson holds promise for both the remainder of the season and future dynasty leagues, making him an optimal choice for dynasty contenders or those in search of a dependable WR2 even with Zach Wilson at the helm.

Brandon Aiyuk trails only Tyreek Hill with 3.11 yards per route run on the season.

Brandon Aiyuk shines bright in the statistical spotlight, ranking second only to Tyreek Hill with an impressive 3.11 yards per route run for the season. With consistent performances, boasting only one game below 55 receiving yards and a career-high pace of 17.8 yards per reception, Aiyuk remains a fantasy lineup staple even with all of the 49ers’ weapons healthy and available.

Leading all wide receivers in Air Yards Share, Aiyuk, a former first-round pick from Arizona State, ranks as the WR13 in points per game this season. While a top-10 weekly WR finish has eluded him since Week 4, Aiyuk’s unwavering consistency positions him as a key player driving fantasy managers toward playoff and championship success.

De’Von Achane leads all Running Backs with 12.1 yards per rush attempt. 

As Achane readies for his return from the injured reserve, fantasy managers can anticipate an immediate and impactful role for this dominant force. Achane’s earlier performances, finishing as the RB1, RB5, and RB4 weekly, showcase his explosive potential. Particularly encouraging is his increased snap count in Weeks 4 and 5, exceeding 50-percent both times.

With the Dolphins eagerly awaiting Mostert’s dynamic partner, and Jeff Wilson handling a mere seven carries over three active games, the strategic move is clear: plug Achane back into your lineup with confidence, seizing the opportunity to clinch victory in your leagues and propel your team to success.

Heed the Call

In the ever-evolving tapestry of fantasy football, the narratives of Garrett Wilson, Brandon Aiyuk, and De’Von Achane weave a compelling tale of resilience, consistency, and explosive potential. Despite facing adversity with Aaron Rodgers‘ Achilles injury, Wilson has emerged as a beacon of reliability, offering a high-floor contribution with a tantalizing buy-low appeal. Aiyuk, with his stellar yards per route run and unwavering consistency, cements his role as a linchpin in fantasy lineups, steering managers toward the promise of playoff triumph.

As Achane, the dynamic force on the ground, prepares to re-enter the fray, fantasy managers are presented with a strategic imperative – plug him back into your lineup with confidence, for in Achane lies the potential to secure victory and propel your team to new heights. The fantasy gridiron beckons, and with these revelations, success is within reach for those astute enough to heed the call.

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