FFPC Dynasty Orphan Strategy | Dynasty Trades and Rookie Draft Strategy

by Theo Gremminger · Featured
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PlayerProfiler is home to award winning dynasty rankings and tools. Our Dynasty Deluxe package includes complete Dynasty Rankings, Rookie Rankings, Trade Analyzer, Draft Planner, Mock Drafts, and more. Check it out. Below, Theo Gremminger details the process for rebuilding a dynasty orphan at the FFPC. 

Navigating the High Stakes Waters of the FFPC

League Entry Fee: $250

Scoring: 1-point PPR, 1.5-point TE Premium,

Start 10, Single QB (Non-Superflex)

Last year, I wrote three articles detailing my takeover of an FFPC Dynasty Orphan.

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This long, winding road led me to a runner-up finish, missing the league title. Finishing in the money in year one was a significant accomplishment, but my aspirations are higher this year.  I aim to take it one step forward as I enter year two and win the league.

In 2023, I took over an orphan loaded with rookie picks and made a few additional moves to add a few more. Some years, specific rookie selections can let you down, but in this particular case, I ran pure. Jahmyr Gibbs, Sam LaPorta, Dalton Kincaid, Jordan Addison, De’Von Achane, and Jayden Reed all gained significant dynasty value and were locked in starters for me for multiple weeks of the season.

2023 Trades

I also benefited from winning a few trades. Sending a future 2nd-rounder (I have multiple 2024 2nds), I acquired Dak Prescott, and his high-quality play helped me overcome the loss of Joe Burrow. I also traded for Jaylen Warren and was able to add Raheem Mostert and Trey McBride very early in the season off the waiver wire. The FFPC’s 20-man rosters will sometimes present a unique opportunity for a player like McBride. With a sizeable bid, I pounced at the right time for the right player.

Not every trade was a long-term win. I wish I could get back my Drake London and Jerry Jeudy for Jaylen Waddle trade, which does not look as good now after the Kirk Cousins signing. But for the most part, it was a highly successful year in terms of making moves.

I entered this offseason aggressively. With LaPorta, McBride and Kincaid, I had the flexibility to make an aggressive move to move a TE. I also wanted to upgrade and pivot up from my 1.11 first round rookie pick.


This offseason, I decided to overpay to trade up to the 1.03, ensuring I would have access to Malik Nabers or Rome Odunze.

Sent: Dalton Kincaid, 1.11, 2025 2nd

Received: 2024 1.03

With the impending FFPC cuts looming (rosters trimmed to 16, including defense and kicker), I sent Marvin Mims and a late 4th for a late 2nd.

Sent: Marvin Mims, 2024 4.11

Received: 2024 2.11

This trade gave me a third late 2nd rounder (2.08,2.11,2.12) to accompany my 1.03.

Finally, another situation presented itself: the chance to move up to the 1.02. This may seem like chasing an equal tier, but I treat Malik Nabers (the 1.02)  like I would the 1.01 in most years, so slight overpays do not worry me.

Sent: 2024 1.03, 2.08, 3.12

Received: 1.02, 3.10

At the time, many probably saw this as an overpay, but it gave me peace of mind heading into the NFL Draft and Rookie Draft SZN. As much as I love Dalton Kincaid, the 1.02 in this class is an asset that I could see becoming a first-round pick in dynasty startups a year from now. Post-NFL Draft, this pick will be Malik Nabers. I doubt I could pull off this deal after Nabers went No. 6 overall.

Lastly, I made one more deal. When Hollywood Brown signed with Kansas City, I made a trade that looks very much like a buy low reflective of the current dynasty trade market. I was offered Brown for a 2nd, and my counter was accepted.

Trade Update:

Sent: 2024 3.03, 5.11

Received: Hollywood Brown

Current Roster

With these moves, my roster is coming together and has considerable balance and upside.

After FFPC cut day, my current roster is as follows:

QBs: Joe Burrow, Dak Prescott

RBs: Jahmyr Gibbs, Kenneth Walker, De’Von Achane, Raheem Mostert, Jaylen Warren

TEs: Sam LaPorta, Trey McBride

WRs: DK Metcalf, Jaylen Waddle, Jordan Addison, Jayden Reed

PK: Jake Moody

DEF: Chicago

Current Draft Picks:


2.11, 2.12




All of my 2025 picks are intact, except the second rounder I moved in the Kincaid trade. I will attempt to recoup this one during the draft or regular season. I do not like moving future seconds this early, but I think I will enjoy rostering Malik Nabers more. Besides, with the amount of youth equity on this roster, adding younger players that can step in and contribute right away becomes more and more difficult.

My next article in this series will be a recap of what I was able to accomplish during my Rookie Draft. The 1.02 is almost certainly going to be Malik Nabers. But with the two second round picks and the third-rounder, I have some flexibility to move up, or move down and accumulate future 2025 picks. I also have the ammunition to make a trade. Rookie Draft weekend in the FFPC is one of the best trading windows of the entire year and a great chance to make that move that could push my team over the top.

I hope this article inspires you to acquire a dynasty orphan. Sometimes rebuilding an orphan is as rewarding as drafting a dynasty startup. For discounted orphans, check out the FFPC here: Dynasty For Sale (myffpc.com). Use the code “Underworld” for $25 off.

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