Andrei Iosivas: NFL Rookie WR Profile | 2023 Diamonds in the Rough

The NFL Draft is almost here, and it’s time to talk about 2023 Diamonds in the Rough candidates. Guys to consider as “Diamonds in Rough” are players who are productive beyond what is expected by their draft capital, usually players taken on Day 3 (rounds 4-7) of the NFL Draft. In this series, I will discuss candidates to be this year’s Diamonds in the Rough who can also wind up as useful fantasy players, like Isiah Pacheco or Darnell Mooney were. The first candidate is wide receiver Andrei Iosivas.

College Production

As a Princeton wide receiver, Andrei Iosivas flew under the radar away from the big conferences. He produced a combined 107 receptions for 1,646 yards in 20 games played from his last two college seasons.

Andrei Iosivas Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

Iosivas had a 22.8-percent (65th-percentile) College Target Share with 14.3 (45th-percentile) College Yards Per Reception. Compared to the rest of the college talent pool, his 2022 season usage was middle-of-the-pack. He did, however, make the most of this usage, posting a 40.5-percent (84th-percentile) College Dominator Rating with an 82.5-percent Catch Rate and seven touchdowns last season. Iosivas showcased the ability to win both deep and inside routes with solid yards-after-catch propensity.

Named an All-American in the heptathlon, Iosivas has a versatile background. At 23, he is an older prospect coming from Ivy League play. However, he made the most of his middling usage, showing he has the ability to produce when given the chance.

Athletic Profile

Iosivas has one of the best athletic profiles among this year’s wide receiver class. He has a 105.9 Athleticism Score, which ranks No. 5 out of 37 in this draft class. His 109.4 (90th-percentile) Speed Score and 10.39 (96th-percentile) Catch Radius show Iosivas has the profile to be a speedy deep ball receiver. His large frame will already give him a leg up on deep bomb contested catches.

As a member of Princeton’s track team, Iosivas has well-rounded athletic versatility. He ran the fastest-ever 60m (6.71) in the 2022 NCAA heptathlon, finishing as a three-time Ivy League champion in the event. Iosivas’ combination of size and speed gives him the raw talent a team on Day 3 of the draft would look to invest in. Current players with a similar combination of size and Athleticism and Speed Scores include DeVante Parker, Keith Kirkwood, and Kenny Golladay.


PlayerProfiler’s rookie WR rankings have Iosivas at No. 22. This places him as a Day 3 target for teams and a late round rookie draft pick in fantasy. As with any Ivy League player, level of competition is a concern, so looking at athleticism and how that could carry over is key. Iosivas is one of the best athletes in the NFL Draft, and while some of his skills need refinement, he can find a place as a big speed threat on an NFL team.

One of the most ideal situations for him would be with the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers need a speedy receiver and Justin Herbert threw 699 (No. 2) pass attempts last season (41.4 per game). Iosivas would fit right into a high passing offense and become a sneaky good fantasy pickup.