2023 Rookie Mock Draft Recap – Superflex/Tight End Premium

by Aaron St. Denis · Best Ball Plays & Strategy

Rookie Mock Draft Recap  – (Superflex, Tight End Premium)

Editor’s Note – This is a Mock Draft from Early April. 

Recently, I conducted a rookie mock draft over at Sleeper. This mock draft was a five round, superflex/tight end premium rookie mock draft featuring a combination of Player Profiler writers/analysts and industry members as well as twitter followers.

The full draft was live streamed and is available to watch on The Mad Scientist Podcast. We will be doing a recap of all five rounds here. This analysis is going to be in depth, pick by pick, from myself and Josh Riesser of The Ethos Bengal Podcast. For this article, I will be giving a round by round recap of some of the things I found particularly interesting.

Round One

Round 1 Draft Pick 1- Bijan Robinson, Running Back, Texas

Team: PigBird JetFan

Analysis: There is nothing to see here folks as this is a pretty standard pick. Unless something crazy happens between now and your rookie draft, Bijan will be the 1.01 in all formats. He’s that good.

Round 1 Draft Pick 2 | CJ Stroud – Quarterback, Ohio State

Team: Matty Kiwoom

Analysis: Matty Kiwoom goes with Stroud who is likely going to be the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft.

Round 1 Draft Pick 3 |Anthony Richardson – Quarterback, Florida

Team: MasonW1422

Analysis: This is a surprising pick here with Young still on the board. The potential and combine hype train seems to have taken hold here and moved Richardson up the board. If I’m drafting at 1.03, I’m taking Young over Richardson.

Round 1 Draft Pick 4 | Jaxon Smith-Njigba – Wide Receiver, Ohio State

Team: JoshyDizzle

Analysis: I normally advocate for switching from quarterback to grab your WR1 at pick 1.04, but with Bryce Young still on the board that would have been my pick. I love Smith-Njigba, but this looks to be an example of someone having a draft strategy set in their mind prior to the draft and not adapting when a player who they didn’t expect to be available falls to them.

Round 1 Draft Pick 5 |Bryce Young – Quarterback, Alabama

Team: Amerika108

Analysis: Finally Erika stops the slide of Bryce Young and gets herself a steal of a deal at 1.05. This is the pick I would have made at 1.02, so getting him at 1.03 is great value. I would be surprised if Young falls this far in many superflex rookie drafts.

Round 1 Draft Pick 6 | Jahmyr Gibbs – Running Back, Alabama

Team: ApolyonLC

Analysis: This is a very typical spot to see the RB2 go off the board and to no ones surprise it’s Gibbs.

Gibbs is widely regarded as the consensus RB2 behind Robinson and has been known to go above Richardson and in the top five. This is a fairly easy pick.

Round 1 Draft Pick 7 | Jordan Addison, Wide Receiver , USC

Team: Jayizzle

Analysis: This is where things start to get dicey. The 1.07 has typically been the spot to draft your WR2 on the board. Whether that receiver is Addison or Johnston is a matter of personal preference. I personally choose Johnston due to his size and speed profile.

Round 1 Draft Pick 8 | Quentin Johnston – Wide Receiver, TCU

Team: DMacy

Analysis: Again, it’s no surprise to see back to back receivers drafted as this is where the draft tends to start to go off the rails quickly.  The WR3 is the usual pick here. In this case it’s Johnston. Nothing shocking here.

Round 1 Draft Pick 9 | Michael Mayer – Tight End, Notre Dame

Team: The Weidmanator

Analysis: Early in the pre-draft process Mayer was going in the middle of the first round. Since the combine showcased the depth of the tight end class Mayer has begun to slip as far as the middle of the second round. Here, we see him going in the later portion of the first round. This is a bit steep for my liking. This stinks of a manager who was drafting to fill a need at tight end in their home league and decided to overdraft Mayer. Don’t draft for need in the first round of rookie drafts. Instead, it’s best to take best player available.

Round 1 Draft Pick 10 | Will Levis – Quarterback, Kentucky

Team: Warshak

Analysis: I have Levis far closer to Richardson than this draft does. I typically prefer them around the pick No. 7 or No. 8 range as opposed to where we see them going here. Levis seems to be going as the consensus QB4 in the class. However, he is my QB1. I would draft him here all day long.

Round 1 Draft Pick 11 | Zach Charbonnet – Running Back, UCLA

Team: Aaron St. Denis

Analysis: I picked this draft spot specifically because I hate it with a passion. This is the point in the draft where I think all the can’t miss prospects have dried up. At No. 11 we are forced to decide between a running back I’m lower on than consensus in Charbonnet or a receiver that I think profiles as a slot receiver in Josh Downs. I went with Charbonnet because he is the running back that will have the next best NFL draft capital.

Round 1 Draft Pick 12 | Josh Downs – Wide Receiver, North Carolina

Team: FeverishFanaro

Analysis: As I mentioned before this is where most managers have been drafting Downs. For the majority of the off-season I was onboard with drafting Downs even though I’m not overly high on him. Over the past few weeks, I have since changed my tune. I prefer Zay Flowers instead as he has shown more throughout the process.

Round 1 Takeaways

Round 1 in most drafts sees the same ten players go in a variety of orders. This draft is no different. Richardson going at No. 3 was too high and Young going at No. 5 was far too low. This is what can happen when the hype train gets out of control. As I stated above, I will be taking Flowers at 1.12 if I’m making the pick, but Downs is not uncommon. There is nothing crazy here, and this should serve as a pretty good model for what fantasy gamers will see in their superflex rookie drafts.

It should also be noted that if fantasy gamers are in desperate need of a quarterback, they’ll need to get into the top five picks. If they are outside of the top five, they risk missing out. There is also a massive drop off towards the end of this round as we go from high end stud to mediocre prospect in the last few picks.

Best Pick: Bryce Young: 1.05
Worst Pick: Anthony Richardson 1.03

Round Two

Round 2 Draft Pick 1 | Devon Achane – Running Back, Texas A&M

Team: PigBird JetFan

Analysis: From pick 2.01 to pick 2.12 it becomes a situation where you just go get your guy. This range has five potential running backs, three wide receivers, two tight ends and one quarterback. They could all be taken at any pick. So instead of playing the ADP game, it’s important to draft the guy you like. Achane is as solid a pick as any to kick off Round 2 I can’t argue this pick.

Round 2 Draft Pick 2 | Zay Flowers – Wide Receiver, Boston College

Team: Matty Kiwoom

Analysis: As I mentioned before, Flowers has crept into the first round for me, so if you can get him in the second round you should be very happy. The closer we get to the NFL Draft the higher he seems to move up draft boards. If Flowers is a first round pick to a prime NFL, then he will skyrocket up draft boards.

Round 2 Draft Pick 3 | Jalin Hyatt – Wide Receiver, Tennessee

Team: MasonW1422

Analysis: Hyatt is another receiver with solid potential in this range. He has begun to slip slightly for me but is a good pick in the first half of Round 1. Hyatt is a speedster, but it remains to be seen if he can develop into more.

Round 2 Draft Pick 4 | Hendon Hooker – Quarterback, Tennessee

Team: Joshy Dizzle

Analysis: In any league where I’m in need of a quarterback but don’t draft early enough to get one of the big four, I am actively targeting Hooker. The NFL buzz has started to kick up a notch. With a Round 2 selection he could soon see his ADP rise even higher. If it weren’t for an ACL injury, Hooker would be in the mix with the top four.

Round 2 Draft Pick 5 | Sean Tucker – Running Back, Syracuse

Team: Amerika108

Analysis: Tucker is running back with immense potential. He may not be in the same class as the top two running, backs but there is little difference between him and the last two running backs taken. Tucker is firmly entrenched in the second round.

Round 2 Draft Pick 6 | Kendre Miller – Running Back, TCU

Team: ApolyonLC

Analysis: Miller is the same story as Tucker. Excellent talent and elite potential should he get draft capital and a solid landing spot.

Miller has just as much upside as any back besides Robinson and Gibbs and he too comes at a discount. Another case of a supremely talented running back falling further than he should have due to an insanely deep class in this tier.

Round 2 Draft Pick 7 | Tank Bigsby – Running Back, Auburn

Team: Jayizzle

Analysis: Stop me if you’ve heard this one before – fantasy gamers get a potentially elite running back at a discount. They have to hope he gets solid draft capital. That’s once again the case here as the parade of solid running backs in a huge tier of potential studs continues.

Round 2 Draft Pick 8 | Dalton Kincaid – Tight End, Utah

Team: DMacy

Analysis: In most drafts the tight end run starts in the early to middle of the second round. In this draft Mayer was taken earlier than expected, and that caused the tight ends to slide slightly as managers loaded up on upside running backs. Right about now is when drafts switch from the deep running back position to the deep tight end position. This draft was no different. Kincaid is a top two tight end on many draft boards and is a fine selection here.

Round 2 Draft Pick 9 | Kayshon Boutte – Wide Receiver, LSU

Team: The Weidmanator

Analysis: The most polarizing prospect in this class outside of Will Levis, Boutte is the definition of high risk and high reward. He was a supremely talented receiver for LSU before dealing with character concerns and injuries which caused his production to dip. Boutte also measured in significantly smaller and slower than expected. At the tail-end of Round 2 he is a solid home run swing, that could potentially never play in an NFL game.

Round 2 Draft Pick 10 | Zach Evans – Running Back, Ole Miss

Team: Warshak

Analysis: I’m out at this cost. I’m never entirely out on a player, but Evans is as close as it gets for me. Unless he is falling at least another round I’m out. He was a highly recruited and talented prospect, but he looks like more of an athlete who runs than an actual running back. I have a bevy of concerns of Evans ranging from his technique and physicality to his work ethic and character.

Round 2 Draft Pick 11 | Roschon Johnson – Running Back, Texas

Team: Aaron St. Denis

Analysis: Following my bust of the class is my steal of the class. In your own home league drafts Roschon will probably fall into the third round. In a league with me, that’s never going to happen. Johnson is big and strong and had he not been stuck behind the best running back on earth (Bijan Robinson), it’s entirely possible he would be in the conversation with Robinson and Gibbs.

Round 2 Draft Pick 12- Tyjae Spears , Running Back , Tulane

Team: FeverishFanaro

Analysis: Had Roschon been gone at 2.11, I would have drafted Spears without hesitation. Spears is a top five back for me in a deep running back class and how he fell this far is shocking. I expect to see him going closer to the start of Round 2 than the end of it.

Round 2 Takeaways

The word here is depth. Round 2 has no sure things, but man is it deep. With the exception of Zach Evans, there wasn’t a player selected in Round 2 that I wouldn’t be happy to draft myself. This running back and tight end class may be the deepest I’ve seen in years, and there are sure to be bonafide studs emerging from this round. Throw in an injury discount quarterback and some high upside receivers and this round is as solid as you will ever see in a rookie draft Round 2.

Best Pick: Zay Flowers
Worst Pick: Zach Evans

Round Three

Round 3 Draft Pick 1 | Cedric Tillman – Wide Receiver, Tennessee

Team: PigBird JetFan

Analysis: As Round 3 kicks off we begin dart-throwing territory. Tillman falls into a large group of mid round wide receivers that don’t project to be drafted in the top 100 picks of the NFL draft.

Round 3 Draft Pick 2 | Chase Brown – Running Back, Illinois

Team: Matty Kiwoom

Analysis: Brown was a highly sought-after prospect at the beginning of the pre-draft process, but a disastrous showing at the 2023 Senior Bowl caused his stock to fall off a cliff. If he can get his ball security issues under control, he has potential. However, his fumbles and drops at the Senior Bowl will likely make him a Day 3 pick.

Round 3 Draft Pick 3 | Rashee Rice – Wide Receiver, SMU

Team: MasonW1422

Analysis: Rice is a solid pick in this round. He possesses solid size and speed and could easily be a thing in the NFL. Rice could be a big riser in fantasy drafts after the NFL Draft, or a huge faller.

Round 3 Draft Pick 4 | Marvin Mims – Wide Receivers, Oklahoma

Team: Joshy Dizzle

Analysis: Mims is a speedster, and the NFL loves speed. He isn’t small but he profiles more like a shifty slot receiver. Another player in this wide receiver range that will be landing spot dependent. The right offensive system could see him become a useful PPR asset.

Round 3 Draft Pick 5 | DeWayne McBride – Running Back, UAB

Team: Amerika108

Analysis: McBride has decent size and checked in with a much faster 40-yard dash time than many experts anticipated. He has begun to rise in mock drafts lately and is unlikely to be available in this range for much longer.

Round 3 Draft Pick 6 | Israel Abanikanda – Running Back, Pittsburgh

Team: ApolyonLC

Analysis: There is no chance Abanikanda will be available in the middle of the third round in rookie drafts in a few weeks.

He has recently seen his stock go soaring up with some impressive testing and workouts. He has been a hot topic lately and many have moved him into the range of the top five running backs in this class. While I don’t value him nearly that high he is worth significantly more than a third round pick and should be taken well before this pick.

Round 3 Draft Pick 7 | Evan Hull – Running Back, Northwestern

Team: Jayizzle

Analysis: Another running back that has decent size and speed and who could yield value in the right system. He will likely not find his way into the Day 2 selections, but you never know.

Round 3 Draft Pick 8 | Xavier Hutchinson – Wide Receiver, Iowa State

Team: DMacy

Analysis: Hutchinson will be a Day 3 pick and in a more talented receiver class would be mostly off the radar. In the 2023 class however, he is one of the few receiving prospects that offers decent size and as such could find his way onto a team in need of a more prototypical playmaker.

Round 3 Draft Pick 9 | Jayden Reed – Wide Receiver, Michigan State

Team: The Weidmanator

Analysis: Reed is slightly smaller than Hutchinson and slightly faster. He possesses great hands and could be a solid fit for a team in need of a trustworthy Hunter Renfrow like possession receiver.

Round 3 Draft Pick 10 | Darnell Washington – Tight End, Georgia

Team: Warshak

Analysis: This could be the best value in the draft. Mayer is my TE1, but if I had to place a bet on someone else to finish as TE1 it would be Washington. He is a beast. He ran a 4.64 40-yard dash, which is shocking given the fact that he weighed in at 6-7 and 264-pounds. If Washington manages to get top-50 draft capital, he could be a Jimmy Graham level dominant force.

Round 3 Draft Pick 11 | Deuce Vaughn – Running Back, Kansas State

Team: Aaron St. Denis

Analysis: I couldn’t resist. Deuce is just so much fun to watch that I had to take him once Washington was sniped from me. In reality though, he has probably a sub 1-percent chance of being fantasy relevant player in the NFL. He’s just far too small.

Round 3 Draft Pick 12 | Tyler Scott – Wide Receiver, Cincinnati

Team: FeverishFanaro

Analysis: Recently, I have seen expert mock drafts with Tyler Scott being selected in the late first round of the NFL Draft. If this turns out to be the case, he is an absolute steal here. I don’t see him going in the first round. More than likely he will be a late Day 2 pick given his size, but the NFL loves speed and he has more than enough to get a chance to prove himself.

Round 3 Takeaways

While there was a great deal of depth in Round 2, we quickly saw that depth and solid prospect level devolve into dart throws in Round 3. There were plenty of opportunities to take shots on upside wide receivers and running backs. A bright spot for me is Darnell Washington. If you can steal him in Round 3, I see little to no reason to use a first round pick on Mayer or a second round pick on Kincaid. If you miss on Washington like I did, there are still several solid tight end prospects available in Round 4 that have similar upside to Kincaid.

Best Pick: Darnell Washington 3.10
Worst Pick: Chase Brown 3.02

Round Four

Round 4 Draft Pick 1 |Luke Musgrave – Tight End, Oregon State

Team: PigBird JetFan

Analysis: Musgrave has the size and speed to be a potential top-12 tight end should he find the right opportunity. Given the rest of the players left on the board, I love taking a shot here on one of the remaining upside tight ends, although truthfully I would have preferred Kuntz.

Round 4 Draft Pick 2 | Rakim Jarrett – Wide Receiver, Maryland

Team: Matty Kiwoom

Analysis: Jarrett is a lesser known prospect than most. His size and speed could help him to overcome a relatively unremarkable profile should a team decide they would rather take a Day 3 shot on a receiver that could potentially be more than just a small slot receiver.

Round 4 Draft Pick 3 | Kenny McIntosh – Running Back, Georgia

Team: MasonW1422

Analysis: McIntosh is easily the best pass catching running back in this draft class. The problem is he leaves much to be desired as a running back. He is one of the bigger backs in this class but is on the slow side and lacks any real explosion. He could find himself as a usable handcuff similar to a Samaje Perine, but it would be surprising if he had any standalone value

Round 4 Draft Pick 4 | Nathaniel Dell – Wide Receiver, Houston

Team: Joshy Dizzle

Analysis: Similar to Deuce Vaughn, Tank Dell may be the most electric and entertaining player to watch in the draft. Unfortunately, he too is way under sized and calling him a slot receiver would be best case scenario. He simply doesn’t have a profile that typically has success in the NFL.

Round 4 Draft Pick 5 | Parker Washington – Wide Receiver, Penn State

Team: Amerika108

Analysis: Washington has received some hype as of late due to his speed and is unlikely to be available in Round 4 of many drafts. He is yet another example of a receiver in this class that is best suited to be a shifty slot receiver.

Round 4 Draft Pick 6 | Puka Nacua – Wide Receiver, BYU

Team: ApolyonLC

Analysis: Nacua has good size and speed for a late round dart throw despite being from a relatively small school.

Can his talents translate against far superior competition will be the question. Again, a dart throw that could surprise but don’t count on him saving your team.

Round 4 Draft Pick 7 | Eric Gray – Running Back, Oklahoma

Team: Jayizzle

Analysis: The Oklahoma running back lacks size, speed, burst, and is almost entirely off my draft board. He will likely be taken late by a running back needy manager who is just set on throwing as many darts as they can in hopes of hitting one usable starter. He’s a dart, just not a particularly good one.

Round 4 Draft Pick 8 | Bryce Ford-Wheaton – Wide Receiver, West Virginia

Team: DMacy

Analysis: This is a particularly interesting pick. He has received almost no hype which is largely due to unimpressive production, but he has elite size and speed. For now, this is the range to draft Ford-Wheaton, but if he somehow managed to find his way into Day 2, he would move far higher up my draft board.

Round 4 Draft Pick 9 | Tanner McKee – Quarterback, Stanford

Team: The Weidmanator

Analysis: A largely unspectacular statue of a quarterback, he has a solid arm but doesn’t do anything well. He is just average all around and would be lucky to find himself as a productive career backup in the NFL. Going undrafted is not out of his range of outcomes. I see him similar to Carson Strong from the 2022 draft class.

Round 4 Draft Pick 10 | Stetson Bennett – Quarterback, Georgia

Team: Warshak

Analysis: Bennett is small and unimpressive and is only receiving draft consideration because he has proven to be a winner and a solid leader. He could be the 2023 version of Tom Brady, but he profiles more as a useful locker room guy that would be a good spot starter.

Round 4 Draft Pick 11 | Zack Kuntz – Tight End, Old Dominion

Team: Aaron St. Denis

Analysis: My favorite pick in this round is my own. Projecting tight ends is far from an exact science, but athleticism is King when attempting to do so. As such, Kuntz is being way undervalued. His size and speed give him a great chance to succeed and he is another player that could sky-rocket up draft boards should he manage to sneak into Day 2 of the NFL Draft.

Round 4 Draft Pick 12 | Sam LaPorta – Tight End, Iowa

Team: FeverishFanaro

Analysis: While I agree that LaPorta should be included into the “Big Six” group of rookie tight ends, I have him last in the group by a wide margin. He has some potential but profiles as more of a part time player than a long-term option.

Round 4 Takeaways

If you are in need of a tight end and missed on the earlier ones, this is the round to strike. We see the last three tight ends go out of a group of six that I view as high potential tight end prospects. While LaPorta is likely the worst of the six by a considerable margin, Kuntz and Musgrave have the size and speed to be potentially elite players in the NFL.

Many will say Kuntz struggled to become a starter in college and never really produced, but his size and speed profile give him a ceiling that may be unmatched in this class. As for the rest of the round, we continue to see flawed wide receivers and running backs go in this range as fantasy managers hope that they may find that diamond in the rough who carves out a role.

Best Pick: Zack Kuntz 4.11
Worst Pick: Rakim Jarrett 4.02

Round Five

Round 5 Draft Pick 1 | Keaton Mitchell – Running Back, East Carolina

Team: PigBird JetFan

Analysis: Mitchell has speed for days. He was particularly impressive at the combine. Coming from a small school in a non-power five conference, it remains to be seen if he can perform against tougher competition. However, if he finds his way onto an NFL roster in training camp and get’s a chance he could run for days.

Round 5 Draft Pick 2 | Tucker Kraft – Tight End,  South Dakota State

Team: Matty Kiwoom

Analysis: We see the talent pool has dried up, and the managers who missed on tight ends are now taking the remaining ones as they’ve heard it’s a deep class. But if you’re drafting a tight end now, you’ve waited too long and are now drafting Kraft who has little to like in his profile.

Round 5 Draft Pick 3 | Will Mallory – Tight End, Miami (FL)

Team: MasonW1422

Analysis: Everything I just said about Kraft, repeat it for Mallory except at a bigger school. Both players will need to be huge surprises in the FNL draft to be on the fantasy radar and should be ignored for better dart throw opportunities.

Round 5 Draft Pick 4 | Andrei Iosivas – Wide Receiver, Princeton

Team: Joshy Dizzle

Analysis: This pick was made by my podcast guest who stated he was very high on Iosivas, and it’s easy to see why. This wide receiver has speed and size and is a good landing spot and solid draft capital away from shooting up draft boards. Keep an eye on this one because he’s worth monitoring.

Round 5 Draft Pick 5 | Mohamed Ibrahim – Running Back, Minnesota

Team: Amerika108

Analysis: Ibrahim is a small and shifty running back with some talent. He is unlikely to ever see a feature role. This pick is nothing more than a stash or handcuff and will likely find his way onto waiver wires unless an injury thrusts him into the lineup.

Round 5 Draft Pick 6 | Dorian Thompson-Robinson – Quarterback, UCLA

Team: ApolyonLC

Analysis: DTR is the dollar store version of Anthony Richardson. The athletic profile is there and if he manages to get an opportunity at the NFL level he could find himself as a usable dual-threat quarterback. It’s not impossible to find a Day 3 starter, but the odds are low.

He could very easily be the 2023 version of Brock Purdy but he will require some seasoning.

Round 5 Draft Pick 7 | Chris Rodriguez – Running Back, Kentucky

Team: Jayizzle

Analysis: Rodriguez is an interesting prospect who is bigger than most of the other backs and still runs with good speed and physicality.

Round 5 Draft Pick 8 | Brenton Strange – Tight End, Penn State

Team: DMacy

Analysis: Undraftable. Strange is off my rather deep tight end draft board, and I can’t see a situation in which I would draft him. I would have either drafted one of the top six, or I wouldn’t bother drafting one at all.

Round 5 Draft Pick 9 | Travis Dye – Running Back, USC

Team: The Weidmanator

Analysis: Similar to Strange, Dye is teetering on the bottom of my running back draft board and is about to enter into undraftable status. There are just very few scenarios in which he would be the best player left on my draft board. Let someone else select him.

Round 5 Draft Pick 10 | A.T. Perry – Wide Receiver, Wake Forest

Team: Warshak

Analysis: Perry is huge and relatively fast for a man of his size. He doesn’t do any one thing particularly well but he could be a great red zone target for a team that lacks size. The problem is he will never be a target hog and his ceiling is that of a touchdown-dependent boom or bust flew play.

Round 5 Draft Pick 11 | Charlie Jones – Wide Receiver, Purdue

Team: Aaron St. Denis

Analysis: Player Profiler has Charlie Football’s closest player comp as Devonta Smith. This doesn’t mean they believe he will be Smith, rather his profile is so unique that there is no one else who even falls in his comparable category. He’s a long shot to find success in the NFL, but he is certainly impressive to watch.

Round 5 Draft Pick 12 | Lew Nichols – Running Back, Chattanooga

Team: FeverishFanaro

Analysis: It’s very rare for anyone to draft a prospect that I don’t know, but when this pick was made I had to look it up to see who he was. I live relatively close to Central Michigan University and even I didn’t know who Lew Nichols was. It’s possible this drafter knows something I don’t know, but I wouldn’t bank on it.

Round 5 Takeaways

Dorian Thompson-Robinson has the athletic traits to be a potential late-round steal, but he can’t be counted on if you are desperate at quarterback. We also see two supremely talented receivers going in this round in Iosivas and Jones, but both will need a long list of things to fall in their favor to find their way onto the fantasy radar.

Best Pick: Andrei Iosivas
Worst Pick: Lew Nichols

Final Thoughts

If you are in need of a quarterback you better find your way into the early part of the first round. That’s your only chance at one of the potential elites. For any team drafting in the 11 or 12 slot, I do not envy you. The drop off at pick 1.11 is the wide. If you can’t trade up into the top ten, you should consider trading down for multiple picks in the second round. They will have the same basic value as your 1.11/1.12 pick, so why not give yourself an extra pick?

When we get into Round 2, it’s best to disregard ADP and take the guys you like. There is a cluster of roughly 12 players that are all of similar value, and they can go in any order. You’re best bet is to look at the positional needs of your league mates and use that to make your own ADP instead of relying on expert consensus. This round will be extremely league dependent. If you are a team in need of depth on your roster the second round is a great place to acquire multiple picks as you should be able to leave the draft with several useful and reliable fantasy assets.

Post-Round 3

Round 3 and 4 see a huge cluster of tight end prospects with high end potential, and I will not be leaving any of my drafts without taking at least one tight end. From Round 3 out it’s too early to determine which of these prospects will make the best target. The only thing we know for sure is that the players in final three rounds are likely to be largely effected by their ultimate landing spot and draft capital, so for now take “your guy” and go from there.