RotoUnderworld Radio – First Mover Podcast: James White time is now

by _tim______ ·

On episode 19, Matt Kelley plans his escape from football opposite world by going all-in on James White, the real Super Bowl 51 MVP.

Michael Thomas would have drawn with a penalty flag, but 53rd man Tommy Lee Lewis didn’t deserve a pass interference penalty.

Patriots dared Sammy Watkins and Damien Williams to beat them.

Jared Goff last his strategic advantage when the headset malfunctioned.

Todd Gurley could dominate the touches at value in DFS and win the Super Bowl MVP.

Rams have the defensive personnel to pressure Tom Brady.

Drew Brees is the best checkdown quarterback of all time.

Don’t play Sony Michel in DFS, because Los Angeles could dominate the Super Bowl.

Josh Reynolds cashed in on sudden opportunity, Chris Conley blew himself up.

The Rams need to take away Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski, with or without steroids, so play Phillip Dorsett (again).

Play Robert Woods, because the Patriots know how to take away players like Brandin Cooks.

More NFL players should thank randomness.

The Los Angeles Rams will not visit the White House.