Calvin Ridley Crushes with Zay Jones | Week-Winning Statistics Week 13

by Bradley Stalder · Fantasy Football
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The Ultimate Rush

Experience the ultimate rush that surpasses skydiving, hydroplaning, and roller coasters—winning a fantasy matchup projected for only a 1-percent chance of victory. The intensity of watching a game extend into overtime just so your fantasy player can seize additional scoring opportunities is incomparable.

As we navigate the crucial weeks of the fantasy season, the imperative to secure a win each week intensifies. Let’s explore key statistics that will undoubtedly propel you to a triumphant victory in Week 13:

Kyren Williams is the No.2 running back in fantasy points per game

Kyren Williams boasts an impressive average of exactly 20 fantasy points in half-PPR scoring, a remarkable feat considering he has only participated in seven games this season. Emerging from injured reserve with renewed vigor, the former Notre Dame Fighting Irish running back has defied initial characterizations that he was a slow, unathletic pass-catching back, earning him comparisons to Theo Riddick. Now, he’s transformed into a dynamic force reminiscent of Alvin Kamara‘s impact.

When Williams takes the field, he establishes firm control over the backfield, ranking second only to Travis Etienne in snaps per game. Additionally, among running backs who have played in six or more games, Williams leads in rush yards per game. Looking ahead, while facing challenges against the Browns, Ravens, and Saints, he also has favorable matchups against the Giants and Commanders during the fantasy playoffs. Considering Williams’ remarkable performance and upcoming matchups, confidently start him with RB1 expectations.

Among WRs with 30-plus targets, Rashee Rice leads the league in Yards After Contact Per Reception

Rice has unmistakably emerged as the top wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs. Following some introspection prompted by the Week 11 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Chiefs unleashed Rice in Week 12. He not only logged the most pass snaps and ran the most routes among all Chiefs wide receivers, but also garnered 10 targets, securing eight passes for an impressive 107 yards and a touchdown.

Notably, Rice saw a season-high 63-percent of snaps lined up wide.  Rice’s winning formula revolves around Yards After Contact, showcasing his prowess on the field. Among wide receivers with 55 or more targets, Rice is No. 9 in Yards Per Route Run and leads the pack in Catch Rate. We are witnessing the ascent of a budding star. Coming off an exceptional performance, feel confident starting Rice as a WR2 for the remainder of the season.

In games where Zay Jones is active, Calvin Ridley is No. 3 among WRs in receiving yards

In a surprising revelation, Calvin Ridley demonstrates a notable uptick in performance when Zay Jones is on the field with him. When Jones is active, Ridley averages an impressive 19.5 PPR fantasy points per game, a stark contrast to the 8.3 fantasy points per game when Jones is inactive. This trend extends beyond Ridley, as quarterback Trevor Lawrence also exhibits improved play with Jones on the field. Lawrence registers a 22-percent increase in fantasy points from passing plays in games when Jones is active, accompanied by a reduction in interceptions and a lower Turnover Worthy Play Rate.

Despite Jones’s individual performance being unexceptional, his presence on the outside alters the dynamics of the offense. In the absence of Jones, no Jaguars wide receiver has played more than 52-percent of snaps out wide, allowing defenders to concentrate on Ridley. Conversely, when Jones is active, he plays nearly 70-percent of his snaps out wide, providing crucial support. Ridley, who has been a top-10 weekly wide receiver in four out of five weeks with Jones in the lineup, can be confidently started for the remainder of the season – contingent on Jones being active.

Elevate Your Team To Victory

In the quest for fantasy glory, the adrenaline of improbable victories adds a unique thrill, surpassing even the most exhilarating real-world experiences. As we plunge into the pivotal weeks of the fantasy season, strategic player choices become paramount. Kyren Williams stands as a formidable force, defying expectations and earning his place as the second-highest scoring running back in fantasy points per game. Rashee Rice, emerging as the standout wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs, showcases a winning formula with yards after contact. Lastly, the dynamic duo of Zay Jones and Calvin Ridley unveils a strategic advantage, with Ridley’s performance significantly enhanced when Jones is in play. Armed with these insights, confidently navigate your fantasy roster toward triumph, armed with the knowledge of key players who can elevate your team to victory.

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