Bettle Fantasy Testimonials – SIGN UP FOR BETTLE TODAY!

Bettle Fantasy is one of the most exciting and new ways to play fantasy football. During the 2023 fantasy season, the PlayerProfiler staff played in a tournament with their fans on the Bettle App.

This article chronicles their experience playing on the app, and why they believe other people should download the Bettle Fantasy app today!

Seth Diewold

I had a ton of fun playing on the Bettle Fantasy platform this past season. To be honest, there isn’t really anything like it in the fantasy football space right now. I hear it all the time: “My Dynasty Team is MUCH better than yours!” Now, there is a fantasy app that lets fantasy gamers prove their Dynasty squad is superior in a weekly challenge. Dynasty gamers can also play for cash if they would like to! Overall, I had a ton of fun playing against my friends at PlayerProfiler and our fans. Bettle is truly an amazing, underrated, up and coming fantasy app in the fantasy football space. Go start playing today!

Jason Allwine

Playing on Bettle Fantasy was one of the more fun experiences of this past fantasy football season. Being able to take my best season long squads into weekly contests is such a valuable tool. Now I can kick ass every week and add stakes to my favorite teams. It’s a super easy way to make the most of the fantasy football season and I can’t recommend this app enough. From head to head contests, to whole tournaments- Bettle has it all. It’s easy to use, and most of all – fun to play!

Nick Lynch

I really enjoyed getting to know the ins and outs of the Bettle Fantasy app this season and the ability to comb the area for juicy head-to-head wagers was borderline addicting at times. The weekend quick hitters gave me the opportunity to flaunt my prized dynasty squads in DFS-style competitions. You won’t be competing against DFS-optimized lineups crammed with star power. It is your homegrown dynasty roster against theirs and bringing home a few bucks in a showdown like that makes it that much more sweet!

Matty Kiwoom

Playing on the Bettle Fantasy platform was awesome! I really enjoyed myself. It was a completely unique experience that is so different from almost any other fantasy platform. Having the ability to challenge friends and other fantasy gamers to put the age-old question, “who has the best dynasty roster?” to the test is really cool. The PlayerProfiler battle on Bettle was honestly one of the most memorable matchups I will remember from this season. I recommended Bettle to all my buddies, and I would recommend everyone try out this new way to play fantasy football.