Nick Lynch

Head of Marketing

Nick Lynch is a football addict and Marketing Specialist. He specializes in strategic media planning, measurement, and performance evaluation. His experience spans clients in every industry and vertical, national and international brands, and numerous digital channels. Also, Nick’s unique skillset combines everything from macro consumer trend evaluation to on-site technical implementation for a truly comprehensive approach to advertising. His data-driven mindset and passion for football make him a formidable opponent in fantasy leagues. Nick’s expertise will help PlayerProfiler take the next step as a company.

Nick’s role at PlayerProfiler as a Marketing Specialist involves the development and execution of media strategies designed to accelerate bottom-funnel performance for PlayerProfiler. Additionally, he aims to grow the relationship between the brand and fantasy football gamers all over the world. He is also heavily involved with the coordination of various media teams for omnichannel promotion of PlayerProfiler’s key initiatives. Nick is committed to staying up to date on the latest industry trends to remain one step ahead in this ever-changing and extremely competitive digital landscape. He aims to stay ahead in the fantasy space where players are becoming sharper each and every day. Nick lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a result, He is always repping his hometown Eagles.