RotoUnderworld Radio – Sonic Truth: Jimmy Garoppolo bear trap

by _tim______ ·

In episode 79, Matt Kelley and Aaron Schatz warn a small sample trap is inflating Jimmy Garoppolo‘s perceived value.

The Buffalo Bills are now the worst team in the NFL.

NFL offenses should experience a resurgence this season.

Leonard Fournette‘s floor is lowered and Blake Bortles ceiling is higher, because the Jaguars will likely experience a game script reversion.

Chicago’s run-ratio should flip this season.

The Giants should have drafted a quarterback over Saquon Barkley?

Why NFL coaches call passes in run situations and passes in run situations.

Andrew Luck‘s return will be a boon for the Colts skill position players.

What is DVOA and how can it be applied by fantasy gamers?

NFC East and AFC South schedules will flip from unfriendly to friendly this season?

How important is Derrius Guice to Washington?

How important is Rob Gronkowski to the Patriots offense, and if healthy, can Gronki post the best tight end season of all time (again) this year?

Are we on the verge of an NFL-wide Tight End Renaissance?

The NFC in the NFL the equivalent of the Western Conference in the NBA.

Where should Nick Foles and Teddy Bridgewater go in free agency (or via trade)?

What are the odds Marcus Mariota outscores Deshaun Watson and Jimmy Garoppolo in fantasy football?

Don’t fall for the Kenyan Drake small sample trap.

Davante Adams is the most improved receiver in the NFL.