The Fantasy Supermarket: Players to Buy

by Matty Kiwoom · Dynasty Leagues

Looking for a running back that may be on sale? How about a wide receiver that is being discounted due to bad reviews? Maybe a quarterback or tight end whose price is about to skyrocket? This is the right place. Welcome to the Fantasy Supermarket.

The players that are in the Fantasy Supermarket have indicators suggesting that their current value may increase in short order. I’ll be using advanced analytics and metrics from’s Data Analysis tool to highlight which players are worth buying into. But you have to act now because these current prices will not last long. 

Courtland Sutton

The Denver Broncos have been a massive disappointment in both fantasy football and real-life football. Courtland Sutton started the season strong but has faded recently. The wide receiver was averaging 16.2 fantasy points per game over his first four games but has since averaged just seven points over his last three. So why would anyone want to buy into a player that is seemingly fading? Sutton’s recent struggles present a buy window, and we love buy windows at the Fantasy Supermarket. 

Courtland Sutton Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

Sutton’s performance profile has a couple of positive indicators that are worth being excited about. Seven weeks into the season, Sutton has 762 Air Yards (No. 3 among qualifying wide receivers). He also has seen nine Red Zone Targets (No. 7) and 13 Deep Targets (No 4). That signifies that Sutton is already getting high-value opportunities. What is really appealing to his performance profile is the 394 Unrealized Air Yards (No. 3) and 15.7 Expected Fantasy Points per Game (No. 9). Sutton’s Expected Fantasy Points per Game is almost 3.5 higher than his actual fantasy points per game. Those metrics suggest that there is positive regression in his profile. If Russell Wilson puts together a good game against Jacksonville, a lot of the looks could go Sutton’s way. Also, the Broncos have a fantastic remaining schedule for wide receivers. Now is a great time to acquire Denver’s alpha wideout. 

Kyler Murray

Just a couple of months ago Kyler Murray was drafted as the sixth quarterback off the draft board. Fantasy managers’ frustrations are growing due to his scoring less than 20 points in four of his last five games. Murray hasn’t finished as a top-five quarterback in 2022 and hasn’t been a top-10 QB since Week 4. Chances to buy into a player isn’t always about hidden metrics. Sometimes opportunities to buy can come from a fantasy manager’s perspective. This is one of those moments because eight weeks in, and Murray is the QB 6 on the season.

Kyler Murray Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

The Arizona Cardinals’ offense is extremely pass-friendly. The Cards have the No. 2 highest Pace of Play, their 40.7 Team Pass Plays per Game is No. 5 best, and Murray has the No. 4 most Pass Attempts with 281. He is very accurate. Murray has an 8.3 Accuracy Rating (No. 2 among qualifying quarterbacks), 74.5-percent True Completion Percentage, and 7.9 Accuracy Rating vs Man. He needs to improve some of his efficiency metrics which is possible given that he was more efficient in each of the last two seasons. We also can’t forget that Murray is a Konami Code quarterback. He has 263 Rushing Yards (No. 5) and 10 Red Zone Carries (No. 6). High passing volume, regression to the mean, and rushing ability are the exact reason why Kyler Murray is a buy at the Fantasy Supermarket. 

Buy of the Week: Jonathan Taylor

The consensus 1.01 has left team builders feeling like they botched the top overall selection. Jonathan Taylor is currently RB 32 overall. His 13.1 fantasy points per game make him the No. 20 best back on a per-game basis. Opportunities to acquire high-end draft picks at any kind of discount are rare. Taylor’s slow first couple of months might have jarred open the window to trade for the talented back. This is just the kind of deal the Fantasy Supermarket loves to advertise. 

Jonathan Taylor Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

Looking at Taylor’s metrics on PlayerProfiler, the difference between his Fantasy Points per Game and his Expected Fantasy Points per Game paint a different picture. As mentioned the running back has averaged just over 13 fantasy points, but he was expected to score nearly 17 points per game. Most of that stems from a lack of touchdowns. Taylor is a special talent and is getting touches. He has a 72-percent Snap Share (No. 6 among qualifying running backs) and 74.2% Opportunity Share (No. 9). Currently, Taylor is the complete package. He is an elite talent, with high-volume opportunities, and he can be acquired at a slight discount. That’s why he is the buy of the week at the Fantasy Supermarket. 

Wrap Up

Acquiring players at the right time is a major key to success in fantasy football. Early panic can lead to team builders getting players they never would have imagined just a couple of weeks ago. Courtland Sutton, Chris Godwin, and Jonathan Taylor are three players that are worth targeting based on their underlying metrics versus current perception. Happy shopping and come on back to the Fantasy Supermarket. 

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