Efficient Players from 2016 with an Arrow Pointed UP this Season

by _tim______ ·

The golden rule of fantasy football Opportunity Is King. Just ask Tim Hightower, and every player ever tethered to Drew Brees.

Additionally, efficiency can be misleading. Look at Atlanta’s offense last season: Matt Ryan posted one of the highest Adjusted Yards Per Attempts of all time playing a soft schedule. Operating in that hyper-efficient offense, Tevin Coleman was one of the most efficient running backs and Taylor Gabriel was one of the most efficient wide receivers. A regression is coming.

So when does efficiency matter? When things change. When an efficient player’s situation changes, past efficiency matters.

Efficient Running Backs

Here are three efficient running backs with efficient advanced stats, metrics, and analytics profiles:

Ty Montgomery was an efficiency monster and is the only proven NFL runner left on the Green Bay roster.

Duke Johnson is lining up as a receiver throughout preseason. He fits the profile of an efficient satellite back-plus – an elite receiver with bell cow traits.

All James White does is score fantasy points. With LeGarrette Blount gone, why should the Patriots not turn to the real Super Bowl MVP in more game situations?

Efficient Wide Receivers

Here are three efficient wide receivers with efficient advanced stats, metrics, and analytics profiles:

PlayerProfiler favorite Adam Thielen and the Viking go from one of the hardest to one of the easiest schedules for passing attacks.

Who can call going to the Browns an upgrade? Kenny Britt can. He was one of the most efficient NFL WRs despite Jared Goff last season.

DeSean Jackson has been the most efficient wide receiver in the NFL the last four seasons, and Jameis Winston is one of the NFL leaders in deep balls per attempt. It’s wheels up for DeSean Jackson.

Efficient Sleepers

John Brown’s health is a major question mark, J.J. Nelson and his 4.28 wheels will be delivering splash play after splash play in Arizona this season.

The Dallas Cowboys schedule goes from very easy to very hard in 2017. This means more snaps and more targets for Cole Beasley and his 75% catch rate.