Taysom Hill
Taysom Hill's Versatility Extends to the Saints Versatility in Salary Cap Management
1 month ago

In what could be a Michael Lewis story on salary cap management, the Saints free up much needed cap room by converting Taysom Hill’s 2024 salary into a signing bonus.

The Saints have restructured Taysom Hill’s contract in order to free up $6.5 million of cap space. The Saints did so by converting $8.79 million of Taysom Hill’s 2024 salary towards a signing bonus. 


The maneuvering and manipulation of the salary cap by the New Orleans Saints can either be deemed highly impressive or fiscally irresponsible. The Saints have always wanted to keep their window of competing wide open. The moves to stay compliant within the salary cap structure have always been curious to say the least. There will be a day of reckoning when the Saints won’t be able to keep up with kicking the can down the road and they have to fully rebuild, but their moves this offseason indicate they are not close to giving into a reset. 


Given the recent news of running back Alvin Kamara being dissatisfied with his current contract, this move may signal some work towards making things well with their star player. At the very least, the $6.5 million of cap space is a step in the right direction for a Saints front office that continues to wriggle through choppy salary cap waters.