Senior Bowl Fantasy Football Standouts: Jason Allwine’s 2024 All Senior Bowl Team & Honorable Mentions

by Jason Allwine · Featured

In the flash of an eye, the 2024 Senior Bowl has flown by. With a day of reflection, it is time to carry on Cody Carpentier’s torch of creating an All-Senior Bowl Roster! The Senior Bowl event is one of, if not the best, ways to find some hidden gems in our Rookie Fantasy Drafts. These players have gone through three days of practices with post-practice media availability as well as an entire media event. This article will take into account the things I noticed in practice and how the players carried themselves in the media portion. 

Note: these awards come out before the game is played and represent my evaluations from the week of practice which we, along with every other evaluator in the media or NFL teams, find to be much more important and telling than the game-day outcome.


Carter Bradley – Southern Alabama (6-3, 218-pounds, 9 ⅜” hands)

I’m not saying Carter Bradley is the next Brock Purdy or even Jake Browning. What I am saying is that his performance was very impressive given the circumstances of this Senior Bowl. I am not the first to say that Michael Penix Jr. and Bo Nix were a disappointment. I’m not the first to say that Michael Pratt and Sam Hartman did nothing to separate themselves from the pack. Additionally, I’m not the first to say that Joe Milton and Spencer Rattler were scared to take shots down the field and usually locked onto their first read or scrambled. 

No one gave Carter Bradley hope at the beginning because he’s from Southern Alabama. But what did he do? Carter Bradley proved he belonged. He may not have the strongest arm, he may not be the fastest, and he may not be the tallest. But the quarterback position is about much more than the tangibles. Bradley demonstrated his ability to lead, learn, and build trust with teammates every single day. He demonstrated his competitiveness by not shying away at an event with a QB that just played in the National Championship. Carter Bradley played well all week and got better and more confident every single practice.

College Resume

In 2021 when Bradley was the QB for the Toledo Rockets, they played No. 8 Notre Dame. The Rockets lost 29-32, and Bradley threw for 221 yards and 1 TD with 0 interceptions. This was a solid performance against a top 10 team while playing for Toledo. In 2022, he transferred to Southern Alabama and led them to be 10-3 and to their first bowl game since 2016. He threw for 360 yards and 3 TDs with 2 INTs in that game.

In 2023, he led the Jaguars back to another bowl game and averaged a very solid 241 pass yards, 1.72 TDs, and 0.63 INTs a game. He even led the Jaguars to a 33-7 win over Oklahoma State! The point is- Carter Bradley is a competitor and clearly shows up on the big stages. His floor is absolutely a long-time backup in the NFL at worst. 

Running Back

MarShawn Lloyd – USC (5-9, 217-pounds, 8 ¾” hands)

The best way to describe MarShawn Lloyd‘s performance was that it was much harder to decide who the No. 2 running back was at the Senior Bowl than it was to determine the No. 1 running back. Lloyd commanded himself as not only the best in the Senior Bowl all week, but even said he was the best RB in the draft when I interviewed him. I am not sure if I would go that far, but he certainly has what it takes. He demonstrated speed, strength, pass catching, and pass protection abilities. 

In college he didn’t necessarily see a lot of volume but was incredibly efficient. Last season, after transferring to USC, Lloyd had 116 carries for 820 yards and nine TDs. That’s an average of 7.1 yards per carry and 0.81 TDs per game. He also had 13 receptions for 232 yards, showcasing just how explosive he can be as a pass catcher with a whopping 17.8 yards per catch. MarShawn Lloyd will be dangerous at the NFL level. 

Daijun Edwards – UGA (5-9, 202-pounds, 9” hands)

Alex Dunlap of RosterWatch said it best in our Day 1 Recap, “Daijun Edwards is Mr. Vision.” Edwards possess the rare personality trait of patience. He was so good at timing the holes created by his blockers and finding the right path for positive yards. I don’t remember a single time that he was stopped for negative yards, and the American Team literally has to practice against T’Vondre Sweat. He was not only a patient and capable runner, but he displayed the ability to run solid routes and catch the ball too. I can remember at least two one handed catches that he made.

Last season at Georgia, Edwards led the Bulldogs with 881 rush yards off of 164 carries. More impressively, he averaged 1.08 TDs a game. Edwards had five games with two TDs last season alone! And while he only had 20 receptions last year, he had one game with six receptions and averaged a solid 9.9 yards per catch. He clearly is a capable back and would make a perfect complement back for any NFL team.

Wide Receiver

Roman Wilson – Michigan (5-10, 186-pounds, 9 ⅛” hands)

Roman Wilson had such a good Senior Bowl that he is probably everyone’s WR1 from this event. He did such a good job that he sat out Day 3 of practice and will not be playing in the game. He’s shown what he needs to show. He can win outside, inside, has a complete route tree, he’s shifty, and confident. 

His stats may not pop off the page. He finished 2023 with 48 receptions for 789 yards but had 12 TDs. What makes it impressive though is that that is good for 20-percent of J.J. McCarthy‘s completions, 26.3-percent of his pass yards, and a massive 54-percent of his TD Passes. Roman Wilson has a clutch factor that is undeniable and will produce wherever he lands.

Brenden Rice – USC (6-2, 212-pounds, 9 ⅜” hands)

I honestly don’t know what else to say. Brenden Rice just looked like the best WR out there. He has great size and strength that he displayed all week. Everyone thought Xavier Legette was going to look like D.K. Metcalf, but it was Rice that did. He looked angry when running routes and beat his coverages with ease.

He had a couple drops and isn’t the smoothest route runner, but he certainly has Alpha capabilities. This was demonstrated by his 12 receiving TDs last season.

Ladd McConkey – UGA (5-11, 187-pounds, 8 ⅝” hands)

Ladd McConkey is another player that is going to be a standout to anyone you talk to and may be some people’s WR1. McConkey was easily the best WR on the American Team. He is a phenomenal route runner and incredibly agile. My favorite play from the entire Senior Bowl belongs to him as well.

He is a very capable punt returner and started fielding punts while holding a football in each arm- think about that. The fact that he will not only be an instant producer as a great slot receiver, but also has special teams’ capabilities makes him someone that will be drafted higher than people think.

Tight End

Theo Johnson – Penn State (6-6, 257-pounds, 10” hands)

Theo Johnson is not only built like a skyscraper, but he also got clocked running 18+ mph – the fastest of any TE at the Senior Bowl.

He was a solid route runner, a solid blocker, and had great hands. With his size and speed with his skills, it’s hard to imagine he’d fail. 

Honorable Mentions


Spencer Rattler – South Carolina (6-0, 219-pounds, 9 6/8” hands)

Spencer Rattler is certainly driven and capable, but he didn’t put much confidence in his passing capabilities until Day 3. He frequently locked onto his first read, and usually dumped it to his RB or short over the middle route.

However, there were a couple time when he did actually take the shot (The above play and when he’d throw to South Carolina teammate Xavier Legette), so hopefully his confidence can build in the right situation. 

Running Back

Michael Wiley – Arizona (5-10, 209-pounds, 9 ⅛” hands)

Michael Wiley was the first RB to raise my eyebrows at the Senior Bowl. As mentioned earlier, the defensive line was hard to do anything against in Day 1- but he did. Wiley is definitely more effective as a pass catcher but showed solid runs as well.

He has three straight college seasons with at least 28 receptions and 297 receiving yards and also averaged 4.4 yards per carry last season and 6.8 this season. Wiley should be a good complementary running back at the next level.

Wide Receiver

Ryan Flournoy – Southeast Missouri State (6-1, 200-pounds, 10” hands)

My first impression of Ryan Flournoy is that he looks bigger and plays stronger than 200-pounds. Flournoy was also very frequently targeted and stood out all three days. He was fast, strong, and a solid route runner. 

His story is an inspiring one too as he has now played in three different college divisions. He started out in D2 at Central Missouri before transferring to junior college at Iowa Western where he tore his ACL.  Then he recovered a season later where he then led the team in receiving and then transferred to D1 Southeast Missouri State- where he was their leading receiver two seasons in a row. Flournoy is clearly talented and a hard worker. That can take people very far. 

Tight End

Ben Sinnott – Kansas State (6-4, 254-pounds, 9 ⅜” hands)

Ben Sinnott impressed all three days and was probably the best route runner out of the bunch, and that’s pretty impressive at his size. He showed a clutch factor as well with multiple difficult catches especially over the middle. Sinnott is a very good pass catcher and also was a solid blocker.

He had 676 yards and six TDs last season for Kansas State and the most receiving yards by any TE at the Senior Bowl. Truly, he is a good tight end, and I am very curious to see where he lands.

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