Week 5 NFL DFS Picks: Is Zach Wilson Your QB This Week?

by Kelly Singh · Upside Plays
DFS Week 5

“Is Zach Wilson your QB this week?” 

Maybe. He is facing a terrible Denver defense…

It’s time for my DFS Week 5 picks! If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that the majority of these weekly picks have been on fire! Last week felt rough, but when I went back and looked at the game logs…it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought. We’re onto a new week and it also happens to be the first bye week, with Cleveland, Los Angeles Chargers, Seattle, and Tampa Bay all on bye this week. Below, you’ll find my favorite picks for the Sunday Main Slate of games and a little bit about why. Let’s get into it!

Week 5 NFL DFS Picks

QB Picks

Zach Wilson ($4.9K DraftKings / $6.7K FanDuel)

Maybe it was the threat of a new QB coming in to take over for him or maybe it was the sheer desire to win? Whatever it was, Zach Wilson rose to the occasion last week against the Chiefs. Many anticipated the Jets getting steamrolled, but they didn’t. This week, Wilson faces the worst defense in the league: the Denver Broncos. This would be a great time to get some value with very low rostership.

Lamar Jackson ($7.8K DraftKings / $8.4K FanDuel)

I’m spending up on Lamar Jackson this week. Seeing him handle the Browns defense, who were supposed to shut him down, made me vow to never doubt Jackson (or the Ravens) again. In looking at rostership, I’m not too worried about it for GPP tournaments. The higher salary, along with other good options this week, are keeping Jackson on fewer week 5 DFS rosters. Jackson is currently averaging 23 FFPG on DraftKings and 22 FFPG on FanDuel.

RB Picks

De’Von Achane ($6.1K DraftKings / $7.5K FanDuel)

Are you in on De’Von Achane yet? Join the party. His rostership is at a whopping 24-percent this week and it’s for good reason. The man doesn’t quit! He’s averaging 28.7 FPPG on DraftKings and 25.4 FPPG on Fanduel, following two monster weeks. I feel like his salary is manageable for that kind of return on investment. In addition, Achane should have zero issues plowing through the struggling Giants defense.

Breece Hall ($5.4K DraftKings / $6.5K FanDuel)

I’m doing it again this week, stacking a running back with his quarterback. I know it’s not the most popular type of stack, but it feels good, so I’m going for it. Breece Hall will make an impact in the matchup against the Broncos as long as Zach Wilson holds up his end of the partnership. This defense is so weak, I’m not even entertaining any other outcomes here. Hall will also be suitable for both cash and GPP games, with a low to moderate rostership.

James Conner ($5.8K DraftKings / $6.5K FanDuel)

I’m including James Conner as part of my DFS Week 5 picks again this week. We should ride this train until it doesn’t make sense to do so anymore. The Cardinals will continue to be overlooked week after week, so let’s take advantage of that. Conner has mid-range rostership and a manageable salary this week going up against a downtrodden Bengals defense. He’s been averaging 14.5 FPPG on DraftKings and 12.7 on FanDuel with an average of 17.5 touches per game. Conner is projected for roughly 13.9 fantasy points this week so that data tracks! Let’s gooooo!

WR Picks

Chris Olave ($6.9K DraftKings / $7.1K FanDuel)

I’m bringing you Chris Olave again as one of my DFS Week 5 picks. His salary is still manageable to work into your roster and he’s projected to bring in 14.3 FPPG on DraftKings, but just 11.68 on FanDuel. That point projection is what’s likely keeping Olave’s salary fairly low on FanDuel. While the Saints may not be a great team, Olave is still an elite player. Derek Carr is listed as “questionable” this week according to the player notes, but he’s looking good to play. They’re up against a New England defense that’s good, but has been experiencing a bit of a rough patch.

Tutu Atwell ($5.3K DraftKings / $5.8K FanDuel)

Tutu Atwell has been the picture of consistency for much of this season. He was bottled up a bit last week, but look for him to break out again here in Week 5. The value is here, so be sure to get in on it. While the Eagles defense was supposed to be one of the best, they’ve shown otherwise, especially against the passing game. Atwell has the moves required to slip through and make a tremendous impact this week. Rostership will end up in the middle ranges, making him a good play for either Cash or GPP games. Look for Atwell to bring a projected 10.5 fantasy points on DraftKings and 8.76 on FanDuel. These projections are in line with his current average FPPG.

Puka Nacua ($7.7K DraftKings / $8.0K FanDuel)

If you like the Rams’ matchup against the Eagles and want to pay up for the guaranteed upside of more fantasy points, go with Puka Nacua. The two absolutely play by committee, but Nacua is managing to receive double the Target Share. I’ve already discussed the weaknesses that have been revealed within the Eagles defense, so look for Nacua to continue his scoring rampage. Just be prepared to see him on nearly every other roster out there. He’s proving to be a popular Week 5 pick.

TE Picks

Sam LaPorta ($5.0K DraftKings / $6.0K FanDuel)

Sam LaPorta is back in Sunday’s main slate mix after the Lions played in last week’s Thursday night matchup and I just can’t quit him! He’ll be facing a mediocre Carolina defense and is sure to continue playing in well over 80-percent of the snaps. His low salary and midrange rostership make him a good player for both Cash and GPP games. LaPorta is averaging 13.1 FPPG on DraftKings and 10.3 FPPG on FanDuel.

Mark Andrews ($5.5K DraftKings / $7.6K FanDuel)

If you’ve got the cap space, consider stacking Mark Andrews with Lamar Jackson this week. After Andrews’ major performance against a Browns defense that was supposed to shut him down, I’m ready for an encore! Other DFS managers seem to be on the fence about Andrews and I’m okay with that, as it leaves more shares for us. He has a mid-range rostership and a very manageable salary this week. Look for Andrews to bring us more than his projected fantasy points this week (13 on DK, 11 on FD). It’s clear that he’s Lamar’s safety blanket and should anything go awry, you’ll see the ball safely in Andrews’ hands.


Miami Dolphins ($3.6K DraftKings / $4.9K FanDuel)

When I chose the Dolphins as one of my DFS Week 5 picks, I was looking for both a manageable salary and a good amount of points. I’m happy with what I found on DraftKings with the Dolphins, but I’m not sure I’d pay up so much on FanDuel, even with the increased salary cap. They land in a matchup against the Giants with a projection of 8.6 fantasy points.

Indianapolis Colts ($3.2K DraftKings / $3.8K FanDuel)

I also like the Indianapolis Colts defense this week. They’re projected to bring us 7.6 fantasy points and the salary is definitely manageable for most rosters. The biggest issue with the Colts defense is the secondary. If they can keep DeAndre Hopkins under wraps, they’ll be in good shape.

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