Get Woke: Rookie WR David Moore is a Name to Know in Seattle

by edward gorelik ·

The top players in draft classes are boring. We know they’re good, everyone knows they’re good, no one wants to hear arguments about which one is better. Want to know what is interesting? Deep sleeper nobodies that are completely ignored without reason.

An Introduction

Welcome, David Moore; drafted in the 7th round by Seattle.

David Moore‘s coming from East Central Oklahoma, a program he may have made up in order to get drafted. That’s the kind of ambitious act you should be looking at positively, if true. Regardless, Moore dominated the box score at East Central (against possibly made up teammates and opponents) with a 35-percent College Dominator Rating when he hit his age 19 sophomore season and kept dominating every year. In his final season, he posted nearly 40-percent of East Central’s production. So far so good.

David Moore wasn’t given an invite to the NFL combine and was ignored in favor of more “popular” receivers, whatever that means. However, at his pro day, Moore showed up and put together a strong showing.

Standing at 6-1,  219-pounds, David Moore ran a 4.48 (72nd-percentile) that converts into a 108.7 (88th-percentile) Height-Adjusted Speed Scor (HaSS). He added an above average Burst Score on top of that. Those aren’t small school athletic traits, those are big man playing outside receiver in the NFL traits. In other words, these are good things.

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David Moore Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

But wait, there’s more positive traits being thrown onto David Moore‘s fantasy football profile. Moore’s receiving a phone call on draft day by a team desperately in need of a speed/size receiver that has no established presence at the position, being led by a great ascending quarterback. Hello, is that the Seattle Seahawks on the line? Yes, it is.

The Competition

Look at this depth chart. Beyond Doug Baldwin, where are your established starters? Nowhere, that’s where. Jermaine Kearse is coming off an exceptionally inefficient season and he’s the player holding Moore’s future throne. What remains is a depth chart made up of unreached potential and broken dreams. Why couldn’t a young dominant athlete from the seventh round surpass Paul Richardson after three years of his slight frame being incapable of reaching the field? Let me answer that, they will.

Seattle Seahawks Depth Chart -

Seattle Seahawks Depth Chart Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

“But what about Amara Darboh?” says the informed reader.

Amara Darboh hasn’t done anything in the NFL yet. They’re both competing with the same amount of NFL production backing them: zero. The Seahawks didn’t draft Moore after Darboh because they were certain Darboh was fixing the split end/X receiver shaped hole in their hearts. It wouldn’t make sense. They drafted both of them because they want either of them to fit that role.

So who’s more likely to solve that issue?

Amara Darboh is a similar prospect to Moore with a slight athletic advantage and a late third round pick carrying him. But if draft capital was all that mattered then what would we be doing here? Moore doesn’t have the fancy investment behind him, but he stands out by being a year younger, an earlier breakout, and a more dominant college receiver. He meets the NFL athletic requirements just as much as Darboh, but has a better production profile carrying him.

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Amara Darboh Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

Final Thoughts

So let’s do the right thing and take the more dominant player that took over his teams throne before hitting 20. It’s time to get out from the tyranny of the mainstream WR sleepers. It’s time to take the lottery pick on an offense that needs someone like them to take charge. 

It’s time to get woke to David Moore.

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