Dan Williamson

Fantasy Analyst

Dan Williamson is a fantasy analyst for PlayerProfiler. He began playing fantasy football in 1990, when his wife was asked to join a league at her office and she agreed, as long as Dan was allowed to run the team. Little did she know what sort of addiction this seemingly innocent request would launch, and she’s regretted it ever since. Soon thereafter, Dan discovered something called the “internet” where there were message boards filled with people who shared his weird obsession. Of course, wherever a group of people gather to discuss their hobby, self-proclaimed experts will emerge and begin to write articles. Dan was one of these people. He wrote occasional pieces for John Hansen’s Guru Report and Rotowire before being chosen to write weekly columns for Sports Illustrated’s online fantasy football content for a year.

Over the years, Dan’s enthusiasm for all things fantasy football never waned. While his home leagues eventually ended, he discovered the world of high-stakes fantasy football, dynasty leagues, and best-ball leagues. Dan began to travel to Las Vegas yearly to draft his teams live. Over the course of many years, Dan expanded his number of leagues by reinvesting those winnings to the point which hits the sweet spot right between his wife saying, “I don’t want to know how many” and just outright demanding a divorce. 

Several years ago, Dan began to co-host the GoatDistrict podcast which grew from being a mostly dynasty podcast to a show that catered to all of the various forms of Dan’s addiction. At PlayerProfiler, Dan is now a semi-regular host/guest on a variety of podcasts with the happy outcome of scratching all his various FF itches simultaneously. As a fantasy analyst, Dan also writes articles on a regular basis which span the gamut of the hobby.

In the real world, Dan is recently and happily retired with his long-suffering wife, where he’s (mostly) free to indulge in his FF vices in between various trips to see the country and the world. He’s the enormously proud dad of three adult daughters who are busily taking the world by storm in their respective careers. He also enjoys wilderness canoe tripping, fishing, hunting in whatever spare time that remains.


10 Ridiculous Bargains in FFPC Best Ball Tournaments

by Dan Williamson
The key to advancing teams in the FFPC Never-Too-Early Best Ball Tournaments is to take advantage of mispriced assets, loading the bargains onto your team while sidestepping the landmines. Today we’ll look at some strong bargains with which you can load onto your teams. The ADPs listed here are for the main tournament, but these […]