Kene Nwangwu

  • Height
    6' 0"
  • Weight
    210 lbs
  • BMI
    28.5 (19th)
Kene Nwangwu headshot
  • Draft Pick
    4.14 2021
  • College
    Iowa State
  • Age
Overall rank

Kene Nwangwu Bio & Season Stats

Year Games Atts Rush Yds YPC Rec Rec Yds TD Fantasy Pts/Game
2022 11 4 1 0.3 1 5 0 0.7 (#89)
2021 11 13 61 4.7 4 9 0 2.1 (#79)
  • College Dominator
    7.4% (5th)
  • College YPC
    5.6 (57th)
  • College Target Share
    1.1% (3rd)
  • SPARQ-x

Kene Nwangwu Advanced Stats & Metrics

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Kene Nwangwu ADP

Average Draft Position (2022)
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18.12 Pick
RB210 Rank

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Kene Nwangwu Injury History

Games Missed
Injury Reports
Lower leg injury
Preseason (2022)
Knee injury
Preseason (2021)

Kene Nwangwu College Stats

Year Games Rush Atts Rush Yrds TDs Rec Rec Yrds Tgt Share Age School
2016 12 (RB) 27 133 0 1 (2 tgts) 16 0.5% 19 Iowa State
2018 13 (RB) 39 157 0 2 (2 tgts) 11 0.6% 21 Iowa State
2019 11 (RB) 16 115 0 1 (4 tgts) 8 0.8% 22 Iowa State
2020 12 (RB) 61 339 (4 tds) 4 3 (4 tgts) 22 1.1% 23 Iowa State

Who is Kene Nwangwu

In 2017, Kene Nwangwu tore his Achilles, leading to the team redshirting him. The following year, his production on special teams didn’t dip. However, Nwangwu didn’t make a real dent in his college stats till his senior year. He received 61 carries for 339 yards and four touchdowns. It’s worth noting, Nwangwu was behind David Montgomery and Breece Hall for three of his four seasons.

Nwangwu blazed with a 4.37 40 at his Pro Day, showing off his 115.2 speed score at 6’0, 195 pounds. His 127.1 burst score, 11.08 agility score, and 22 bench press reps also helped him achieve a 129.8 SPARQ-X score. The combination of athleticism and production as a returner had the Vikings on board as they took him with the 14th pick in the fourth round.

A knee injury kept Nwangwu out of the first six games but seized the starting kick return role upon returning. He didn’t disappoint as Nwangwu returned two kickoffs for touchdowns—most in the NFL. As for rushing, he didn’t see much opportunity.

Unfortunately, Nwangwu didn't get many snaps on offense. He only saw a double-digit snap percentage once in 2022. His 13 carries for 61 yards and no touchdowns while on offense. The positive note was unlike college, the Vikings used him in the receiving game. He ran 12 routes, seeing targets on five of them.

Despite the lack of usage for Nwangwu during his rookie year, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Vikings backup running back Alexander Mattison has an expiring contract in 2023, and Dalvin Cook can be cut simultaneously to make space on the cap. New head coach Kevin O’Connell would have to show significant confidence in Nwangwu, but he does have the athletic tools necessary.