Rachaad White
Competition Could Be Brewing for Rachaad White in 2024.
4 months ago

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Todd Bowles would like to take some weight off his star running back Rachaad White.

According to PewterReport, Todd Bowles was asked about Rachaad White’s workload in 2023 to which Bowles said, “definitely like to have another back in here to take some of the weight off.” Bowles also made mention of liking what Chase Edmonds offered last season. If Chase Edmonds is any barometer of satisfaction for Coach Bowles, don’t expect too much serious competition for Rachaad White in 2024.


Rachaad White’s 3.5 True Yards Per Carry ranked 57th overall for running backs in 2023. White’s 64 receptions (ranked 4th) buoyed his rushing inefficiency for fantasy managers. Ranking 2nd in carries and 9th in targets at his position, Rachaad White ate more volume in 2023 than you could find at a Golden Corral.


In 2024, look for any running back brought in by the Buccaneers to be someone more on the spell side than taking too much opportunity share away from Rachaad White. At 44 overall in the middle of round 3 on UnderDog you are paying ceiling prices whereas White was found on many teams last year in the 7th round. Without any competition brought in, White’s price is overheated in BestBall. The pivot to make is by checking in on the liquidity market in Dynasty. Can you sell Kenneth Walker to acquire Rachaad White? On the flip side, can you sell Rachaad White for Tyjae Spears while offering a rookie pick swap?


The beauty of Rachaad White’s market is you and your trade partner can be on either side of the deal with both sides coming up roses.